Ohio is 2½ weeks from allowing people to carry a concealed firearm without a permit

  1. 2A is a right! They should have gun safety and skill practice classes in our schools and communities. There should not be a reason for firearm ignorance if you are an American.

  2. Totally, I have my CCW but only carry while hiking/climbing for animal danger. The training courses opened my eyes tremendously & everyone who carries a firearm should partake. It’s a great responsibility to carry, but without proper understanding & safety of firearms, I fear the worst.

  3. I agree. I've been looking at guns for a couple of years now. Not looking to CC but just for the home. I'm still going to take some classes and get familiar with the gun that I buy. It's a dangerous weapon and people should be trained on how to use it.

  4. I agree training is important. But the servants of the industry i.e. politicians wouldn’t require something so sensible because it would cause them to lose bribes.

  5. Took mine this year, there were about 75% women in my class. All with 0 experience and by the end, it was totally worth all of our time. I've had experience with firearms before, but there's always an opportunity to learn something you didn't know. Getting trained just felt like the right thing to do.

  6. Yea honestly I feel like this is the idea that should be promoted. I’m a republican and I do support the second amendment, but that don’t mean I want Ohio to go further down the Rural Bar fight we are right now. Seriously get proper training. LIKE SERIOUS PROPER TRAINING.

  7. We're talking to you "Old fat guy with a cowboy hat and Crocs that has a giant .45 hanging in a holster under his gut at Kroger's every Saturday" guy.

  8. I'm in Trumbull County. Not a day goes by that local news doesn't report people got shot. These incidents are going to increase now that any 18+ year old can conceal carry without a care in the world about any legal repercussions.

  9. I will not carry until I have a CCW CHL. I may have to deal with law enforcement, and I don't want to make their job more difficult.

  10. Les for that cause honestly you'll get more training by watching YouTube videos and going to the range every so often but more so for reciprocity

  11. You're already there. Responsible gun owners leave them at home where they belong, instead of carrying your fucking toy around so you can pretend it makes you or anyone else safer.

  12. It’s still worth renewing if you travel out of state for reciprocity. I need to renew this month and still plan to.

  13. Gotta register your kayaks though folks and your trailer to pull them on, remember to register the car or truck that is pulling your trailer and kayaks. I'm going to rebuild my deck this summer and I need to check in with my city several times during the process and get permits.

  14. Well, let's start with the first thing. Call your state representatives and tell them that you want unregistered kayaks. We are are free people and the state works for us.

  15. I agree with you, registering kayaks is dumb. Seems like a money grab. You and a bunch of other kayak owners should get together and lobby to stop this madness.

  16. Still have to complete and pass a background check if purchasing through a licensed FFL dealer. Still need to register the firearm through the FFL dealer so it’s into the governments database. That stuff has never changed. The only thing that has changed is that you may now conceal carry without a concealed carry permit.

  17. Maybe we can get some responsible gun owners who can stop the next mass shooting. Hope to never have to see my home state on the news. Godspeed to CCW carriers, hope you never have to use it.

  18. Damn you want that stuff to cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. I personally think we should make it cheaper so it’s more accessible

  19. So a mandatory federal background check at every purchase at the vendor and if you had any felony conviction that could have yielded 2 years in prison even though you just got probation and it was decades ago when you were a kid, no contraceptives for you EVER?

  20. Depending on where you live or go maybe a weapon is a good idea to protect yourself and family. At least until the Democrats start punishing offenders! We really have no damn Police east of Cuyahoga County. Just people that process auto collisions. So CYA.

  21. News flash: people that don’t respect and have no regard for the laws, were already doing this. This changes nothing.

  22. Psa for everyone freaking out about this. You are already allowed to open carry guns(gun on hip, outside of shirt) without a permit. The only difference is now you can put your shirt over the gun

  23. After the last school shooting I am not sure why we just keep making it easier. I don't know how anyone can stomach this. I have lived 40+ years in Ohio not one time have I carried a gun on me. I hike, camp all that stuff guess what still no gun required.

