Man caught vandalizing Ash Cave State Park in Ohio turns to violence

  1. I can honestly say I've never carved my name into a piece of nature. I've never understood the purpose of desire tbh. It's not like anyone who sees it is going to know it refers to me, so that kind of defeats any sort of "leave my own mark" purpose. I just don't see the logic in it.

  2. Its difficult to tell how much things have changed, and how much is just caught on camera and shared these days. But when people in positions of power act like this and are not punished in any way, a lot of people tend to follow suit.

  3. It's easy when you have a shitty education system, and a supreme leader that encourages you to be your worst.

  4. Really goes to show just how bad we need an overhaul of the education system. We need to focus more on inclusivity, altruism, not fucking with shit that isnt yours...There is so much filler BS they teach you for years that wont help you in the real world.

  5. I know, I love how they thought the fact that they’ve visited tons of state parks means that it’s okay to do this. Cool, you guys vandalized multiple state parks…and are teaching your children to do the same.

  6. This guy tryna use graffiti from the 1800’s as a defense. First of all, “Jehoshaphat Jones, 1845” or whatever was carved by a guy in the literal wilderness, living off the land many days travel from civilization, such as it was then. Your “Me an muh kids 2022” parked a half a mile away in a parking lot and then walked down a well marked and maintained trail to shit on history. And yes, if everyone who came here did this there would soon be no damned rock to carve on.

  7. Had not been to hocking hills in over ten years. Went this weekend. Was very surprised by the amount graffiti I saw. Don’t remember much if any of that from my last trip.

  8. The rocks were placed there by tectonic shift, not you. This rock was not put there by you. You do not own it. Your "initials" do NOT belong on something over which you can claim NO ownership.

  9. Ugh, I confronted an adult man with his young kids in Conkle's Hollow a few years ago for doing the same thing. So disappointing that people do this and in front of their kids!! How so people feel so entitled?

  10. I would have thought it be teenage boy with bad acne writing “Johnny loves Susie” on it, but I guess most teenage boys are smarter

  11. Teenagers tend to know how to avoid getting caught because they know they can get in trouble. Apparently this guy didn't. Johnny and Susie are probably writing their names on some remote rock or tree off the path next to where they've snuck off to fool around, not at the front end of the trail at one of the most popular sites in the entire park.

  12. This prick right here is trumpism personified: Don’t give a shit about the rules, act like you’re the victim when caught, refuse to admit wrongdoing and blame everyone else, even people from two hundred years ago, for your malfeasance. Never ever admit you’re wrong and never stop playing the victim. These people are trash and nothing will ever change that.

  13. I live in this area for now( work) lots of these folks down here, republican and democrat , a good percentage of both act like this , it's called generational stupidity.

  14. You know that your brain is completely rotted out by Trump derangement syndrome when you see a video like this and somehow try to link it to Donald Trump. I honestly believe that you left wingers think about Trump every waking moment of your lives. It is just not healthy. Trump is out of office and it is time to move on for your own sanity and mental well being.

  15. And, remember, the guy with the video camera should have given his speech and moved on. Instead, he escalated the issue.

  16. This is why I gave up on kindly educating folks on LNT/ dogs on leashes and carrying out others trash. If you make it to adulthood and are that stupid I can’t fix you. I only now interact with people in a positive way by thanking them for leashing their dog- picking up their trash - etc. i encourage good behavior by being positive. To the numb nuts that can’t extrapolate what LNT means - Fuck You!

  17. I hated seeing all that crap when we visited Ash Cave. These people are ignorant and selfish. No one wants to see your names carved into natural wonders and you’re not even there to see it once you leave, so it’s pointless.

  18. The sad thing is this dude probably lives in a Columbus suburb, has a good education, and works some white collar job in the city. Trashiness doesn't come from social class or substance abuse, it's something deeper than that

  19. I take my mom there every time she comes to visit from Nashville. It is a beautiful place relied upon by indigenous peoples for longer than we probably know. Somehow that d-bag felt his name needed to be on it. He could have just peed on it.

  20. trashy people doing trashy things. go to a park and enjoy yourself pick up after yourself and leave nothing behind which includes not leaving any stupid ass carvings. sad parenting.

  21. We should crowd fund buying a piece of granite and carving his name and info on the conviction into it.

  22. I'm not going to try to defend this guy, or argue that it's right to carve your name into a slab of sandstone at a State Park, but this is an old video. It came out over a year ago.

  23. It’s stupid and trashy to deface public stuff, but at the same time, people are straight up nuts. Leave them alone if they’re not hurting anyone and “pick your battles”. It’s not worth getting into a physical altercation over. Lead by example, and focus on teaching your kids and their peers to do better. If you weren’t filming, that dude probably would have behaved a lot worse. Be careful out there where there are no witnesses.

