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  1. Well the thing is, from the internet it is quite hard to read if something is a joke or that men are seriously trying to be sexist and talk down on women. I looked up and yes this is sexism, because it is stereotyping of women.

  2. I guarantee you that these same men will howl - and quite rightfully - at women making "go go sirens for killing men" memes (which have been posted here to great fanfare, no less). I cannot fathom the lack of self awareness that would subsequently drive them to post this shit and then call it a joke.

  3. Right, because there aren't multiple studies showing that men talk way more than women when sharing the same spaces. Or showing that men vastly overestimate how much women talk in those same shared spaces. /s

  4. I mean, to be fair, I suppose another place women might talk more is in private conversation with their significant others. I only say this because the most common stated reason that women talk more with other female friends than men do with their own friends is because women supposedly have more meaningful conversations about feelings and life events.

  5. Had a guy at a science symposium once tell me that there were so many female guest speakers, at least 50%.

  6. I can’t remember where I saw it but I think I remember seeing something that said the reason men think women “talk a lot” is because they’re not used to women talking at ALL (to put it bluntly), so one women raising her voice slightly seems like a lot to them

  7. I think thw main the studies say women speak way more is cause of this shit, I'm a guy so I can confirm Guy: hey did you know that woman apparently talk (some percent, ima go with double) than men?

  8. No, actually, it’s 4 survivors and one soon-to-be dead sibling. Competition is fierce in the animal kingdom. Get food or die. In this case, the parents most likely respond to the loudest ones. Shy guy there will starve if that’s the case.

  9. I was just going to say this. Those other birds are trying to get their parents to feed them. The one that is not either has been fed enough or will die because he's not getting the attention he needs.

  10. I think the biggest root of this problem is not talking back or talking more than men but rather, some people have this idea that women talk mostly about trivial business and men only talk about important things.

  11. Not only that, in the studies conducted they will say women dominated the conversation even if they only spoke about a third of the time.

  12. Lol almost every man I’ve ever dated couldn’t figure out when or how to STFU. They just love the sound of their voice too much.

  13. These men are always so confidently wrong. Who says, I don’t know anything about X area, but allow me to extrapolate from sexist narrative to another species.

  14. That’s how baby birds asks their mum for food so he’s not very smart coz he ain’t gonna get any food sitting back like that.

  15. Looks more like four fledglings with a survival instinct and one ill-fated bird who will be out-competed by its siblings.

  16. It's not even boomer humor, this ... "joke"... was old before the boomers were even born. And the thing about this "joke" is that it's only "funny" if you believe it to be true. And it's not true: studies show that men talk more than women.

  17. Hah, not me (a 5 foot 95 lb woman) around four other guys who, out of nowhere, decide to start talking about how “if a woman slaps me, I’ll knock her lights out”. And no I’ve never been violent with a man.

  18. Men actually talk more in mixed groups and they're more likely to talk over women than the opposite. Somebody listed like a dozen different articles on this post with information about various studies being done.

  19. Although it is probably bot true and you might not find the joke funny, it is still a joke. There might be a lot of men who really think this is true and that might be really annoying, but this is still just a silly meme, without more context at least.

  20. It's not just a "really annoying" joke. Women get beaten for "speaking too much" all the time. It's not a good joke if half the population doesn't find it funny. Most of mens' jokes are just punching others down, it's pathetic. Why do you types of guys always double down and try to find excuses for these assholes? Maybe because you relate to them a little too much? If you have nothing actually helpful to say then don't even comment, there's no context necessary and you're just here in bad faith.

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