So I’m with this person just now, I’ve made the statement ‘only cowards hold knifes’, to which they replied ‘doesn’t mean they’re a coward, could just mean they don’t care’, I strongly disagree, if anyone intends to use a weapon for offence instead of defence, they are cowards, opinions on this?

  1. Why would u risk going to jail by using bare hands? If i theoretically were to rob someone im using a weapon simply because the risk is too high to use bare hands. This is common sense not cowardness. Btw yes i would fear jail but being sane and cowardness is different.

  2. OP generalizes people, they automatically assume their opinions on multiple subjects are fact, and literally doesn’t change his view points or adhere to different opinions when others make valid points.

  3. I don't think that people who mug people care what names you call them. They still have the money/possessions you used to and all you have is a mouth to run if you didn't die. They do not want a level playing field, they want one advantageous to them. It's easier to steal a quick buck that way.

  4. I have always been puzzled by the idea of a cowardly attack. It is always going to be more dangerous to attack someone than not to do so. It is going to take a degree of courage. Using a weapon might reduce the risk of the act and it's consequences but doesn't eliminate it. Selecting an easy victim is the same sort of risk reduction. Perpetrators might not have enough courage to attack a strong man unarmed but many don't have the courage to engage in any violent action.

  5. Back in 2001, the first time comedian Bill Maher was what we now call cancelled, it was for objecting to the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon as "cowardly".

  6. How are you defining "cowardice"? I think lots of negative traits can be associated with mugging people - dishonor, cruelty, antisocietal, for three - but "cowardice" doesn't come to mind, armed or unarmed. It is voluntarily entering into a situation of potential physical danger. Sure, the goal is to prey on someone weaker, but one runs the risk of encountering someone stronger, or at least strong and crazy enough to cause physical harm before being defeated.

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