Pretty confident I won’t be raising my family in Ohio after all.

  1. I lived there for about six years, then moved back for a family situation. That was 20 years ago and its now a lot -like, a looooot - harder to make that move financially. Colorado today is almost unrecognizable with all the new tech money.

  2. Mahoning County (where I live) people are stealing catalytic converters like there a Golden Wanka Ticket inside. So it wouldn't be so bad.

  3. Ohio deffinately has crime. Republican states have some of the worst crime. It happens when people are desparate.

  4. I live on the Western Slope and I see an increasing number of Ohio plates here every day. Usually it’s Franklin county but Saturday I even parked next to someone from Summit County. Now this is all on top of the fact that my wife and her family are all from Ohio and six people in her immediate family, all born in Ohio, live here now too.

  5. Friend of mine lives in denver and couldn't go to work for 3 days because the homeless were doing some shit downtown. Now they are moving their office.

  6. They'll steal your catalytic converter if your lucky, more likely they'll take the entire car if you're in Denver or Pueblo.

  7. Man conservatives went from My BoDy My ChOiCe right back to the government should control women's bodies real quick again I see 😂

  8. Yeah, but abortion pills are easy to make and easy to distribute. Women in states run by fascists need to know about AidAccess, a nonprofit org that provides medical abortion pills by mail to women in the US and other theocratic shitholes. They are based in Europe and, as such, are not subject to US laws and penalties.

  9. Don't blame you at all. The states are polarizing. It is all or nothing winner takes all. Purple is a thing of the past.

  10. I really love living in a purple state, if Ohio goes permanently red idk what I’ll do. It feels like the mos west is all red now

  11. To be fair, Ohio isn’t alone in this type of ideology. Look at what’s happening in elections across the country, and keep national level politics in mind as well. Moving away from Ohio doesn’t get you too far from all of this same stuff, unfortunately. I’ve been here as long as you have, and am equally frustrated, but feel that some things are still worth fighting for.

  12. I was born here. I've been around for 36 years. It's home. I'm not leaving it. I won't stop trying to change Ohio blue or working with sensible Republicans.

  13. I wonder how many of the people commenting in this thread voted yesterday? The only way we Ohioans can change the politics of this place is by voting. Get active locally, call or email your representatives, do something! Kvetching about it might be satisfying, but it doesn't get anything done.

  14. We have been voting. Nothing has changed. Democrats have been using Roe v Wade as a fundraising tool with for decades no intention of actually codifying anything into law.

  15. Depending on which ballot you took, it was largely inconsequential. There really was only two elections that had more than one choice on my democratic ballot. Even on the R ballot the choices were mostly about which candidate was the most Trump like. That’s no choice at all.

  16. Okay I live in a red gerrymandered state rep district and House district. I voted for a democrat and they got slammed because the district is drawn to make them lose. Now what?

  17. November is the ballot that really matters, yesterday was inconsequential for most. I still voted but ya, just primaries

  18. Voting doesn't change anything in a major way. OH is gerrymandered to the hilt. Should you vote? Absolutely. Will it change anything...almost certainly no.

  19. I don't blame anyone who wants to leave. We have this one life, gotta make the best of it. No shame in wanting to move somewhere your government actually represents you.

  20. As sad as it is to say, why should we stay in a state that isn't working to help us? Seems like a experiment in futility to me.

  21. Republicans have had exclusive control of all bodies of this state's government for 24 of the past 30 years, and their margins are only widening. I'm cutting my losses.

  22. If abortion is your main reason for leaving, you'd be better off leaving the whole country the way things are going.

  23. It's incredibly disheartening to realize that, as much as I'd love to leave Ohio, there really isn't anywhere else to live that is safe from these kinds of politicians and/or affordable. Our entire country is becoming authoritarian.

  24. Guerilla insurgencies will soon be needed in every state. The theocratic fascists will not stop at a state line. So, stay or don't stay (we're actually moving, altho for other reasons), but leaving only buys a little bit more time.

  25. lol... they will gladly swat the shit out of you. Law enforcement has all sorts of weapons of war. Be realistic. Also... who wants to risk their life for OH (lol).

  26. Not all of us our born soldiers, so it's understandable people want to leave. As for me I'll fight the good fight.

  27. Yeah people leaving don’t realize they are only furthering the divide of the country by geographical location.

  28. The weather and the gerrymandering Talibangelists in Columbus say its not worth fighting for. Fuck Ohio.

  29. We are planning to move this fall. It’s been a long time coming, but I don’t like the direction this state is going at all. Time to take myself to a more enlightened place!

  30. I plan to leave and every young woman should leave. Once Roe is overturned, Ohio will ban abortion even in cases of rape or incest and young women will basically become broodmares for this state. Not every woman wants an “opportunity” as Jean Schmidt says every woman should have.

