Ohio AG is Already Filing a Motion to Ban Abortion Here. Not even an hour later…

  1. Nice how someone tweeted,"life wins" guess they dont realize when the body cant miscarry a baby and you need medical help, this prevents that as well, and the mom dies of sepsis

  2. They absolutely realize it. It's just that they don't value the life of the mother because "let's take care of women" doesn't resonate with their target voting base the way "LeT's StOp DeMoNrAt BaBy KiLLeRs" does.

  3. And once one goes to the hospital and have life threatening complications good luck transferring to an out of state hospital that can provide care. Even if one is in, say Cinci and the treatment is available in Kentucky that transfer almost certainly isn't happening.

  4. Just the fact conservatives will hold onto their beliefs so much to the point they would force a woman to have a baby even at high risk of death. And what’s that do? Gets rid of a contributing member of society and leaves a child motherless probably fatherless to live their lives in the system of foster care etc.

  5. That's what doctors are for. So much hype. This does not prevent that. If mother is in danger they will not just let mother die...please. There will be plenty of states where you can kill off as many babies as you produce. The left talks so much about democracy...hey this is democracy. The people will choose. 40 years later I can break down and cry over the life we took. 40 years of regret. We take care of pets better than human babies

  6. Just throw HIPAA away now. It doesn't protect a woman's and a doctor's office of privacy. Might as well throw that whole document out the window it's now void.

  7. It's not gonna stop abortions. As someone said before, this isn't the end of abortions, it's the start of woman dying from abortion

  8. Don't forget all the dysfunction from mothers (or parents) raising a kid they didn't want. Drives me nuts these anti-abortion people don't care about kids after they are born.

  9. TLDR: He's petitioning to be allowed to implement Ohio's "Heartbeat bill" which bans abortion after 6 weeks. The bill has been on hold since it was passed a few years ago. Abortion will still be legal up to 20 weeks until this happens.

  10. A 6 week ban is a total ban for most anyway. That’s why they put 6 weeks - to take advantage of people who don’t know that some women don’t even find out until 6 weeks, and the soonest you can find out reliably is 4 weeks. And even then, your period might just be late because many women’s cycles don’t work like a perfect clock, so you might not even be thinking about taking a pregnancy test until that 5th or 6th week.

  11. They'll wait and see what November brings. Especially if the 6 week ban can be enforced. If their majority decreases they will pass something quick and dirty before January. If it increases they will take their time making sure they've closed every loophole and made it as miserable as fucking possible to have a uterus in Ohio.

  12. To be fair, we are all property of the state as long as there is a draft. But now the state is laying claim to the fetus above the mother. It is now murder to remove this property of the state that has zero interaction with anyone other than it's mother. And barely that.

  13. Perhaps we should be asking Intel and their employees about how they feel about moving to a state where their female employees, wives and daughters will be making a life or death decision every time they have sex? Or how they feel about moving to a state where their daughters will be subject to internal genital exams if the want to play sports?

  14. In about 16-20 years, or even earlier, we should see a sharp rise in school shootings and/or shootings in general from kids raised in massive dysfunction.

  15. Vote for Tim Ryan on November 8th. The Senate is where we need the votes to help protect women now. Think of your daughters, sisters, granddaughters, and children that will be affected by this.

  16. Why not limit it to 23 weeks? That is when the medical profession deems it viable. If you pprom before 23 weeks what are you supposed to do? Just wait till you get sepsis? The hospitals wont do anything to try to save it before 23 weeks.

  17. I guess you don’t know many republicans. They don’t care about facts, democracy, or our country. All republicans are traitors to the ideals of this country.

  18. Do I have to vote for the Democrats that are pro-life too? I'm sorry, but I've "voted blue no matter who" my entire life now, and the Dems keep fucking failing to deliver. Hillary wasn't my preferred candidate in 2016. Still voted for her. Biden definitely wasn't my preferred candidate in 2020. Still voted for him.

  19. I hate to break it to you, but all of this is a failure of the Democratic Party in the first place. The Republicans always said they would do this and the Dems never made individual privacy and abortion a priority in forty years. Obama failed twice in office to do what needed to be done on SCOTUS.

  20. Not true. So many Democrats work actively against progressives that in plenty of cases, republican and democrat candidates in the same race have a pretty similar platform. There are plenty of anti-abortion democrats out there. And there are also plenty of libertarian type republicans don’t believe in legislating human bodies. I’m pro-abortion and support any and every woman wishing to have one in all ways that can help, assist, and facilitate the most healthy and safe procedures possible.

  21. I do this begrudgingly but electoral politics will get us nowhere at this point honestly. You need to do much more than just vote.

  22. We have that intel plant coming up. The engineers I know tend to be overwhelmingly liberal. I wonder what they think about moving into a state with women's health restrictions.

  23. It all and always will come down to money there’s no other reason. Keep the poor poor and that’ll keep our pockets full. It’s sickening

  24. He did not. He filed to preserve another bill relating to the heartbeat bill. Why do you want to mislead people?

  25. Man, for all the gnashing of teeth following the SC decision, you’d think that pregnancy occurs spontaneously or that contraceptives aren’t cheap and readily available literally everywhere.

  26. Just shut the fuck up. Contraceptives fail, not everyone can take the pill, other methods are expensive and harder to get. People get raped or are victims of incest or reproductive abuse. Pregnancy should not be a punishment for having sex, and there are enough kids in the world without forcing people to birth more.

  27. Don’t worry Pharoah. It’s cool being a 45 year old virgin these days. You’re fine. You don’t need to project some rancid misogyny to be cool. You’re already cool.

  28. It's fun to watch. Give it two days. Something shiny will come along and all of these dorks will find something else to shriek about.

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