Cherry Dosidos.

  1. I'm not interested in anything from Meiggs country. As far as I'm concerned it is the prettiest trash I have ever smoked. Looked amazing, but had no taste, no smell, and most importantly no power. I dont know who they are bribing to put those fake THC percentage on their jars lol. With that said I have heard they fired their head grower. I wont be buying their products anytime soon, until their reviews get much better.

  2. How come all it had is the total thc % and none of the others? Also where's the harvest date. If it expires on 12/08/21. Wouldn't it be harvested on 12/08?

  3. After smoking it a few times, I'd say it's "okay". It is really pretty and super sparkly on the outside. When you grind it up, it is super light green and tons of purple. I dont think it tastes like cherry at all. I wish I would have tried the frigid cookies instead. The Carol Ann's Lemonade was much better then this one.

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