  31. Ohio! Used to have Glenn and Metzenbaum! Not even recognizable now. Been kvetching about this for about a decade. Think started spinning right in Obama years. Have considered moving too. However, instead stay in my liberal pocket, which cities are.

  32. Can't afford to leave country (yet, might be our end goal) but we can afford to leave state. The wife and I plan on paying off our house in 3 years (maybe less with some lifestyle changes we've made to save money and be healthier) and move up to Vermont. All of my friends are their. Only thing Ohio has is my family, but family should never hold you back from achieving greatness.

  33. I lived in South Africa for 14 years and came back in 2017. I miss living abroad every single day. I hate the USA any more. It's way too polarized.

  34. Pretty much every other developed country in the world has significantly stricter abortion laws than the US. Most of Europe bans it at the end of the first Trimester, where the US couldn't even pass a ban for 20 weeks.

  35. Yeah cracks me up when I see the confederate flag flown in rural OH. Absolutely not their southern heritage as OH is a northern state.

  36. Fuck it, Texas is on a polar trajectory, we should all just flood Texas and turn it blue. The Republicans would never see a norther president elected.

  37. I'm a republican and I find it disheartening too. There are few real republicans left and too many Trump boot-lickers.

  38. Two enormous tech centers are being built here. That will bring a huge influx of young people. Not all liberals (don't need to be...just not bat-shit crazy Christian conservatives...and tech people are rarely religiou).

  39. That would be nice, but it may not be the answer. Huntsville, AL draws educated, more liberal minded people from all different places due to Redstone Arsenal and other organizations like that but I doubt very much this has altered the political landscape of Alabama.

  40. The weather is tricky. I was in CA for the supper bowl, the first 48 hours I was saying that’s it I am done with the OH weather, I need sunshine. When I was flying home after four days in LA, I said fuck that traffic I could never do it. Hahah

  41. Moved in 2013 along with my 10 friends from grad school. No regrets from any of us. OH missing out on high-income state taxes as all their educated and young people leave the state but at least you can't say gay or have reproductive autonomy!

  42. I used to think that would be a nice place to live but just a cursory online research proved otherwise. My understanding is public education is really bad there.

  43. The conservative racist nutjobs are scaring any chance OH had of becoming a promising place to live. It’s basically midwest Florida now. I have no intent on living here much longer considering the idiots people are electing.

  44. You're not a fuck up. If you're taking care of your grandma, you're one of the better people in this country. Probably top 10%. And retail skills are needed everywhere, and can be a good springboard for developing more advanced job skills. Tech Centers and Community Colleges can help if/when you're interested.

  45. Warming my wife up to the idea of moving north of the border. We both have in-demand jobs there. I don't want to subject my son to a life in the USA.

  46. It's not easy immigrating to Canada. You have to prove that your job contributes to their economy. If you have family in Canada you can ask them to sponsor you though.

  47. I want to stay and represent and VOTE, buuut I know I can lead a better life in a different state. I don’t have to be governed by these buffoons. That’s called voting with your feet.

  48. If your experience is anything like mine, no amount of wishing for greener pastures will overcome how much cheaper both cost of living and land/homes/rent is out here compared to the coasts. It’s horrible calculus but that’s what keeps me here with family elsewhere. I just cannot afford to leave.

  49. It’s sad really. My wife is from Ohio and we love it there. The rain, the trees, the green, the proximity to everything east of the Mississippi. For two years we tried earnestly to move there.

  50. Yeah you aren't the only one. I'm looking at Minnesota. It's pretty blue in Minneapolis. And housing isn't too bad.

  51. We moved here from California right before the pandemic and are about to buy a house and start a family. Maybe not here after all. Maybe not in the US after all, for that matter.

  52. I left after being born there and living there most of my life. Unfortunately I moved to Florida before the current crazy set in here too.

  53. I’m 37 and don’t have children for these same reasons. But they are nation wide. Not just Ohio. The country is a shit show and we are all way to underpaid to even be able to start being an expat.

  54. Manila, Phillipines? Of course it isn't, you've got one of the most authoritarian heads of state of our time running the show. This should not serve as proof of anything, folks.

  55. Nothing wrong with that. If Ohio isn't your cup of tea by all means do what you feel is best. As for me, my family will be raised here

  56. I’ll be in a state surrounded by other people who believe in empowering others to have better, happier lives. Unlike Ohio rather filled with miserable, uneducated morons who refuse to lift a finger to improve themselves and instead wallow in cruelty while waving a cross and a maga flag. I’m more than happy to fight. Violently if necessary (and I believe it will be). But I sure as fuck won’t do it surrounded by my enemy.

