Mike Deslime and his passion for taking away PUA to help thousands of Ohioans typical Republican.

  1. There were laws put in place 90 years ago by FDR's Administration via the Social Security Act that was designed to protect workers from these sort of actions. It was pushed by a STRONG Union and Communal based understanding of We The People, and where one suffers to provide we all do.

  2. Republicans have spent a lot of time, money and effort to destroy everything that built the middle class so that America can return to a 2 class system.

  3. Good one well there are so many corrupt situations that dewine has put himself in I won't be surprised if he gets arrested he needs to be. All these fake Christian Republicans only caring about there goons pockets and his own than helping the people!!!

  4. This is completely false. The labor shortage didn't change a bit when he cut these funds off prematurely, so: 1) the labor shortage wasn't being caused by extended unemployment, and 2) him cutting it off didn't solve a damn thing.

  5. How is he solving anything besides pocketing funding for unemployment to create lottery's that wasn't the intended use lmao.

  6. Besides I don't think every Republican is trying to line their pockets, they just don't get elected into any office because of the oligarchy

  7. fuck off you fucking lame your the only fuckin B.u.m.Here fucking trollies why don't you get the fucking stepping outta !!! you can go blow the f****** whole Republican party for all I care and you probably do.. edit not to take sides you probably blow both parties equally cuz they both f****** suck

  8. The Founding Fathers were a bunch of elitist, sexist, racist slave-owning assholes…but at least they weren’t in a position to inside trade or take bribes openly as ‘campaign contributions’ and they didn’t have lifelong pensions and full benefits paid for even after leaving office. I’ll give them enough credit that they actually had to do shit other than be statesmen to make a living, and some of those assholes were always broke and borrowing money, not to mention getting shot in duels.

  9. A good move by Mikey D. I even think that some of the loafers might have even taken a job. Plus Big M is bringing the worlds largest microchip plant to OH. He's an old rock star bros.

  10. I have a job what about those that got screwed over by dewine hundreds of thousands? Are there hundreds of thousands of career jobs available in Ohio paying enough to support a family of 4 or 5?

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