Excess chicks in the egg industry

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  2. For the first 10-20 seconds I was audibly saying "oh no, oh no what's gonna happen to them?" As if I didn't already know. Still shocking.

  3. Dog food or animal feed. These are egg chickens, not meat chickens, they end up thin and useless to the industry, so this way they can use them for something and they are instantly killed.

  4. There is an initial shock factor, and then people become numb to it. They disassociate the logic and emotion.

  5. They are the same thing. Male chicks are the excess chicks when it comes to hatcheries (which is what the video shows). But I accept your point, the title would have been clearer if it stated they are males.

  6. There is a dirty jobs episode in the first season that covers this. Even small farms will get their egg layers from factory farms like this. They get sent in the USPS in cardboard boxes. Apparently the chick's don't need food or water for the first 72 hours post hatch making fairly easy.

  7. The early seasons of Dirty Jobs were honestly so amazing. On paper, it just looked like a show about Mike Rowe doing “nasty and gross” jobs but it was so educational seeing him hop around to various businesses and lifestyles from farms, sewer management and to even coal mining.

  8. If you think about it it’s more ethical eating chicks than chickens because chicks can’t comprehend their life even though grown chickens probably can’t also comprehend it.

  9. I wonder how many female chicks get accidentally culled. No way humans are processing that many chicks without missing a bunch.

  10. Being able to immediately tell male from female chicks (called “sexing”) is a valuable and fairly lucrative skill, especially for farm work. They don’t make too many mistakes — a qualified sexed identifies the chick’s sex correctly at least 98% of the time — and they are well paid for it.

  11. I work in industrial automation and worked on a project using specialized lighting and cameras to determine if the egg is a male or a female before it's hatched. Success rate, >99%.

  12. In my experience, a good sexer is about 95+% accurate. Theyre pretty phenomenal. I'd hate the job, knowing that im sorting thousands of animals per day to their doom.

  13. Exactly. And it’s part of the chicken raising industry, not eggs to be sold. Eggs to be sold are not fertilized and they are taken immediately after being laid.

  14. Lmaoooooo I love how we are watching the most diabolical things I’ve ever seen and you’ve already found a way to argue with someone lmaooooo we do need to boat but I still pray it never comes

  15. I feel like if everyone had to work at jobs like these to eat meat, most people wouldn’t eat meat. Maybe one day there will be a mainstream perfected artificial meat substitute, but not in our lifetimes.

  16. Yup, often time illegal immigrants are hired and paid very little. They develop PTSD, but are unable to escape due to lack of resources plus threats of ICE being called from their employers.

  17. There was the front page post a few days ago about the factory farms for milk. It was thousands of cows lined up in small pens unable to move and that was their life. Honestly fucked me up looking at it. But now I'm doing all I can to reduce milk consumption.

  18. I have watched most of those ‘watch this video to turn vegan’ kinda things and this one has actually fucked me up

  19. At least in Germany, there are some initiatives to force the farms to get the technical machines to detect the gender before they are born, so they do not need them to shred them alive. This method is of course more expensive, so most farms will just shred them after they are born to save money.

  20. You realize that you kill the chicken when you eat it too, right. As long as the remains don't go to waste I'd say it's just as moral as eating the chicken

  21. Suffocation with CO2 is definitely worse, but Argon or an Argon/CO2 mix is better because the suffocated animal doesn't experience choking. It just 'dozes off'. Another method would be to kill the embryo before it can feel pain, but the prohibitive factor in this approach is currently that the embryo's sex can only determined after the ninth day while the killing would be considered humane up to the seventh.

  22. “Mechanically separated” chicken was an ingredient in nuggets I bought years ago.. I think this is what they meant. Edit: I was only joking.

  23. Mechanically separated chicken is where they feed the remaining carcass after the good parts come off through a machine that strips every remaining bit of edible material from the chicken.

  24. A lot of people, mostly young or the ignorant, think veganism is about a diet. And they don't understand why vegans care about what they eat. This is what veganism is about. Simply leaving the animals alone, not exploiting them.

  25. Meh. I get my eggs from the henhouse in my back yard. They have plenty of room. Plenty of bugs to scratch and eat. Well cared for and their eggs are super tasty.

  26. the worst part is, compared to most other animals raised for meat, these chicks probably have the easiest, cleanest, and most painless death.

  27. I honestly believe that any species that rises to the top to reshape the world in an attempt to progress and advance will engage in this kind of behaviour until science and technology have caught up enough to avoid killing other species.

  28. Its not even for humans either, it's just a bullshit lie we tell each other because deep down we are afraid that if we dont then someone might decide to kill us.

  29. It shouldn’t shock any of us but it does because seeing them like that knowing it’s a life and innocent life all so we can have a variety of foods to eat just ridiculous but we can’t complain because either go vegan and be broke or deal with the guilt

  30. At my local supermarket right now a 400g tin of beans costs less than £1. Meanwhile 400g of chicken is £3.40 so idk what you're talking about going broke lol.

