Nan Whaley beating Dewine now more important. We need a governor that will stop this right-wing agenda from being crammed down our throats

  1. Tim Ryan is a very moderate lefty, like most of Ohioans. He grew up in the country and understands the state's needs for both urban and rural areas.

  2. Not to defend Tim too much, but he is running to the center (well, right) in his campaign because he's a politician, not because that's actually what he believes (what does he believe? who knows, but at least he's at the level where if pressure is put on him to do the right thing, he probably will)

  3. He lost my support because of how he keeps doubling down on ads saying "We don't need to defund the police, we need more police than ever" and having county Sheriffs bragging about how Tim Ryan helped funnel almost half a billion dollars to Ohio Police Departments.

  4. Yes but it's irrelevant because dems won't take the legislative branch of ohios gov't. She can influence the enforcement a bit but it's law and that won't change. I think the best she can do is stop further injury. Please let me know if I'm wrong here.

  5. Governors and state legislatures are going to continue to become more and more important with how quickly states are being given more power over our day to day lives.

  6. This statement is about 25 years to late. The GOP has been implanting governors to make life hell for planned parenthood for the last 25 years. Always tracking the law anyway they can to make the ability to conduct business harder every day.

  7. Dens have a rough time leading cause they get weak majorities and then get yeeted out of legislative power after one term. Like they’re working with the slimmest senate majority in history and the deciding vote is a senator from literally the most conservative state in the country. In 2009, filibuster reform wasn’t even on peoples horizons and they had a 59 seat majority with fucking Joe Lieberman making up the 60th seat. That fuckwit cost us the public option.

  8. I wasn't going to vote this year, I'm new to Ohio and didn't really feel like I knew the local politics enough.

  9. I feel like the rights agenda would have huge consequences for the state. What kind of workers would want to move to a state that's anti abortion, anti weed, etc etc

  10. Same people that are already in Ohio. It’s why there will be huge exodus from purple states to blue states and thus make a huge impact on the electoral college. Dems will be lucky to ever win a Presidential election again.

  11. Money talks tho. You get a job offer at the Cleveland clinic that is a solid salary in your field and I think a lot of men and women would overlook abortion rights, and anti weed I don’t feel anyone would really pass on an out of state job bc of that. People can find ways to buy weed legally or illegally

  12. Very dystopian comment TBH. Industrial society is so bad you have to have legal access to drugs to get through the day and a women needs to cancel her pregnancy to get ahead.

  13. If you’ve had an abortion and believe it’s important that all women should have access to a safe and legal abortion (beyond 6 weeks…in our fine state), please make your voices heard. Please scream your stories from the rooftops. Please ensure that the politicians that you voted into office understand the seriousness and the urgency to not make our women jump through hoops or completely make it unavailable for those without the resources to obtain HEALTHCARE! Email the people that you voted into office…we need to hear them vocalize an understanding of scenarios, stats, facts so we know they are hearing us and fighting for us!

  14. Electing Nan and Tim would be great but house and senate need to change. Super majorities there make change impossible. Also don’t forget the Supreme Court. We need every Democrat there we can vote for. We need voters to turn out every time.

  15. Please please please vote for Nan. DeWine isn’t just a Republican he’s super Christian. The women of Ohio are not safe under DeWine.

  16. Not sure why the other guy is being downvoted into oblivion, but if you referred to a politician as "super Jewish" or "super Muslim" your comment would be moderated for breaking rule #5 in this sub.

  17. Yep, don't snooze on the state legislators. They have overriden DeWine for their far right-wing agenda.

  18. If this ruling bothers you then the best way to fix that is not vote for republicans and to get everyone you know to not vote for them.

  19. Question do we get people out to vote? Yes the issues right now should be the driving force but people still wont vote. The one thing about Republicans is that they turn out to vote. We need to persuade every vote to utilize their power before we have none. Just telling them is not enough. I dont have the answer but I wish I did.

  20. Duh, why do you think we are trying to get rid of the republikkans. Ohio has gone to and will continue going to shit as long as they are in power.

  21. Ohio has too many far-right crooked politicians and useless ones also . Some examples are or have been: Far-Right Treasurer - Joshua Aaron Mandel, Far-Right AG - Dave Yost, far-right Senate President - Matt Huffman, Far-Right Congressman- Jim Jordan, Far-Tight Ohio Senate and House - Too Numerous to list

  22. Just wonder, IF Dewine wins are people going to leave the U.S. or just move to California, like actually not just metaphorically?

