What is your gender?

  1. My gender sits on a large rock near the shore; the harsh and uncomfortably warm air behind them. Their feet dangling into the sea of femininity. No desire to dive in, but to rest and let the flow of water over their ankles cool the blood throughout their whole body.

  2. This reminds me of how I used to imagine turning into a merperson any time I went into water when I was a kid 🧜🌊🌅

  3. genderfluid. typically i'm agender or nullgender, it's very weak and vague, but not totally genderless, not neutral, not anything. it's nothing yet it's present at the same time. sometimes, there's a bit of "girl" in there, but i think i'd describe it as a vague connection to women rather than totally being one. there have also been rare occasions where i'm androgyne, or boy, or something neutral.

  4. I'm similar in that I flux between demi- girl/boy/neutrois/ect without ever being a binary gender but also distinctly different. it was so abstract that I mistook it for a static gender in which I got annoyed of presenting a certain way after a while and then switched at first lol

  5. You know when you throw spaghetti at a wall to see if it sticks? But none of it sticks so you just keep throwing spaghetti? Yeah that.

  6. random but agender being a gender but the absense of gender seems like square rooting a negative or maybe i just really need to do my math homework

  7. I stick with "trans non-binary" when trying to explain to most cis people, but specifics would be more androgynous (both masculine and feminine to a strong degree), and experience gender fluidity. My gender is very prominently experienced, in contrast to someone who may be more/fully agender and not experience gender.

  8. my gender is like the dum-dums artificial mystery flavor™️, but if I had to further elaborate I’d say it’s a nice godzilla + nick nelson combo, with a sprinkle of sharkboy

  9. My gender is what you get when you combine the love language of penguin pebbling and someone who loves dryads

  10. Demiboy ; the other partial % besides boy is just.. me. I say non-binary cuz it’s easy and kinda resonates but I’m detaching from that a little. I use “non binary” cuz it’s more well known. I’m just a boy who sometimes is not.

  11. Gender apathy. But somewhat feminine out of habit. And apathetic enough to not mind if I lean one way or another.

  12. Ok but genuine answer: #1 is demi-boy #2 is paragirl and #3 is something that I'm apparently not allowed to know so I just call it nullgender

  13. Eldritch entity who shifts around in its 10,000 year slumber and wants to go back to sleep but has an existential crisis and mid life crisis and is screaming in every tone known and unknown to man as it has a panic attack as it wakes up from a nightmare yet still dreaming.

  14. That feeling you get when you walk purposefully into the kitchen, and immediately realize you don’t remember what you came there for. My gender is fast-acting forgetfulness.

  15. I usually say trans or nonbinary depending on how I am feeling, but the full officially answer I guess I would say: transmasculine nonbinary.

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