  24. Fuck this guy and his family. I LOVE this place. He is ruining it and it disgusts me. I remember being 14 and writing my name on a playplace at a park. My mother found it and picked me up. She made me go and cover it. As an adult I realize why in a hard way. I'm ashamed of my 14 year old self. But this is an adult. How gross. He even says "so we can go back to look at it" in different words. No sir. This is all of ours space. Nasty adults. I wish we or anyone else could teach them that they aren't the center of the universe.

  25. I’ve been there, I don’t think this guy really was trying to be a twat on purpose he’s just kinda dumb, and didn’t think he was in the wrong. The camera man could have said his piece and walked on and not made it confrontational in front of the family. With that said, I think we should leave places like this alone and not deface them, but just enjoy the natural beauty. Also there are marks from early 1800’s that are cool to see, but they beat you to it. Now imagine if every dumbass has to carve their name and date it’s not very special or unique so just leave it alone.

  26. It’s a rock at the end of the day but people should have more curtesy when in a state park like fucking leave shit alone if it’s your house go ahead fucking carve your name in a tree but not a state park

  27. Good on OP for confronting them. I've seen this behavior in NPs (people approaching wildlife) and had some heated confrontations - these fools have have no business being out in nature if they can't respect it

  28. Some of you are the most cold hearted people I have ever seen. Sure the guy was wrong by carving into a rock but that doesn't justify some of the comments on this post. Saying that his kid will become a "meth head" or that it is Republicans that come in and destroy parks for a political ideology is just bat shit.

  29. You notice the downvotes because Reddit. But I agree. The response to everything now is, “There’s a Trump voter for ya” or “There’s a Biden vote for ya”. Can’t we just agree there are shitty people in the world and their political affiliation is kind of moot because you can be a terrible person no matter who you vote for?! The political divide and the labeling (by both sides) in this country makes me nauseous anymore.

  30. This is Reddit. Not the place for sensible discourse of ideology, treatment of children of someone we don't agree with, or anything beyond the basics of what we see on the surface and our own biases.

  31. Thank you! As soon as anyone sees something they don’t like, they scream “Orange man bad!” Id put money the guy doesn’t even vote, but no one has a take other than “Orange man bad! All people I don’t like are Republicans! Did I mention Orange man bad?!?”

  32. Top thread has a YouTube video now. Guy was convicted of violating the Cave Protection Act and Disorderly Conduct.

  33. I think the point is if we let him do it, other people will do it, then after a certain amount of time the beauty of the rock face will be destroyed, which is one of the reasons why people visit the in the first place.

  34. Lots of people pass by your house. Would you mind if I carve something into your landscaping?

  35. People are coming to look at nature, not other people's shit rock carvings. Those are permanent, and even if only a couple of people did it per year pretty soon the whole area would just be covered in rock carving graffiti and look like shit.

  36. There’s a world of difference between stairs added to a trail so that people can traverse the park and carving your own bullshit into the rock that other people will have to see for years thereafter. You’re supposed to “leave no trace” of your passing or as little of one as humanly possible. Further, messing with rock formations or carving into them leaves the longest lasting mark as often those rock formations are millions of years old. It’s a shitty thing to do and should rightly result in vandalism charges and a permanent park ban. It’s illegal and highly discouraged at every major park I’ve been to.

  37. Are you suggesting every single person should go and carve what they want anywhere they want? Can you imagine how it would look?

  38. Yeah no reason to confront this man out with his family over this, at least he is getting his whole family out in nature just leave them alone ffs.

  39. Yah like who gives a shit if some dude carves his name in a rock, I don't get it either. I totally thought it was gonna be some spay paint tag or something but who tf is even gonna see some little carved rock.

  40. Dude should have alerted the park ranger and moved on. I’m all good with him saying something, but you’re obviously not going to change their minds. Let the ODNR deal with it and preserve your sanity and your safety.

  41. Yes, it’s extremely trashy, disrespectful, and almost imperialistic to carve your name into nature. The first rule of nature is “leave things as you found them”.

  42. I agree with you about this trend of filming every random encounter and posting it, but in this case the bearded guy is actually committing a crime (possibly a felony) and the video is useful evidence in identifying the perp. A video of him doing the crime is pretty strong evidence of guilt.

  43. Disagree… i think that the phone is probably intended as a preventative measure to make violent reactions less likely. As in, from the vandal’s POV, Better to be caught on camera vandalizing than* to be caught on camera vandalizing AND assaulting someone for admonishing them for it.

  44. It's public land which means it belongs to everyone. The trash in this video does not have the right to mark their territory.

  45. These people just bothering this man for no reason, like he’s carving into stone it’ll be fine Karen 🤦🏾‍♂️

  46. Yeah I’m kind of with the family here. They aren’t leaving trash, they’re taking their children and exposing them to the outdoors, the lady said “I work 50 hours a week” which I can sympathize with and probably just wants to enjoy some time with her family. Should they have done that? Probably not. Should that guy have made such a big deal out of it and video taped them? No. If he felt it was such a big deal he could have notified someone that worked at the park to take care of it. Don’t film people and their children.

