So what is the deal with ascension and why do I only ever see overpriced shake and never any flowers? Has anyone had any flower from them? Gotvany pics ?

  1. I’ve heard some people speculate their product is seeded so they just grind it up. I agree, pretty bs that they have a level one cultivator license and don’t even sell full buds

  2. I have a (maybe fringe) theory... they shred their flower to make sure every batch is CONSISTENT medicine. That's truly the only way to know that a lab test will be most accurate... all flowers combined for homogeny.

  3. they never truly got off the ground, bad company needs to be replaced with a better one. Cookies would be a nice addition to ohio :p

  4. They must be under the worst management ever. I cant think of any other reason they wouldn't be able to take off, especially in a state with as limited options as Ohio.

  5. Wait, why does GO / butterfly effect need to be kicked out of the state? I thought they’re pretty consistent

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