  23. If Dewine wins, and there isn't a significant change to state legislature, I'll be leaving within the next three years. I've lived in Cincinnati my whole life, and I love it here, I really do. There's so much culture and history to our city, the people are generally pretty cool, and I mean, c'mon? Cincinnati chili? I feel like it's all an integral part of me. I don't want to leave. But, unless something radical happens this fall, I'll be forced to. Not because of my city, but because of my asshole state.

  24. Columbus and Cincinnati grew during the last two years. Lots of other cities lost population. Might not be as much of a blowout as you think.

  25. I don’t think we’re fully red, but I agree it won’t really be close. 45% of the vote is probably the high mark.

  26. Whaley is a fucking drunk and wont get past 37%.. this is as a former daytonian.. if she does I'll eat something super spicey on cam

  27. Even if the Democratic candidate isn't top notch, will be voting straight ticket Democrat. Would like to see Republicans go down in flames.

  28. First off our throats or yours? I live just south of Dayton and have seen seen how political Nan Whaley is. This is just another example, anything to get votes. No thanks I want someone who acts on things not sells empty promises. I don’t need another lemon

  29. Just ain’t gonna happen bud. Dems royally fucked themselves the past two years, you’ll be lucky if this state ever turns slightly purple again.

  30. Vance will win if Biden’s rating is 55%. Ohio is a fucking red state no matter what the leftists think.

  31. "But the republicans!!" just isn't enough for me to vote for Democrats anymore. They had years to codify Roe, but choose to bail out banks and companies.

  32. That's because republicans are incredibly good at bending the rules as a minority party. If you don't see that, then as a flip flop voter you are the problem.

  33. Yeah Whaley has done such a great job in Dayton. She could ruin all of Ohio as governor. Dewine is awful too. I challenge any state to have worse candidates than Ohio

  34. I guess you're forgetting how hard this subreddit sucked DeWine's dick for the last two years, huh? It's almost as if he's a shit person and never should have been praised endlessly...

  35. Gun control in California was enacted only after the Black Panthers armed themselves to defend against racial attacks. Now pro-choice women are arming themselves. How long before a ban on gun sales to pregnant women?

  36. Neither right-wing or left-wing here, but the irony of the comment should at least be noted. Stop cramming right-wing we can cram left-wing agenda! Oh for the days when civil discourse and moderate positions were common.

  37. TBF, with this legislature, she would be accurate. They are so right-wing that they overrode DeWine. Now, we are making guns more accessible and possibly in schools, and forcing women to have unwanted children. This won't end well...

  38. The right wing has been playing to win for far too long. The coffin has been nail shut for quite some time. If Obama and the majority in Congress that he enjoyed didn't stop Mitch McConnell then what makes you think they do anything now. The only congress person to actually speak truth from within the system was Bernie. So they sabotaged that movement.

  39. That will do nothing to prevent the Republican majority in the state legislature. I agree that DeWine needs voted out, and Whaley is the best option, but let's be honest here, there are still enough Republicans to down vote every proposal and override any veto. It will be just like Wisconsin or Kentucky, where the Republicans will do anything they can to diminish her power as governor. They've already done that a few times with DeWine.

  40. Ohio is so gerrymandered it doesn’t matter. Any veto from a different governor will be over ridden. Focus on the senate race. That will do the most good.

  41. Tell me why your church belongs in our government after it explicitly was formed to not be that way? Shut the fuck up

  42. The Bible literally has instructions for abortion. Numbers 5:11. Conservative fuckwads just made it illegal to follow the Bible’s explicit instructions.

  43. You should want to vote for the party that’s not currently reversing 5 decades of constitutional protections against the government.

  44. I like the sentiment, but I can't keep playing this game where bought and paid for party hacks that have accomplished nothing but remaining in power, point the finger at republicans and say, "At least I'm not him!" I need to see a democratic party that fights less to maintain the status quo. They spend millions in primaries to keep the Machins and Cuellars in power so they have a scape goat, then come and beg for money everytime something happens instead of doing something about it. I am turning in a blank ballot. I would not vote at all but since there was no voter protections passed by Congress, I have to vote to stay on the rolls. I am literally begging the democratic party to give me something to vote for, not someone to vote against, but they can't do that because they are 50% of the problem.

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