Mike Dewine and his passion to hurt the Ohio people. While him and his republican buddies make sure there pockets are full. Ohioans continue to struggle without there PUA 3k to make ends meet.

  1. Mikey is an old school republican- he speaks like your kindly grandpa as he's fucking you over. The newer republicans just rub your face in it.

  2. The Oompa Loompa is being called a rino. That is how you know he is an old school republican. He is crazy, but not crazy enough for trumpers.

  3. As a 1099 guy it sure helped me when it was there and has been burning me down since with the 80% reduction in workload I have had since the pandemic started. Been burning down retirement savings and putting life on a credit card since. Thanks for thinking of Ohio businesses, Mike.

  4. isn’t he the republican governor who took a 60 million dollar bribe? And who’s son sits on the supreme court keeping him out of jail?

  5. I still want to remind people that despite the people winning our court case recently, since we voted for fair districts, dewine's son still judged for the gop in the case, he's republican this is annoying that he ignores the law the people voted for but doesn't surprise me, even though it does piss me off.

  6. Its like Hoover denying people Govt help during the depression because they might become dependant on the Govt. Apparently starvation is a better option. These people call themselves Christians

  7. Christians have perpetrated the worst shit against humanity for 2k years. Cancel Christians, while we're canceling horrible people. The worst people I interact with daily call themselves Christians.

  8. Now that the GOP has cut off assistance, why aren't all the "help wanted" signs gone? Huh? I thought welfare was the cause of that? Guess it was more conservative BS.

  9. DeWine is such a two faced grifter, its unbelievable. I was absolutely baffled when people were praising him over what should basically be par course for dealing with a pandemic, only to turn around and fold like a napkin barely a few months later because a bunch of two-braincell-having-morons put pressure on him to open up again because "muh freedoms, muh dining out"

  10. He specifically tries to cut off people living in the cities. The racists and domestic terrorists hiding in the red parts of the state get his blessing.

  11. Hey there, I’m a “red part of the state” person. Id just like to let you know the “racists” make up probably 1% of my area. And the rest of us keep their mouths shut cause we don’t play with racist bullshit. 100% will knock a motherfucker into next week. Also I’m pretty sure everybody hates Dewine. Dudes got a gaping butthole that the federal govt puts their arm in and puppets him around. He shits on the cities. He shits on landowners/farmers. Fuck, I repeat, FUCK that guy.

  12. Yes why won't people work for slave wages and support the top 1% that is sucking us dry. Magamorons making $45k a year.

  13. Ya,,. He lost my vote when he did that. Regardless of pandemic response. Hell , the unemployment office under his watch can't even get a week of unemployment paid in less then 2 months. FOR ONE WEEK ... OR They are letting weeks stack up to like 9 or 10 weeks owed B4 you even see your first payment.

  14. Yeah, weird how everyone didn’t jump to go back to work for low wages, if you can’t survive anyway, why spend your days doing work and being degraded by bosses and customers?

  15. he's such a fuckin hoe ass lame. fuckin Mike Decline with no spine fucks over every person he can find sits back and reclines and doesn't pay it no mind . but he will get shit all over when the world takes his shine.. word,!!!!

  16. You are aware that people have used the free market system to leave their present positions and move onto other things right?

  17. Are unemployment benefits the biggest issue right now? There are jobs everywhere. Unemployment benefits are for when you can't get a job.

  18. Day cares are still not completely open. Hard to go to work without safe, reliable and affordable daycare. Jobs that are hiring may require skills people don't have. People are still wary of going out to crowded places. Unemployment benefits keep food on the table while you are looking for a job.

  19. Be careful speaking common sense on here or you’ll be downvoted. I for one was glad to see the federal benefits cut!! I worked through the whole pandemic for normal pay while I heard first person from people making more on unemployment than they did while working. Gigs up people, back to work!

  20. And there are a lot of people who can't get a job right now. Kids under 5 can't get vaccinated yet, and there's a shortage of daycares for them to go to, especially where the facility is safer in terms of COVID, so a parent has to stay home. Schools are bouncing between open and closed due to staff infections, so that's more parents that can't always reliably be in a workplace. Meanwhile, those of us in our late 50s/early 60s, even if vaccinated and boosted, are at risk of more serious consequences that might need hospital care if we get breakthrough infections, but you can't get hospital care right now, so it's just not safe for us to be in a workplace yet. However, since we were planning to work several more years, we're having to prematurely use up our retirement savings.

  21. If any Ohioans are struggling to make ends meet with their unemployment benefits, maybe they should get one of the 10,000 jobs with 5 miles of their house

  22. How about when there still aren't enough daycares open yet to take care of their infants/preschoolers - how are they supposed to both work? How about when their kids' schools are having to bounce around between open and closed due to staff infections? Who takes care of the kids if they both go to work?

