An easy meal for a T-rex

  1. If I found out a million year old apex predator has been brought back to life then an hour later it's trying to kill me. I'd probably be open to any and all suggestions

  2. A million million year old apex predator would be a saber-toothed cat. T. rex existed 66 million years ago and it would be a good idea to run because they could kinda sprint at 17km/h for a couple hours but you only need to run until you find shelter. Worst case scenario, just run through the woods, it'll slow it down.

  3. also, don’t smell, e.g. don’t sweat in fear - rather put gasoline over yourself than smell edible. Demonstrated by Owen Grady in Jurassic World when the camouflaged Indominus Rex was hunting him as prey.

  4. Look, my dog chases me if I run even if she's half a kilometre away. She loves to chase things that run. If deer were smart enough to stand still she'd probably be perfectly fine with them, sniff them and then maybe bark but not attack, just dance around.

  5. In the book he doesn't move because he's paralyzed with fear and later theorizes that it was the frog DNA that caused the motion blindness, not the trex DNA.

  6. I've heard that in the book he didn't know that its vision was based on movement. Grant was petrified out of fear in front of the T-rex, yet it didn't seem to have noticed him, but when someone tried to run away it chased in immediately. So Grant then made the assumption of movement based acuity.

  7. In the book, Grant says that T-rex had amazing eyesight but the Jurassic Park T-rex had poor eyes due to the frog DNA

  8. In the second book Crichton makes fun of this a bit, basically has one of the people fall into a nest of trex children and the mama comes back. Tries the "Can't see me if I don't move" does not end well. Turns out just like other large predators today they enjoy a chase more than prey standing stock still.

  9. I saw a paleontologist interviewed about this back when the movie came out and he said this line I’ve never forgotten “even if the theory is correct and he couldn’t see you, he definitely would have smelled you”

  10. I thought the theory was based on the idea that like modern human males, searching for something in the refrigerator, they couldn't see it unless it moved or had flashing lights on it.

  11. Considering how bulky and heavy Tyrannosaurus was, a fit adult could actually manage to outrun it if they ran fast enough. The problem are the children though

  12. in the books, large parts of the dinosaur DNA was missing, so they filled it in with frog DNA. Frogs cannot see food unless it is moving, so that explains why that worked, but they didn’t put the explanation part in the movie.

  13. the book he is attacked first by the T-rex and froze in fear, and is spared. It's how he learnt it

  14. Grant wasn't gambling. The choice was forced on him by circumstances beyond his control. He made the best call he could. Stop shaming him.

  15. They put the theory into practice before he helped Lex. They used flares to distract the Rex and Grant wasn’t touched but Malcolm was run down due to his movement.

  16. But he was correct, showing that scientific theories are slightly more reliable than your conspiracy theories.

  17. It's actually based on our current observations of lizards many of them need movement to see and since at that time we strongly link dinos and lizard it was a pretty fair assumption.

  18. I thought it was bc in order to reconstruct the entire genome of the dinosaurs, they had to take some DNA from other sources, including other reptiles but notably also amphibians, specifically frogs, which do have the motion vision behavior, so they thought the T-Rex would have that too, not because real-world scientists thought that about T-Reges, but bc it had frog DNA. Maybe I'm misremembering tho

  19. Who the fuck even goes around dinosaurs without some weapon that will take down a dinosaur? Everyone I know that lives in grizzly bear territory carries a 10mm or a .44 magnum. I go in a park full of dinosaurs you bet your ass I've got a .700 nitro double rifle or I'm not going.

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