He can smell when you’re ovulating

  1. If men are so intuned with the female body and can smell when we’re ovulating then why are they knocking up women intentionally

  2. If at least they could make them cum while doing it... Oh but wait, they're the ones intune with women's bodies. My mistake.

  3. I’ve (36M) actually been with the same woman (37F) for 20 years and she says I apparently experience a consistent increase in libido when she’s ovulating.

  4. My friend actually had a creep hit on her with a line about how he could smell that she was currently ovulating, which she thought was pretty impressive since she’s trans.

  5. I once saw a video of some experiment where people tried to test if humans could sense a woman's fertile window. Some women were asked to track their cycles, and it was found that during ovulation, they tended to take more care in their appearance and be more outgoing. There was also a segment where strippers got more tips during this time. While it did seem to support the theory of subconscious reactions to subtle hormone changes, there was no 'aha! She's definitely fertile right now!' moment.

  6. To be fair, I feel extra horny whenever I'm with my gf and she's ovulating, pheromones do work that way. I got to the point where I would ask her if she was ovulating and according to her tracking, she was. (Apparently the vaginal secretion changes a bit during this period, which is how she confirmed what the tracking app was telling).

  7. Huh, as a lesbian who can absolutely smell when my partners have hormonal shifts (or rather, taste, since I notice it when kissing them) the experience of sensing hormones in a partner seems totally valid to me.

  8. Yeah... I am man and i was with my ex for 12 years, I was able to tell the hormonal shift throughtout the month by smell. It was subtle, but still noticeable enough. The most noticeable was circa one week before mentruation.

  9. We have repressed ovulation and the reason we evolved to have it, biologically speaking was that it reduced infanticide and increased monogamy which was beneficial to our offspring. We really can't tell when we ovulate and there are no external signs to males either when we are ovulating like other species.

  10. This is dumb as hell, but I have to say: I can totally smell when my partner is ovulating. Her sex drive is heavily impacted by cycle, and her overall sent seems sharper (in a great way) to me. I have been with her for 7 years, and it's only in the last year that I have now picked up on the pattern. I can literally just give her a hug when I get home from work and I know it's time.

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