Limestone 57 - really nice taste

  1. Same. I love the crushed berries but this Is usually $20 more a half. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet but I’ve been wondering.

  2. This stuff is GOOD. I have had it in flowerand oil form, and the saste and effects are one of the best Grow Ohio has. I am about to go get the double pack of oil syringes frommy local store in about ten minutes.

  3. I was thinking about grabbing this but didn't see any pics on the sub so I wasn't sure how it looked. It looks pretty decent I might try next time

  4. Ive had 2 different batches of this. My purchase had smaller budlets compared to the photo in this post. The flavor is super lemony with a kush/peppery after taste. The buds are dense. The effects are fantastic for an evening indica strain/movie night.

  5. Probably my new favorites train from Grove Ohio. Well cured and the terpene profile works very well for my brain and my pain

  6. I tried it back late summer this year. It was meh. Not bad but nothing I was writing home about...🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. Just opened one of those. Not a fan of the packaging, but this is a pretty good strain. Tasty and a mellow ish buzz.

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