who is your favorite comedian?

  1. Norm. My top five was Norm, Chappelle, Attell, Burr, and CK. Now I'm getting into British comedy, I really like Kevin Bridges and James Acaster. I also enjoy british panel shows. From there Lee Mack is my guy, Norm would probably call him a hack, but he makes me laugh like nobody else.

  2. Lee Mack is great. On that note, another one that passed away too soon and might just be as fast and sharp as Norm, the great Sean Locke. Especially on panel shows. Norm got everyone beat on Stand up tho.

  3. Those panel shows are so fucking stupid. Some of the regulars on them are funny people (and some not) but the concepts of the shows... You'd have to have down syndrome to think it was a good idea. And it's always the same 15 comedians on every single one of them with absolutely nobodies from some British reality show or something thrown in. There are literally 50 panel shows that are all the same show with the same people.

  4. I really like Norm, Jeselnik, Hedberg, and Brian Regan. Theo Von is spotty for me but also good and Mark Normand has been great recently

  5. Norman Gene Macdonald, canadian born comedian and writer. Not too sure about the acting. Best known for telling extremely long-winded anecdotes characterized by extensive narration of typically irrelevant incidents and terminated by an anticlimax. He found bombing on stage funny. And that's all I need to love the guy. Can't wait for him to perform in my area.

  6. For me, in addition to Norm and in no particular order, Bill Burr, Dave Chappelle, Jerry Seinfeld, and Chris Rock. There’s a more recent comedian who sometimes reminds me of Norm named Sam Morill who I’m also really starting to like.

  7. George Carlin, the man himself. I think it would be foolish for any modern comedian to say that he hasn't influenced them in some way or another

  8. Pretty much all of modern standup is descended from Carlin and Pryor. Carlin gave comedy its brains and Pryor made it essential to build a comic persona around your own lived experiences. They were both masters, they both have a place on the Mt. Rushmore of comedy.

  9. Dangerfield. He struggled for so many years, actually gave up on comedy went around selling aluminum siding for a long time because he wasn't doing that great with the comedy. But when he caught on he really caught on. The guy was just hilarious. In one of his standup specials (I can't remember which one), he rattles off about 20 quick jokes then looks around at the crowd and says "I know a lot of fucking joke alright", and just keeps going.

  10. Norm, Chappelle, Patrice. (I wouldn’t say Chappelle’s last few specials have been overwhelmingly funny, but his earlier ones and his comic eye earn him eternal legend status imo)

  11. But he did find him to be the quintessential important comedian, a real pioneer that could make his audience give tepid obligatory applause with his angry obnoxious preaching. He was so evolved his comedy didntneed laughter,much like andy richter is so evolved that he doeant need women for sex.

  12. I tried listening to Hicks and he isn't that funny at all. He's not cranky angry like Lewis Black can be, or even sad/bitter angry little Kinison, where at least he's trying to enjoy himself despite it. He just sounds hateful angry and there's no joy in it.

  13. Probably the old chunk of coal himself. Also really like Chapelle, John Mulaney, Seinfeld and Bo Burnham. They make up my top 5 in no particular order.

  14. Yo dude I was going to straight up put Nick Mullen and leave, but I see another person here that has similar taste in the ol' dry-wit. Man Nick is funnier than the fuxkin devil sometimes. BUT DEFINITELY DON'T GET IT TWISTED! NORM'S COLD DEAD CADAVER IS STILL THE FUNNIEST IN RECENT MEMORY FOR ME

  15. Among the crowd coming up now, Gillis is by far the most overrated, Normand is correctly rated, and Morril is a motherfucking monster. He's criminally underrated generally, but especially on this sub, IMO. He's the best of the current crop, and it's nothing even remotely like a competition. He's already one of the greatest joke writers of all time, and his delivery is second to none. I usually shrug at most younger comics' specials, but my jaw was on the floor ten minutes into I Got This. I think I actually said "Where the fuck did this guy come from?" out loud to myself.

  16. Norm, Greg Geraldo, Bill Burr, Chappelle, Gilbert (too soon), Groucho Marx, Sam Kinnison, Andrew Silverstein, Patrice O’Neal

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