This is Ohio in a video game called Victoria 2.

  1. I am wondering how Paradox will break the economy in Vicky 3. In Vicky 2 you frequently had to be Communist or State Capitalist to have a say in where rich people build factories. So if you would want steel mills in an area with coal and iron, better restrict freedoms.

  2. For anyone who plays Crusader Kings 2, there's a mod called "after the end fan fork" or something like that that makes the game North America to Peru. The fort, city and temple holdings have accurately named local neighborhoods.

  3. fyi, victoria takes place 1836-1936 iirc so this is supposed to be what ohio looked like 200yrs ago

  4. Marietta in 1840 had a mighty population of 1814 as sourced from Wikipedia. Don't tell my history teacher.

  5. crazy they had Marietta taking up the entire southeast portion, still cool to see it get some recognition though

  6. This game is set from 1836-1936. It might have been a more important town in that time period. Or it’s because this game was made by Swedish developers so they just put a random town that saw.

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