  24. There was also a shooting at the Bridgewater Walmart last night. Shoplifter with a handgun shot a customer in the head and a worker in the chest, was caught early this morning.

  25. Because concealed carry has nothing to do with people who commit mass shootings. They aren't really done on a whim, they are planned ahead of time. CCW laws aren't going to stop that.

  26. The thing is, the people who will commit the crimes dont care if it's against the law to carry without permit. If they are going to rob/shoot someone they know very well they are breaking the law and aren't just gonna think "oh well I cant concealed carry this gun so I'm not gonna go shoot that person" Gun laws short of making all guns illegal is simply not going to work. And even that wont stop gun violence, think of japan, totally disarmed, except of course the violent gangs who imported guns and used them to do whatever they wanted. That said, I think this is still a bad idea as I think it will likely cause more negligent gun injuries due to people not having any idea how to properly handle their firearms. Training is important.

  27. Laws regarding purchase haven’t changed in decades so legal-wise, nothing has become easier. This law change certainly will increase the likelihood of the wannabe billy bad-asses who brandish and draw unnecessarily. Hopefully they will weed themselves out.

  28. If everyone has guns then no one will use them. Logic. Think about it, we arm preschoolers then school shooters will be outnumbered. Quik mafs. /s

  29. Everybody needs to keep in mind those little signs on or by entrances are THE LAW. If they say no guns, you need to secure your gun in your vehicle. That sign will get you a serious charge if you ignore it, and there are very few buildings that don't have one outside of the firearm business.

  30. As understanding as I am with the law, the lunatic with a gun/knife/weapon doesn’t give a shit and will take the advantage of the sane gun owners who put their firearms in their vehicle. That law has now increased casualties, makes sense.

  31. Ignoring the sign is a fourth degree misdemeanor trespassing charge. Second, and any additional, offenses are bumped up to first degree misdemeanor trespass.

  32. Both good and bad will come, but at the end I say its good. More freedom is a good thing. Im on the side of if you ain't harming or endangering others, why is it illegal?

  33. License holder from day 1, advanced training courses and head on a swivel. This new law scares the hell out of me. I see so many changes in society and peoples reactions to stuff. Definitely walking away even more now!

  34. Also a CCW. This law makes me nervous too. Lots of a assholes will be out there doing stupid shit day one. Strongly recommend anyone who wants to carry to 1. Commit the four rules to memory before ever handling a weapon (

  35. Plus the fact that people are going to be putting guns wherever on their person, purses, etc and having zero knowledge of what a proper holster looks like. Negligent discharges gonna be hot in the streets.

  36. I still recommend getting your CCW, we may no longer need them here. Though other states may require you to carry a license of some sort when not in your home state. Brush up on your laws and training.

  37. The police have no legal duty to protect you but people are still arguing that you should have to beg them for a permission slip in order to be able to protect yourself.

  38. If you are a responsible gun owner, you will train yourself to know the laws and be familiar with your weapons. The reason most people carry a firearm, is because morals in our society have deteriorated to the point that we feel that we need to protect ourselves. Criminals have guns, and don't take classes, nor do they care about who they hurt. I read the critics of this bill, but they offer no safe alternatives. Guns should be respected and responsible citizens, whether city or country will respect their firearms. Liberals will still criticize and try to belittle those who believe different from them.

  39. You complain about liberals, yet the right is doing nothing about the white nationalist terrorism, and even egging it on with people like Tucker Carlson and MTG SUPPORTING white nationalism. This is the same group that is heavily paid by the NRA, blames mental health, then does nothing about mental health issues in our country.

  40. There is so much ignorance of the current and new law. Please review the laws surrounding ccw in Ohio, it is a very regulated activity. This is only ccw laws and doesn’t cover prohibited persons, but does include the new and current version:

  41. I don't carry, and I won't carry, but personally I see this as a good thing. 22 other states have constitutional carry so it isn't like this is one of a kind ground breaking thing. Often when we go on vacation we go to states that allow this and we were oblivious to them carrying guns all around us. The way I see it is there are so many guns out there already, the bad guys are going to continue carrying no matter what the law so if one person carrying stops a bad guy in ohio it is worth it. The bad guys will do as they wish regardless of the laws.

