He said she was a they!!!

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  2. Why the fuck do people make such a big deal out of this shit? It’s on the same level as a kindergartener crying because someone called them a chicken nugget

  3. I mean Im all for respecting Peoples Pronounces, and People should have the right to be called by them - as long as its reasonable - but this goes to far.

  4. I don't really see why people are rushing to the defense of this shithead here. The first ammendment doesn't allow you to harrass people. Why support someone who is going out of their way to hurt another.

  5. Obviously don't be an ass to random people, but I think everyone would clearly agree that thos isn't anywhere near sexual harassment, this is an insult to those who have endured it.

  6. Sorry but gender dysphoria scientifically occurs in 0.018% of the population. So why are they somehow running 20-30% at your local high school?

  7. Im afriad to come out because of a risk of being beat or kicked out of my own home before i can drive. I check to see if my existance is legal in a country i might be going to before going on vacation. School is a place people can feel safe. Also, most gender dysphoria goes undiagnosed, however id loooove a source stating your claim

  8. holy shit dude, take a chill pill. this isn't some power grab like you're making it out to be. just because a few kids want to express themselves differently than what our society expects doesn't mean they're doing it for attention/power. I knew a kid who thought he was a reincarnated dinosaur in 3rd grade, and he was just a normal kid. nobody cares if he thought he was a dino or whatever, you just respect him and move on with your life. shits too short to be rude for no goddamn reason, and chances are, that dino kid is better socially adjusted than anyone on this hellsite.

  9. i got 4 detentions for doing the EXACT same thing to 4 different people and they got annoyed because i called them by the names i grew up with in school with them, all of a sudden they switch it up, tell no-one and then they tell their teachers and i get in trouble..?

  10. If you've done it 4 times in a row its clearly malicious. Just don't be a dick and you wouldn't be punished for bullying.

  11. The fact that it got far enough for an investigation almost certainly means the harassers didn't just "refer" to someone incorrectly a few times.

  12. The kids were hit with a Title IX complaint -- while the nonbinary student was apparently very upset, I think this is primarily coming from the school (the compliance officer anyway).

  13. Also charging them will likely escalate the situation, they’re already bullies, do you really think charging them based on frankly stupid (although basically harmless) made up nonsense is going to make them or their probably also belligerent parents any less belligerent, they’ll shoot up the school next. Shits out of control

  14. Should they have charges pressed against them? Probably not. But they are being really shitty kids. Everyone sucks here. But damn I’m absolutely aghast at all the blatant transphobia in this place, so I’m gonna be leaving this sub for good.

  15. Boys in my school were misgendering eachother before this was all even a large scale topic. It’s just bullying, probably rooted in transphobia but it’s kids being bullies. Harassment is a good enough charge. Sexual harassment is absurd.

  16. Not sexual harrassment but bullying. Being charged might have been excessive but let's not act like the accused are innocent angels who got unfairly judged by the mean libs.

  17. it's just a group of kids bullying another student, with a clickbait title that misleads the entire situation for clicks. this isn't some 'agenda pushing radical scum', it's a kid, who originally didn't want to have anything to do with this, and the school is the one suing the bullies.

  18. Let’s stop trying to police other people’s language. It’s just stupid. Pronouns are identifiers. If you look like a she people will identify you as she. If you look like a he people will identify you as he.

  19. Wow. That’s so hateful. So when guys started calling me a man (as a cis woman) because I was tall, I just wasn’t trying enough to look like a woman?

  20. You shouldn’t have to try hard to be your gender, because you are your gender. This doesn’t only apply to trans people, it never has, people who accidentally call a cis man a she because he is feminine would have no problem correcting themselves, same for the other way around. Stop being hateful.

  21. Imma be honest with you and not trying to be rude, I don’t know if it’s just cause it’s 1am while I’m reading this or the source is just really shit. It barley talked about the sexual harassment charge and basically just switch to talking about a bomb threat that happened. Again sorry if I read it wrong I’m tired.

  22. First, thank you for linking a more recent article. The original title isn't wrong, albeit it doesn't tell the complete story; the three boys were accused of "sexual harassment" for misgendering their nonbinary classmate and thus were hit with a Title IX complaint. What your article does reveal is that the Title IX investigation was closed and that apparently the fucking school received bomb threats if they did not drop the charges???

  23. ah yes,the snowflake fascist government, which is both ridiculously strong yet incredibly weak. if only there was something I could compare that to. 🥱

  24. You can’t force people to use your preferred pronouns. I identify as an attack helicopter, so now you you have to copter/coptra? It’s silly, and it sounds like a an easy way to harass someone. If you don’t call me copter I’ll get the state on you!

  25. The kid didn't even use neopronouns, and had made it clear that they preferred they/them to be used. Sure, classifying this case as sexual assault is pretty overkill, but maliciously misgendering a person repeatedly is harassment. Also, one joke.

  26. "Your" pronouns do not belong to you, but to everyone else. I also don't believe in compelled speech. I shouldn't be compelled to call females male pronouns or visa-versa like I shouldn't be compelled to call a fat person "skinny" or a short person "tall".

  27. You arent calling any woman by male pronouns. If you are, you're a shitty person. If you're convinced that trans people dont exist, then read a fucking history book. We've been here since gender had become a societial concept. Pronouns are not mental gymnastics, they're basic english. Btw, if my pronouns dont belong to me, why cant i misgender you? You'd be frustrated if someone misgendered you repetatively, but by your logic its their choice as to how you should be referred.

  28. I believe both were wrong in this situation. I get that the nonbinary kid was angry and the other kid shouldn't of done that, but sexual harassment, how about no.

  29. sexual harassment? Excessive. Bullying? Yeah. plus they're both kids and I think the bully should get some community work hours and maybe counseling.

  30. I’d understand if he got detention for possibly bullying the kid. But a Sexual Harassment charge??? Gl finding a job when your older man.

  31. Grow the fuck up. You all sound like 12 years old bullies. Just call someone by the way they eant to be called and fuck off.

  32. Im thinking they were probably bullying the trans kid. Typical bigoted bullshit that their parents are forcing on them.

  33. If there's a bullying problem at school which can not be solved with disciplinary measures or parent conferences it is not uncommon to get police involved, mostly as a scare. Bullying is a serious issue and a child might have to expirience that their actions have consequences. Most kids will change their behavior if they face a police officer rather than just a teacher or parent. Misgendering someone by accident is one thing, but if you do it intentionally with the aim to cause them harm or discomfort that's bullying and the school needs to address it to keep an environment everyone can learn in.

  34. Wtf are these comments. It’s excessive to call it “sexual harassment,” but what they did was shitty. All of you people saying this isn’t a big deal: were you bullied in school? If you were, don’t you wish someone would have stopped it? Have you ever been misgendered and someone insisted you were what they wanted you to believe? This stuff stays with you.

  35. Woah woah you can’t say that buddie ol’ pal, thats too diddly darn offensive oh uhh yeah you can’t say that or uhh someone’ll cry due to the uhh offensive words used such as uhh “feel”

  36. idk man, how would you feel if you were a man and a group of people in your school referred to you as a female?

  37. Ppl seem super confused abt what the 1st amendment is abt. The 1st amendment is abt political speech. You get to say whatever you want abt the government with no fear of reprisal.

  38. To the people saying that the situation is bullying, no its fucking not, its a simple "no i dont want to use a your pronouns", its not very sensitive, sure, but not bullying. People who say it is never got bullied as a kid

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