Meanwhile in Mechanicsburg…

  1. A white person in a tank top smoking a cigarette. Both of which make up 99 percent of the population of mechanicsburg.

  2. Sports teams are changing their names to be respectful of native Americans, and some small town police department thinks it’s ok to change TO that………

  3. Actually you are on the right track. Mechanicsburg derives its name from the settling of mechanics who repaired and made wagons in the early 1800's.

  4. “Mechanicsburg Ohio Police Department limited who can comment on this post” yep…that pretty much sums it up!

  5. They can stop all comments, but if they are deciding WHO can comment and what that content is, then that's a HUGE 1A violation.

  6. IF ONLY this town had some sort of other group it could represent on its patch. Like, I wonder what kind of people settled in Mechanicsburg in the early 19th century*.* A group that was noteworthy enough to recognize somehow.

  7. as there’s a drive into deep left field by Castellanos and that’ll be a home run, and so that’ll make it a 4-0 ballgame.

  8. Can't wait to see all the blowback from this. Cant wait to see them double down on their mistake. Classic ohio gop mindset. Be wrong. Double down on being wrong.

  9. There will be zero blowback. If anyone complains, they will say that person is anti-cop and shut down the argument. That’s what bigots do best.

  10. All states were very anti Native American, but at least in Ohio we voted overwhelmingly against the Indian Removal Act, which is more than most states can say.

  11. So, there’s a cop wearing a Native American Chief on his shoulder. Where is the Cowboy, construction worker, soldier and the Biker? Don’t tease us, MPD. I want all of the village people represented, or none of them.

  12. I unfortunately have family in the area. We went to the one of two restaurants there for dinner. People behind me were talking about how teaching boys feminine things, like playing the piano, changed the wiring of their brains and that’s how you get gay guys. Needless to say, I’m not allowed in that restaurant anymore. Do not recommend it.

  13. Wow, you'd think they could have a car or something on the patch for mechanics, went straight to the native American, they were here first of course.

  14. McConnell and Patrick are corrupt shitbags fuck mechanicsburg and all the tri counties. All the cops on that police force are power hungry shitbags

  15. It really does a great job of saying “we forced you off this land and murdered your relatives, and now we are going use use racist portrayals of you for our marketing”

  16. Yeah if only we could ask some Shawnees, Delaware, Wyandots, and Miamis how they feel about it. They were all over that area. But then there was Fallen Timbers and The Treaty of Greenville.

  17. Where you here for when the black guy coached girls soccer and was all but told that the older people in town didn't like that a black guy was coaching? Total shit show. There's a surprising amount of left leaning people here. We just don't put signs in the yard or stickers all over our vehicles.

  18. It looks good, but I'm wondering what's the "home of the Indians?" I don't know shit about Mechanicsburg, so I don't know of they have a rich Indian history, or if this is just a "fuck you libs we're misbehaving because we can" maneuver.

  19. The rich native history can still exist and this can still be a racist portrayal of indigenous people. It’s not native people making these logos. It’s white people “honoring their community heritage” which in reality is that they kicked the native people out and their white people paid the US govt for the land. Maybe 175 years ago or so. My fam still has the original deeds that the sec of state signed from the Ohio Company… like 1823 or so

  20. So, since the former Cleveland Indians aren't using it anymore, they felt entitled to co-opt it. As Indiginous Americans are often portrayed as saying: "Ugh."

  21. Please design us a sweet (racist) patch with a pro wrestling Indian image. Because everyone knows we’re the “home of the Indians”… ACAB

  22. Our H.S. was the "Braves". We had an awesome 2 story portrait of Chief Joseph that actually inspired me to go into archaeology. This patch will probably inspire a lot of Planet Fitness memberships.

  23. Jesus and here I was sitting at a HS football game in 2022 watching a bunch of white cheerleaders do a war dance in fake purple buckskin vests thinking: "you know, maybe it's time to rethink some of these traditions".

  24. The last Indians in Ohio were removed in 1843 via Treaty with the Wyandots (1842) by which the reservation at Upper Sandusky was ceded to the United States, and the Wyandots relocated to Oklahoma in 1843.

  25. Native Americans still live in Ohio. The last large groups were physically removed yes, but there were still small groups and families and individuals that lingered. Bill Moose lived in a ravine in so-called Columbus into the mid 1900s

  26. Hell Yeah! I'm a liberal dude who married someone who lives in the village of the high school rival of this team and was looking for a rational reason to hate Mechanicsburg "because football" and now I have it! But also don't tell anyone in the town I live in that I'm liberal please. Thanks from central rural Ohio! Go Roughriders!

  27. I live in Mechanicsburg and go to the high school and It is hell. During the last election pretty much every house had a trump sign and someone went around town and tore up all the 3 Biden signs. Mechanicsburg is so racist even the black people hate each other.

  28. These cops aren't racist, they're not trolling the libs, they're just huge Felipe Rose fans. And if that's wrong, then I don't want to be right.

  29. Is Lt McConnell a bodybuilder weirdo who wears war bonnets and owns no shirts? Was he part of the Village People? Help me understand how this is relevant or an improvement.

