What’s everyone’s favorite cart or pod?

  1. when i first got my card and starting shopping around, it seemed to me like a lot of brands are inconsistent with their carts. either too fluid, too thick, leaky, etc.

  2. As far as what I can get ahold of right now, I love the Klutch sherbhead & summer heat (Klutch has always been reliable for me cart-wise but I won’t pay for their LR anymore,) the Hikers Blend from pure ohio wellness, and GSC from Select.

  3. GMO live resin Wellspring fields they got the terps exactly right on this one. Superior solventless makes a similar product with their Live Rosin Caviar

  4. ive only been doing pods/carts for a couple months but the best one ive had was Buckeye Relief Tropical Trip Botanical Luster Pod

  5. One I jus tried other day , I also think everyone needs to try is the “mixtape” live resin cart by BR. Sooooo good and tasty and the effects are literally phenomenal

  6. Alaskan Thunder Fuck (ATF). Easy, smooth, & good for social events. It’s an upper-medium high but not full space cadet

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