DAE feel like they can’t control their googling?

  1. I feel that. I’m very compulsive about illness and contamination, so I’m constantly screening for it. I’ve spent countless hours researching everything to do with these things. People keep telling me I should work in healthcare bc of all the shit I know, and I’m like, bitch I don’t enjoy this. Lol. It’s an actual fear.

  2. I do the exact same thing omg :(( Like I'll look up something like "pictures of ducks" and then I'll stumble across something about them being shot and it'll ruin my entire day😭😭 Or if I'm on instagram the algorithm keeps recommending me depressing shit (like global issues or some negative shit)

  3. Yup, the internet is a wild place. It’s so easy for me to get triggered and then fixate on something.

  4. i totally can relate😭 sometimes if i get fixated on something i’ll literally search up the same thing over and over and re read the same article 😭 i guess hoping to find some information that will lessen the anxiety but i’m just bound to find something new that terrifies me even more😭 screw ocd ♥️

  5. Omg seriously!!! I do the same thing when I’m having health fixations. I really think it’s going to help me but then I read all the risk and complications and immediately assume the worst. Not only that, but I know WAY too much now. Every time my leg hurts I’m like, IT’S A BLOOD CLOT. Lol.

  6. Yes. This is so ocd! I know this exact feeling, for me it really helped to stop googling if I had a inkling it was anything to do with ocd subjects

  7. Oh man. It’s so tough. I wish I had that awareness, lol! At one point when I was really bad I couldn’t even touch my phone. I had my bf keep it away from me.

  8. I can’t believe so many people relate 😭 I’m still learning how to differentiate my ocd from the other things I’d been told I had for all my life, lol. If I hear “it’s just anxiety” one more time I’ll rip my own face off

  9. FR. But like even when I’m not googling health things I end up reading some fucked up shit that completely sends me. Sometimes I’ll just be chilling on tiktok and come across something that puts me into spiral for hours. It’s so annoying, lol.

  10. Absolutely. Some of my biggest “themes” have to do with legality and morality (which is strange, because I am incredibly understanding of other people’s shortcomings, but have a “no tolerance” policy with myself). I am terrified of unintentionally breaking the law, being punished, and being shunned by my peers for it. I’m also terrified that I’m just not a good person in general, and that the “good” things I do are just because I want to feel good about myself. Also just terrified of others thinking negatively of me for any reason.

  11. Oh man, I totally understand. After I first watched Orange is the New Black, I started worrying about being imprisoned as well. All bc I smoked weed in highschool. Lmao.

  12. Yes, but this is one of my exposures I've been working on for over a year. I don't look up anything medical at all for myself, or anyone else, including pets. I need to call the doctor and ask them. It's helped me not ruminate and convince myself that I have cancer every day.

  13. I feel that. I’ve also been making an effort not to research to the extent that I’d like to, I also try very hard to calm myself down before searching anything medical. I know what triggers me so I try to be aware of that when searching while in that fixated state. What annoys me is when I’m seemingly fine and I see something that triggers me. It’s been happening a lot lately. The bug thing started because I read something on Instagram while innocently scrolling. Lol

  14. Yeah absolutely. This is a compulsive behaviour. Lately I compulsively opening my bank app and my budgeting app and calculate my savings and debt repayments. Like I open them hundreds of times a day. It’s not healthy. It’s an ocd checking behaviour. It’s about trying to find certainty, but since that’s impossible the anxiety relief from researching and checking is temporary and you have to do it over and over again. The only way out is exposure and response prevention (with a therapist). I used to compulsively Google to see if I had anything in common in my personality traits with serial killers or people who have killed others in violent crimes. That’s another compulsion. Ocd will find lots of different themes to hang onto. I do believe the internet changed the game though. It’s a compulsive checkers dream.

  15. So wild. I wouldn’t have thought this was a compulsion before learning more about ocd. I thought I had health anxiety, but couldn’t explain why I also had so many “checking” behaviours not related to health. I feel like my brain rationalized the compulsions bc they seemed necessary and good. Like, arguably, it’s not a bad thing to want to be clean, or make sure the door is locked - but it’s the fixation and distress that are the issue. I couldn’t understand why other people didn’t see things the way I do, and it was driving me insane. I was starting to think either I was crazy or everyone else is. It’s nice to know there is a reason and it’s not me just being “too sensitive”.

  16. Yep I was just thinking about this. I obsess over what's wrong with my brain, what's wrong with me, and I'll google symptoms to self diagnose myself (I have an actual professional OCD diagnosis though). It can be so sneaky because I mean, mental health conditions often ARE comorbid... And people ARE often misdiagnosed.

  17. I feel this 100%. I have SO many rumination’s that include the state of the world, my life, and meaning of everything. Sometimes if I can’t figure it out or make it sit right with me, I just stay in a spiral. Thankfully I’m partial to forming strong opinions and morals, so some things I’m able to put to bed and stand true no matter what. For this reason I’m glad for open information, because I couldn’t just be told what to think and be happy about it, and I also have a hard time trusting what I hear, so I need to be able to figure things out on my own to some extent. But it is a really slippery slope, especially with triggering topics.

  18. I relate to this so much. I know I shouldn’t but sometimes it makes me feel so much better when there’s people with similar experiences to me.

  19. Googling is a compulsion for me too and I’m only Just NOW starting to recognize that picking up my phone is the moment I’m giving in to it. I can spend hours googling to reassure myself of something, I have notes upon notes on my phone of things I don’t want to forget to google later, I will completely tune out of conversations if something is said that calls me to google. I’m thinking about giving up my smart phone all together

  20. Oh totally. I feel like I’ve been body snatched, like zero awareness or control - my lizard brain completely takes over as if google is going to safe my life.

  21. I missed that this was posted on the OCD sub and got scared of where this post might be going. I do the same thing though, mostly with medical symptoms, for like the last two years I keep waiting to get diagnosed with breast cancer even tho I had an ultrasound and they said I was fine, my brain is still convinced I have it.

  22. I totally get that, I convince myself of cancer all the time, but I’m actually too scared to even get it checked. But one time I was convinced I had a hump on my back and went to several doctors and physiotherapists, and they all told me nothing was wrong. I continued to believe it was there for almost three years 👀

  23. Mood. It’s a problem, haha. Sometimes I’ll ask myself - will this help or make it worse? And sometimes I know the answer and it helps me put it down. Just sometimes.

  24. This is going to sound funny but I do this with my ocd. I just recently got diagnosed and I feel like im faking it, so I’ll google for hours and write lists of all of my symptoms almost in an attempt to “make sure” despite my therapist, who’s a psychologist, diagnosing me.

  25. Oh man, I love that. I’ve honestly suspected ocd for many years, but I gaslit myself out of it bc I was ignorant and assumed being ocd meant I’d be tidy, which I am NOT. I am however very particular about how my house needs to be, which I didn’t think would be ocd for some reason. So yeah I totally get where you’re coming from. I still feel like I’m not despite my diagnosis, which is why I keep lurking on this sub every night until 3am. Lmao. It doesn’t help that I also have adhd and cptsd, and the overlaps with ocd are supeeerr weird - AND I was mistakenly told I have anxiety and depression all my life when really those were just symptoms 😳 it’s been a fun three years in therapy, haha.

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