  31. Hold on! Going vegan won’t make you broke. There are cheap ways of going vegan. And you can still get all your nutritions and vitamins.

  32. Beans, pasta, grains, peanut butter, bread, soy milk, canned and frozen vegetables and fruits, wholesale, is NOT more expensive than a meat/dairy/egg diet. Full stop.

  33. Really rough to see people try to justify this in the comments. Shows a true disconnect between living creatures and humanity.

  34. Every time i look up a movie or series scene with aliens doing all sorts of crazy shit to humans there is allways a bunch of comments about how a species could be so cruel to another.

  35. Honestly, the only real way to actually curb it is to go vegan. Most people are not willing—although usually able to buy beans, bread, veggies, fruit, and a $2 block of tofu—to go vegan though.

  36. I get your point about cruelty, at least kill them before you put them in a wood chipper, but what’s the alternative? Farms don’t have the capacity to have countless millions of male chickens running around and doing so would strain their resources even more. Releasing that many chicks into the wild would disrupt the local ecology.

  37. One solution is too support local farms and stop sourcing from industrial companies. Back when I was a child my father would always come back home with a slaughtered chicken, and right now some local farms slaughter, pack them, and deliver straight to your house.

  38. Why is this so shocking and why are people pretending to be shocked? There is 8 billion people on this planet that need to be fed with hundreds of thousands of McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, subway, Taco Bell, dominos etc fast food places not including the major shopping stores that also sell food wether it be food, clothing, medication, shampoo conditioner, body wash something has to die for us to survive it doesn’t matter what you do something will suffer for you to have something you need

  39. People don’t pretend to be shocked. They either don’t think about it or they would prefer if their meat was slaughtered humanely. I don’t have a problem eating chicken, but putting a live chick through a meat grinder is still pretty shocking for me to see. There’s a butcher at my local farmers market who has records on every animal, so we can know that they lived and died under humane conditions. I don’t have the resources to take this level of care with all my meat, but I certainly would if I could. I’m sure a lot of other people feel the same way

  40. I've been eating fruits, veggies, nuts, granola, oats, and beans the past 3 months and am not looking back. I'm sure some of that stuff came from the not the best of circumstances but it's better then chewing on flesh.

  41. Fuck me I wasn't expecting them to just blend live chicks like this fuckkkk I thought they atleast gas killed them before doing so or something

  42. This might be horrible, but you gotta admit that seeing thousands of chicks moving on a conveyor belt is pretty goofy

  43. Definitely not the brightest part of our history, it's not gonna get better once these factories get fully automated, we'll be able to just forget they even exist.

  44. I find it very funny that people feel the need to defend themselves, despite OP not making any arguments against or for the meat industry. Some even claim that they are being called bigoted. By who? Who are you shadowboxing, exactly?

  45. These are male chicks from egg laying breeds, broiler breeds get a lot bigger very fast and its not worth the money to feed male egg laying breeds in comparison.

  46. It's not so much the killing but the way they are just thrown away like they mean nothing and aren't alive. I get that it's quick but a little more respect for a living creature wouldn't hurt.

  47. While it was cruel to treat them like that, I knew they were treated badly... But when I saw the grinder, I had to pause the video and look away or I was gonna vomit... Fucking hell that's awful...

  48. It is shocking to begin with, I find after 20 seconds I stop really feeling anything. The grinding and crushing there looks like its less than a second, I imagine the pain doesn't last long.

  49. right? People are like "but what's the alternative" as if pouring live chicks in a meatgrinder by the gallons is the only solution and not the literal epitome of "excess"

  50. This is a great point, this industry is not only terrible for animals but it is terrible for the humans who work it. Doing jobs like this causes PTSD and violent behavior.

  51. Poor people who need the money. The more important question is, will you still support the meat industry knowing this?

  52. Well, my only concern is why there are egg shells with chicks. I guess that after enough grinding it would be turned into dust just like bones but still feels a bit odd

  53. This was also posted 24 hours earlier than this one. Someone commented that the ground up remains are used for chicken feed and the egg shells provide calcium to the chickens.

  54. How can actual human people operate these machines and not feel the slightest bit of guilt or hesitation? And the rest of us sit on our ass eating chicken nuggets typing questions like "How can actual human people operate these machines and not feel the slightest bit of guilt or hesitation?"

  55. There was a factory farm like this in a town I lived in and there were a whole lot of suicides. A few jobs were known to lead to that outcome more often then others.

  56. Some eggs do not hatch into healthy chicks and they will die after a few days. Modern industry has become more efficient, but it can also be incredibly cruel.

  57. It takes more feed and roosters take longer to raise to a harvesting weight. They have tougher meat and thicker skin. I've eaten roosters plenty of times but it isn't the same as a hen.

  58. They have different breeds for different purposes, we've selectively bred egg laying breeds to produce over 300 eggs a year and broiler chickens designed to get as big as possible as fast as possible.

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