Why do homes in the US have central air conditioning?

  1. No, having a centralized unit is more efficient, and the part of the unit that makes a ton of noise can be put farther outside the building so it's quieter within the house.

  2. I think the newer central air units are very energy efficient while the single units are sort of pigs when it comes to energy usage. Also, I grew up in an area where it gets extremely hot in the summer and extremely cold in the winter so if you have window units, you have to install/uninstall them every season which is a pain because those things are heavy. With a central unit, you just have to make sure your thermostat isn’t set on cool.

  3. Many US homes had a furnace installed, which sends hot air to all the rooms. It’s cheaper to upgrade that existing system with air conditioning than adding new systems. You literally put a condenser on top of the furnace connected to a heat pump outside.

  4. It's handier to have one circuit and a centralized thing to do it all. Vent registers can be opened and closed to adjust.

  5. Central AC is much, much quieter than window units (at least the ones I've used). It's like a low hum when it kicks on, and you often don't even notice it. The individual units (often called window ACs in my region) tend to be really loud.

  6. In general, a large central unit would be a lot more energy efficient than a handful of window units unless a large part of the home is left ignored.

  7. We also use our central system to filter air for allergens and to even out the temperature in our house even when it’s not adding or removing heat.

  8. It depends on the age of the house and the state it is located in. From my online house viewing, I have noticed that older houses have boiler systems. And some of them are also heated by oil/propane. These houses depend on window air conditioning units.

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