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  2. I tweet maybe once a year, and other than like 5 followers, I assume all my followers are bots. Haven’t had a new follow in years, but in the last two weeks I got 5 new follows (for no reason - didn’t tweet anything). Made me wonder if that was happening to others.

  3. From the thread you have been linking, “Elon Musk himself “liked” a tweet in this thread last night. If this information wasn’t valid, if it wasn’t factual, that wouldn’t have happened.” Hilarious. The same Elon that has been posting conspiracy theories or popped in for a “hmm interesting”, to give them validity? The same Elon that definitively doesn’t have an incentive to focus on only good press regarding his $44B fuck up. That Elon?

  4. Twitter content management was always doing that, it was like 90% of their job because it was such a problem and also why the content management teams could never control the other problems like all the nazis.

  5. A change that was probably implemented before the firing and took some time to percolate through the system and have full effect?

  6. Management seems to have only started doing it after Elon took over. Makes you think why they didn't do anything before.

  7. It true, seems like a sop to qanon types who are obsessed with fake “child trafficking” outrage and not, ya know, people who are actually concerned about child trafficking.

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