  42. So if the law becomes worth it if one good person stops a bad person, does the law become unworth it if it results in loss of life of an innocent person?

  43. This is incredibly misguided and defeatist, and smacks of the kind of logic that fearmongers about the left “taking away your guns” when the already lax standards in the US are only becoming more relaxed - and to disastrous results. There are plenty of places in the world that aren’t as open about guns or as willing to embrace them as part of their “culture,” and the result isn’t that only criminals run around with guns.

  44. I foresee it going the other way too, there will be a large increase in the number of shootings by cops who suspect someone of going for a concealed gun. "He had a gun, so I had to murder him to protect myself."

  45. Good. We just learned that you can trust any rando with a gun over the police. Especially when the lives of your children are on the line.

  46. Just in time for a pre-midterm election terrorism campaign. The Republican Oligarchy is taking away our constitutional freedoms, rigging elections, inciting insurrection, and arming their supporters to finish the coup.

  47. Lots of comments on her from (assuming) Leftist, who want to go as far as having a second civil war in order to ban guns.

  48. I have a CHL, but it will be nice knowing if I get pulled over and have a pistol in a "dashboard holster" that I'm not at risk of getting fined because my wife who does not have a CHL, in theory has "access" to the weapon.

  49. I don't believe this is the right answer either. Going full tilt one direction or the other will just create more problems. I'm a left-leaning independent, but I believe our right to purchase and own firearms should be protected. But as with anything, there needs to be a balance. We need better regulations and proper gun control.

  50. You’re not wrong, but gun nuts would rather turn a blind eye because it impacts their hobby. Maybe y’all should try knitting or something.

  51. Many people who never concealed carried before in their life are now going to start doing that just because they legally can with no hassle. Having their gun on them at all times is going to be like how they treat their phone. Always there, never leave home without it.

  52. The citizens of the U.S. are on their own. No law enforcement officer has any duty what-so-ever to protect you. It's not the Wild West.

  53. Native Ohioan. I have family who carry. I love them deeply. I know they will always try to protect me. But there is not a single one of them that I think has the judgement and discipline to actually use a gun effectively in a crisis. They may panic, miss the target, or shoot themselves by accident. They are smart, athletic, and high functioning, but without the kind of ongoing, intensive training you get in LE or the military, most people have a hard time remaining calm and cool in a moment of crisis and that is before you add alcohol and assholes to the scenario.

  54. Do the men who conceal carry understand that no woman finds you attractive? We think you’re sad and pathetic and compensating for something. You’re a scared little boy who needs his gun to feel big. We’re laughing at you.

  55. I’m actually pretty ugly and admittedly so…but at least I know if I’m in a bad place at a bad time, I have a better chance to make it home to my children and the woman I married who thought I was attractive enough.

  56. Honestly I have found the opposite to be true, a lot of women are very concerned for their personal safety and happy to be with someone who's not going to put his hands in the air if someone pulls a gun on them.

  57. I don't like guns but at this point let's fight fire with fire (no pun intended) need to start leveling the playing field.

  58. When it says “without background check” does that mean they can PURCHASE a firearm without a background check?? Or has there been a time when someone needed a background check to actually concealed carry?

  59. First, the only actual requirement to carry a concealed weapon is to get your hands on a weapon you can conceal. The legalities are not stopping the people you should be worried about carrying a gun from doing so.

  60. If your instructor didn't follow Ohio Revised Code, report them to your local Sheriff. It's that simple. Instructors get their certs pulled all the time. If you are going to carry get some training.

  61. JUST what the USA needs. Its not bad enough, let's have more guns, more guns, more guns, more guns, more guns, death, death, death, death, death, death....etc etc. Shall I keep going?

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