Dayton skyline, 3/31/22

  1. Dayton is considered one of the finest hotspots for architecture west of the Appalachians, with multiple buildings designed by I.M. Pei, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Norman Foster, Harry Schenck, and Albert Pretzinger.

  2. I lived in downtown Dayton for a couple years, and the buildings really are soooo cool. I know it’s getting better slowly, but it was always sad seeing such gorgeous architecture but the buildings completely empty

  3. Being from rural Alabama originally, it was certainly a sight to behold; seeing the skyline for the first time as a child. I thought this place was just like New York lmao.

  4. Is there anything to do down there? Oddly enough seeing this in my timeline I have to go make a visit down there this weekend

  5. There's a ton of stuff. Everyone lists the Air Force Museum first, but there's also the Wright Brothers national park, Carillon Historical Park, a fantastic bike trail network, some of the best county metroparks in Ohio, 8 breweries in downtown alone, great nightlife in the Oregon District, and two of the best bars in the midwest, Century Bar and Tender Mercy.

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