  30. As far as they're concerned indigenous people are how they were described by the founding fathers, and they love it. They don't care if it's racist & they think it's funny that people call them out on it. Ohio police and police brutality go hand in hand, so, no, I'm not surprised. A C A B before and after this logo. Ohio is a beautiful state filled with shxt heads like these guys. This crapola is why I both love and hate it here.

  31. I live on the West Side of Columbus. I know where Mechanicsburg is, but I also know how to get places without ever going there. I think I'm better off not going there.

  32. I always get it confused with mechanicsTOWN, which is an unincorporated “suburb” of Carrollton on the eastern side of the state, and wonder how it made it on to Reddit. It’s got a population of like 30 and the post office is a

  33. "Home of the Indians". You mean the indigenous people's of America you slaughtered and raped in the name of colonization and capitalism? Right.... A.C.A.B! The United States government and it's states governments are to blame for the complete destruction of the Indigenous people's.... You should be ashamed to put that on your badge. I'm terribly disgusted by my Caucasian ancestry it feels disgusting knowing my past bloodline of Caucasian ancestry has destroyed an entire race, culture and civilization of indigenous people. And this is the very same government who enslaved all African Americans....... A moment of silence for all the lost souls of the Indigenous and African peoples who suffered in America due to governments and police....

  34. Considering the crazy amount of Native American backlash at the removal of Robert DesJarlait's depiction in the Land O Lakes logo/whitewashing Native culture, I am skeptical of how much of this outrage comes from Native Americans and not the terminally-online.

  35. Okay so where I'm from we are called the redskins as Native Americans used to own the land, this has supplanted Native American culture into our town, Mechanicsburg most likely doesn't have any historical presence of Native Americans in it, so they don't need a Native on their badge.

  36. I was in Santa Fe, NM this summer. I stopped at a Pueblo reservation for gas (It's cheaper. No Federal gas tax.). I talked to two employees, one was wearing a Washington Redskins shirt and the other a Cleveland Indians Wahoo cap. Since I live in Cleveland, I asked what they thought of the recent name change of the Cleveland Baseball team. The one young man said it was 'ridiculous'. The other said, "I like our heritage and don't mind sports teams using names like Redskins, Indians, Chiefs, Braves, etc." He went on to say, "When they take away those names, it's like taking away our heritage."

  37. Didn't the Cleveland Indians have to change there logo and name because it was offensive to native Americans

  38. They didn’t have to, they just did it. Lots of people complained, but fortunately, lots of people don’t care either.

  39. I mean at the very least dude is jacked, but this shits still racist and even driving through that 'town' as a POC makes me a tad uneasy

  40. Imagine being offended on behalf of someone else, who in turn is proud of the thing your offended at for them.

  41. The only people offended by this are not Native American..same with the Indians in Cleveland. As a Native American I say awesome!

  42. Mechanicsburg PD and you only peaked in high school it seems. Didn't know indigenous people in this country were from India. Fuck me right?

  43. So let me get this straight, are you just never allowed to depict Native Americans in any capacity? I’m confused on how this is showing disrespect.

  44. Most tribes never wore anything like that headdress, and certainly none from Ohio. That image is a caricature based on racist/uninformed movies from the 50s and 60s.

  45. Are any Native Americans actually offended by this? I mean it’s showing a warrior.. Native Americans were incredibly skilled and feared warriors. I don’t see the issue but I would like to to hear what a native would think.

  46. I am not indigenous, but I have two points: First, I will eat my (Guardians, because Cleveland recently finally figured this shit out) hat if this police department consulted any actual indigenous people about this logo. Second, tribes in Ohio did not wear headdresses like this; they are common to Great Plains tribes, so this portrayal isn’t accurate to any group that would once have lived on the land they’re on. There might be a logo out there that’s respectful and representative, but this ain’t it.

  47. It's fucking racist. If they want Native American representation in their PD, hire some. This is like Nike changing their logo to some poor kid in Indonesia then saying it's to represent these fine upstanding people.

  48. I’m Native American and I’m not. Also live near Cleveland and I’m still completely against the name change. I’d rather see my portrayals of my people (however wrong) somewhere than nowhere. It’s only liberals that get butthurt about this stuff.

  49. But, but I thought representation matters? I swear you snowflakes don't even know what lane to stay in. I'd bet a very large sum of money more white people are pissed off about this than actual natives.

  50. That’s probably because all Native American tribes were removed from Ohio by 1843. There hasn’t been a single federally recognized tribe in the state since then.

  51. Honestly, if I was a descendant of a genocide that happened hundreds of years ago, I’d probably be too checked out from the situation to care. (Not saying most natives don’t care, I have no idea, honestly)

  52. By calling them Indians? The word they specifically asked not to be used to refer to them since.. ya know... Indians are from india?

  53. That a funny looking pig picture on that patch. It actually looks like a distinguished Native American and not an actual representation of the pig wearing the uniform

  54. I realize the instant reflex reaction to this is that it's racist, but it is meant to be in honor of. How does that paying honor, tribute, or homage to a people or party instead recognized as an insult or racist to that party? I'm genuinely asking.

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