  23. That’s just what they do. Sadly. And since most people nationwide, but more so in Ohio only care when problems are at their doorstep it won’t change. Also; there are numerous articles about people have over 50 applications out there and not getting calls so there isn’t as much hiring as the business community let’s on.

  24. Why not restore the looking for work requirements instead of just kicking everybody out. I’m sure it cost jobs taking all those unemployed and under employed out of the economy and into poverty.

  25. Get a job and stop freeloading off of the government. Stop having 6 kids that you can’t take care of. You put yourself in this situation. Take responsibility and grow up…

  26. Thank you Mike for forcing lazy fucks to get off their ass and do something to earn a living and life of success

  27. I’m a Democrat through and through. But there is a fine balancing act between unemployment benefits, and the private sector saying they can’t fill positions. You can argue pay, benefits, etc. but in Dayton you can have $20.00+/hour job of your choosing.

  28. Right but the core issue is 20 and hour is not a good wage! and I can prove it!!! What was a good wage in 1999 about 20 and hour but it ain’t 1999 anymore. 20 and hour is not okay if rent is 1000 and the cost of everything has gone up. If you devote 40 hours a week to a business you should be able to afford a house, transportation, food, water, the fact Wal Mart can give works a food stamp application with an interview should mean Walton blood in the streets of this country but we are soft and have completely fallen under the illusion that violence was a think of the past. Thats what we used to do and that will be our downfall.

  29. People were sitting on their asses collecting checks instead of working. There were more open jobs than ever in history. You don't get a free exact career replacement when things go south. People sat on their asses for well over a year.

  30. People forget how much he doesn’t like DeWine, and campaigned on it in 2016. How he didn’t attack him during the pandemic is actually pretty incredible. Unless his numbers told him, accurately, how much he was gonna win Ohio by, and just decided to keep that in his pocket.

  31. The government exists to serve us. It's not mooching to utilize services being offered if you're entitled to them.

  32. It's incredible how upset a person can get before 8:00 AM in the morning and yet here you are all over this thread. It's pathetic.

  33. PUA is a temporary thing, unemployment is low, and inflation is rising quickly. It's time to start reigning in, and politicians who campaign on a "free shit" platform can't do what needs done.

  34. Lol, this dude thinks republicans are fiscally conservative. Republicans give out tax breaks that blow up the deficit every chance they get.

  35. If only there was the greatest job market in recent memory going on then this wouldn't matter... oh wait.

  36. Poor people, convinced by the propaganda of ridiculously wealthy people that the rich “earned it” and the poor people are the problem. Tucker thanks you for your service.

  37. I think you confusing a benefit to a paycheck? A paycheck you earn a benefit is afforded to you based of a situation the state has agreed to pay from. Can't continue to abuse/use this, the pot will run dry. All the leaves from the money tree are coming from China. We have an exuberant amount of debt which China all owns. I'm truly sorry if your situation requires this but as my grandpa used to say you need to buckle down. Go to a food pantry there are dozens in Columbus. There are programs for those less fortunate for help with electricity and gas bills. Don't expect the government to do everything for you. You have to remember the only person who will look out for you IS YOU! good luck 👍

  38. Good for him! No more freelancing off of our taxpayer money. There are plenty of jobs out there. And if you dont like what they pay thats your own fault for not better setting yourself up to be in a position to make good money

  39. You BIGOTS and KARENS hate all things Republican, while Biden's policies are really making things so much better. Inflation is the highest in 40 years, gas prices are up 42%, more people have died from Covid under Biden than Trump, crime has increased to the highest rate in history, etc.,etc. Biden has made nothing better in America.

  40. Was scrolling through my home page... I guess everyone who upvotes this is to good to work... lazy fucks, I’ve been working every single day in restaurants to put taxes so your entitled asses can collect pua

  41. Welfares to help not to keep you from finding another job and getting you in your feet. If you upset about this go get a job. Hell places are paying $15 per hour to flip a patty inn a microwave. Get your ass up and get a job. It’s not that hard. It’s been a long enough time since the pandemic started to move on from what you used to do. If you were laid off and didn’t get a call back it’s because you sucked at your job and they didn’t want you back. Move on and get something else. It’s life and life’s a bitch. Move on from it

  42. Here to remind everyone that ‘extra’ money only went right back out of your checking account due to high inflation and increased cost of goods sold on everything that you use on the regular. Also remember that your checking account balance is merely vanity and cash is king

  43. Im really not seeing the issue here. People are quitting jobs in mass and just like in any other economy you gotta look at the demand curve, things like skilled trades and manufacturing are in desperate need and those are good careers not just jobs. And you know what people were talking advantage of them.

  44. For those unemployed due to disability dewine cut everything off so no there hasn't been assistance to those people because deslime cut it off back in June. If you got pua you don't get regular unemployment.

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