  57. I highly encourage people to expatriate from the states entirely. Life is so much easier, safer and much less stressful in countries that actually care about their citizens.

  58. Shiiiid I’m worried the whole damn country will be a hell scape in 5 years. Fuck, with the way authoritarianism and invading other countries to expand your territory is coming roaring back could be the whole damn planet. And fuckitty fuck, climate change that not enough people give a fuck about to convince any government to take actually take huge enough steps to meaningfully combat means the whole damn planet really is going to be a hell scape, just not in 5 years tho. There is no light at the end of the tunnel, no other place that will truly be better than here, just fucked up in a different way. Life just goes until it doesn’t anymore. As Regina says, everyone must breath until their dying breath. I’ve already been thinking that imma just have to off myself if I get preggo I guess. Although I did come up with a flexible but firm wire and liquid latex plan I think is promising lol.

  59. Good for you. It makes no sense to consciously choose to raise their child in an environment of repression and intolerance.

  60. yeah 36, just got a house last year. looking to settle my brother in laws estate (35, anti-vaxxer), sell our house and go somewhere else

  61. Was born in Cleveland and grew up in Michigan. I recommend taking it off the list. It's the Arkansas of the north.

  62. Michigan is setting itself to try and out-crazy Ohio politically. It's a beautiful state, but not somewhere to go if you're trying to avoid batshit-insane levels of conservative politics

  63. I highly recommend American expats in (insert country here) groups. Before I shut down my Facebook, I found a lot of helpful advice and such. It made my settling in the UK a lot easier.

  64. We’re out of here after our youngest graduates from OSU next year. Don’t know where we’re going, but it will probably be a bit warmer.

  65. Sort by controversial. Nothing but <1 yo accounts with their witty "LOL" replies. Good luck with your theocracy, dumb-asses. (fixed my dumbass greater to a less than)

  66. I feel your pain. I’m going to get out of here as soon as possible, makes me sad because most of my family still live here.

  67. I’ve decided to leave as soon as the school year is done. This state and its voters are incredibly hostile and regressive and has almost nothing to offer. It’s not special in any way and continues to degenerate.

  68. Have you not been paying attention those 37 years of your life or are you just caught up in the current craze?

  69. Yeah I mean it's just the end of abortion rights for women, bans on teaching about race and gender, republicans breaking the law with their map tp keep it heavily skewed to their advantage. Dems are just pushing for poll numbers.

  70. Check your privilege, cut & run doesn't really help those who have no mobility due to socioeconomic reasons. Maybe channel that anger into activism. Posting on Reddit is keyboard activism, when was the last time you attended a community organizing group?

  71. Make sure you convince all your liberal friends and family members who live in this state to follow suit.

  72. I keep trying to convince my partner to leave the country outright but she loves her family or some shit? Idk can't relate.

  73. Vermont sounds great. I’m heading North myself but considered Vermont. I’m embarrassed to say I live in Ohio and can’t wait to not cringe when someone asks where I’m from.

  74. I see all of this everywhere, but no one but the ones who want to move turn out to vote. None of you pushed your legislators for decades to do more to prop up Roe. The party so many of you hold high never had a priority for judicial seats or a plan to regain control of anything but a handful of cities, which they ruthlessly control to the point that there are no elections any more (see Columbus for example).

  75. MF’er I’ve been working in campaigns since I was 16. I’m a poll worker and have served in volunteer positions in my city. You go ahead and tell yourself that’s the problem you asshole. You aren’t changing shit. This state has openly declared its hostility to everyone except the most extreme christian nationalists. Not only am I leaving, I’m organizing against Intel to pressure them not to move to this shithole. I want to see it burn. That’s the fight.

  76. Just moved to Ohio last year and happy to help vote it Red anyway I can. I will never go back to a blue state like California again

  77. Then you'll be glad to know that OH has been ruled by the GOP for 3-4 decades and has declined in almost every meaningful way! Keep implementing "christian sharia" while all of your college graduates leave the state, population continues to decline, and the opioid crisis kills off all the rural population.

  78. Ah yes, let's keep voting in the party that cannot figure out how to progress our state's economy and education. What a bang up job they've done keeping manufacturing jobs here. Oh wait, they haven't because they're too busy legislating meaningless ideological issues.

  79. Michigan seems the place to be lately. Ann Arbor is a fantastic place to live. Thinking of moving there myself.

  80. I don't blame you. I decided to get the big snip snip yesterday. I don't want to bring a child into this shitty world we're living in.

  81. I mean, raise your family where you want, it won't be that different elsewhere as most places are what you make of them.

  82. Interesting you now claim there's room after all the times you guys say there's no room for immigrants and asylum seekers...

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