hey Northern/Central Ohio! Border Patrol can now search your home, person, child, anything, with no warrant, as long as you live in this zone. You also cannot sue them for damaging any of your property or person.

  1. Michigan fan here. We get like one win per decade but afterwards they figure out a way to fuck the whole state to balance it out.

  2. I believe* this counts for airports too, essentially every bit of the country is within 100 miles of "the border" when "the border" is any way in and out of the country. Surely the Government won't do anything nefarious with this at all.

  3. You’re right? Right? Like, this isn’t new but the application of it along borders like the Great Lakes are few and far between. Ooooohhhhh is this a fear mongering shit post? Like, why’s this getting posted? I don’t like the law, I don’t like lots of laws, it’s ok if OP is just learning about this and it’s good for people to learn about this. But this is a complete non issue at the moment and it does a good job of riling people up. At its core this is just a basic demilitarized zone. Every country needs border protection from active invasion. We don’t just GIVE the military that land, we live on it and if shit hits the fan we all fight on it. It’s really not great that the government can exercise such power but that’s why we gotta stop electing the crazy to office.

  4. True, Ohio has a castle doctrine law. However, look at Ohio Revised code 2901.05. (B)(2). The presumption of self defense won't stand against anyone who had lawful reason to be on the premises. A government official executing his duties on your premises has lawful reason to be there.

  5. Because it’s mis-information. And the former administration used the Border Patrol and Bureau of Prison employees to oppress protesters during the summer of 2020.

  6. A recent supreme court ruling stated private citizens can't sue border patrol for violating the 4th amendment. So yes, it does, but our only recourse is we can complain to that department, and an officer from that department can review our complaint.

  7. Who cares about the laws of a nation that has allowed nazi’s into government? They’re throwing me into gas chamber either way. Do you see the logic? Justice will get its act together or the nation will fall. So what government are we forming once they finally piss this thing away?

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