  47. Defacing a rock at a park is as bad as leaving trash- worse even because people can pick up the trash later while rocks take millions of years to form this way. If park services were there this family would be removed and charged - it’s not a small thing and there have been numerous instances of rock defacement resulting in serious charges. While exposing your kids to the outdoors you shouldn’t be teaching them it’s OK to ruin the outdoors for others.

  48. So you are OK with me carving my name into your car or the things you own? Because if you aren't, then you are being a hypocrite. Everyone owns the state parks through our taxes. They are for everyone to enjoy. They are not yours, they are not mine, they are not the person's in this video, they are everyone's. If you rant to leant your name somewhere, do it on Yelp or the Facebook page. You have equal chance of some random person seeing it there. The difference is that rock is now permanently defaced with that person's carving, as well as the other thousands of carvings. I want to go see nature, not random peoples carvings, trash, etc.

  49. Sure. Kick him over the edge! Maybe he’ll land on his head and die! Perfectly reasonable response to the situation.

  50. What they’re doing is horrible, but honestly how can you believe (even if you were being hyperbolic) that committing assault with then possibly of murder is in any way a rational response to this? That seems like an unnecessarily inappropriate response that is way out of proportion to the crime being committed.

  51. How could this guy carving his initials possibly mess with the ecosystem of the park? They already poured concrete bridges and carved stairs into the rock what’s the difference. Dude on the trail should just learn to mind his own business and quit acting like he’s jesus

  52. Nobody wants to see your trash ass graffiti carved into things that we, the citizens, own and pay for the upkeep of, asshat. Selfish bullshit like this is why our country is so fucked up. Just stay home ruiner.

  53. Let me come carve my name in your property. After all you already poured concrete and built a house on it.

  54. “My singular action has no real impact on the ecosystem,” is the asinine reasoning that every person has for leaving behind trash, dog shit, etc. and doing shit like this in parks. Google “the tragedy of the commons.”

  55. The park is public, meaning it's all of our business. There are laws in place to protect public land and this guy is breaking the law by vandalizing it.

  56. How can carving my initials into your car possibly mess with the functionality of the car? I mean it will still drive, no big deal.

  57. Im an avid backpacker. I respect nature. With that said I wouldn’t carve my name in a rock because it just takes too much damn time but if someone else wants to so be it. Camera man acting like this dude is taking the cave apart piece by piece which I guess he kind of is but mind your own business. Its not like hes using dynamite he just trying to have a special time with his kids. More ppl need to stay in their lane so to speak. Calling everyone out for everything they see as wrong is pointless and tends to just lead to more hostility. I would have gotten a little frustrated too if you rolled up on my family all high and mighty. With a camera at that its illegal to film people without consent I thought….

  58. It's sandstone. It takes 3 minutes to carve your name. Also this is a gorgeous place littered with dumb ass names carved in. Go visit and have the same thought. You wont.

  59. Was this really worth ruining both yours and this families trip? If you know the park ranger, just report them and take a pic without them knowing to identify them later. Confronting a complete stranger in the act while they’re holding a sharp object and knowing that they’ll most likely get defensive is extremely dangerous, especially in this day and age. On the flip side, if I were the idiot carving the rock I wouldn’t have even acknowledged your presence when you approached.

  60. I thought it was kind of cool to see hundred year old initials carved into stone at Rock House. I would suggest maybe setting an area aside where visitors could do this, for the benefit of future generations, but I know this suggestion would mark me forever as bad, dirty, poor and stupid. It would make me the otherest of Others. An Evil Trash Person who should be pilloried and publicly Carrie Bucked, lest I drop even more of my misbegotten progeny on an innocent world.

  61. It has nothing to do with republican or democrat. It has to do with us telling kids for the last 40 years that their feelings matter more than anything else. If you teach people they can do whatever they feel like, this is what you get. And maybe he is a conservative, but it’s the liberals that created this. We just need to learn that others matter too.

  62. Yeah I've done it, nothing "bad" about it. It's human nature to want to carve rocks, people been doing it for thousands of years before Karens came around and started calling it vAnDAliSM

  63. Imagine driving for an hour or two. Maybe more. You hit a patch of trees and massive hills. Your car goes up and down. Sometimes you wonder if the engine is going to make it. You find your campsite or your cabin. Then you go visit Hocking Hills which is gorgeous. It is small compared to the rest of the world, but its natural beauty is unreal. It's life changing for some souls. And yet some fucking moron is carving his name in front of his kids. Everyone that has already visited has hated the morons before that carved their names. Hocking hills is heaven on earth to me, and yet morons are morons.

  64. Not everyone does this here, visit and then leave a comment. You wont want idiot initials around you either. Its a gorgeous place and only morons are ruining it.

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