If your house explodes while you’re at work, would you be a allowed to take the rest of the day off?

  1. I work in a retail's backstore, and sometimes I am seriously considering to "accidentally" cut my leg with the knife we use for the cardbox, to finally have a fucking break, but I'm not even sure they would let me go

  2. I would tell them my house blew up and I had to leave. They've already told me many times that work comes last if something is going on. That's how I left when a distracted driver drove into my tree - the only thing stopping it from being in my kitchen. Trees gone now but really took one for the team. No questions asked at work.

  3. I remember asking permission to leave because my dad called all his kids and said come over I’ve got my test results. I was the only one not allowed to leave. He was dying. I’ll never forget that for the rest of my life.

  4. OP, don't blow your house up just to get half a day off work. That's a little extreme. Just call in and say your dog ate your clothes or something.

  5. I mean when a tree hit my house (after work) my boss showed up with a chainsaw and tried to work for me. Had to convince him to leave it to the professionals already on the way so I’d have a boss come Monday. He’s a good man

  6. Depends my ass, if they try to stop me, my house isn't gonna be the only thing that explodes while I'm at work.

  7. My company has a strict, “Your explosion, your problem” policy and we are expected to use a Vacation Day every time our house explodes.

  8. My house flooded while I was working at home and I didnt even ask. I was like "guys my feet are wet i'll see you all tomorrow i hope"

  9. American here, you do need a valid reason for time off pretty much anywhere here but if you call in sick theyre not allowed to question it

  10. Most people here are understandably making assumptions as they don’t haven’t experienced it themselves, so just for you I will find out for sure.

  11. In Australia at least you can take sick leave for a "personal emergency". I would think that your house exploding would count.

  12. Idk about other people but I work from home so if my house exploded I think I'd be dead. If not I'm definitely taking a few days off.

  13. Haha “allowed”? If there wasn’t anything I 100% had to be at work for, I’d just tell my boss and leave. I wouldn’t even ask. If you ask, they can say no

  14. My house burned down riiiight before I had to go to work a few years back. While my husband and neighbor called 911, I was calling work and the kids school. Weirdest phone call of my life. You tend to be oddly numb. It feels surreal at that point. I just casually as all get out told my coworker, "not coming today. House is on fire. Right this second" There was a long pause, then "oookaaay. Don'tcha think you should call the fire Dept?" "Nah. Husband and neighbor (who also happened to work with us) got that." "Well that sucks. I'll warn coworker (happened to be a volunteer firefighter)" and that was it. Missed like 3-4 days. They had a donation box set up for me around town.

  15. I think most employers would be like “yeah you can go”. But i also had a boss that gave me a shit attitude because i took a week off to care for my wife who just had open heart surgery. He was also the one who pre-approved the requested time off.

  16. Dude looking for any excuse to leave early. Look up X-ray pictures and claim someone I’m your immediate family broke a limb and needs a ride. Works like a charm

  17. Finally! A question that I can answer with first hand experience! Almost.. I wasn’t at work yet. Anyway.. yes. You can take the day off. In fact, you’d probably be safe taking the rest of the week off without any rude mumbled comments from your boss. I believe I took about 10 days off before I went back in.

  18. You will accrue points based on the point system. Leaving work before completing half the day is 2 points same as a full day. Since you had Covid recently using your 2 sick days and 3 other days (6 points) that will put you at 8 points and that means a write up. Which bars you from promotions or transferring departments for at least one year and will be brought up even 10 years later if you try to do either.

  19. My old job would have. Boss didn't let one of my employees take a day off when she put her cat down because "it's just a cat". Guarantee he'd say something like "not much you can do now, house is already gone. Just finish your shift".

  20. Last year I requested the following day off and was denied, DENIED, that has never happened in my professional career. I shit you not the next day my basement flooded. So was I going to go to my boss and say I NEED the day off now because my basement flooded? That would have sounded very convenient. I did not, instead during our meeting that day I mentioned my basement flooded. She laughed and said I am sorry. She didn't offer up that I take the day or anything she just proceeded to talk work. I didn't work there long.

  21. If you're a transplant surgeon or something and your house blows up a few hours before a serious operation and you're the only one that can do this, then it makes sense that you'd be expected to show up to work.

  22. I don't want a surgeon who was just denied time off when their house exploded doing my transplant. Like, I mean if I was circling the drain, I'd probably take my chances, but I'd still prefer someone who wasn't just denied time off because their house exploded.

  23. If you’re not you need two things. A new house and new job. Any employer should see that an exploded domicile is kinda important and pressing matter. And would likely let you go take care of your broken life.

  24. ALLOWED!!! “Boss, my house blew up. I’m leaving. I’ll see you in a couple of days. I’ll send s pick of proof when i get there.” I’m not asking, I’m telling.

  25. My coworker got a call that his house was on fire. He shot out of there and didn't bother telling us why until after the situation was resolved.

  26. At my workplace this happened to a coworker - house struck by lightning and the gas tank blew up, all up in flames. That coworker was sent home immediately along with closest work friend for support.

  27. I'd expect more than 1 day, it'd take a few days to get sorted and an in a temporary accommodation plus sorting insurances out etc

  28. You're allowed to take the rest of the day off literally whenever you want, you can only be forced to work in America if you are in prison.

  29. By policy? No, there's no clause for my house blowing up. Realistically? Yes, without question other than "how did you house blow up?", and my boss would be making sure I had what I needed to get things sorted.

  30. This is an unusual question. I'm sure there's no answer. Nearly no business will have a policy concerning this, nor do I expect to find the answer in case law. Most humans would allow you to go, but some may not. Obviously, they cannot prevent you from leaving in most cases, but there may be employment consequences if you leave without permission.

  31. If you're not allowed to take the rest of the day off because your house explodes, then feel free to explode the business you work at.

  32. If you’re in the US, they’ll probably tell you “it’s already destroyed, might as well stay and btw can you stay late today”

  33. To me it's an emergency. Who knows what's left. But by the time you'll be at your home, there will be cops all around your house and whatnot. So you might not able to enter it. Which leaves you flabbergasted.

  34. Allowed? Maybe. Probably. Would your employer be required to give you that day off? No. Not in the US, anyway.

  35. If your boss is a decent human being, probably. If you're in the US, pretty sure there's nothing saying they have to let you off work, and a lot of petty dictator bosses probably would try to hold you.

  36. most jobs i take are seasonal, and they tend to take me far away from civilization.. i likely wouldnt know about it immediately if i was working, and when i found out there wouldnt be much i could do anyway.

  37. I walked out of a job at a newspaper to go get my dog and my roommates’ dogs out of a house that was in danger of burning in a wildfire. I was prepared to get fired but they didn’t have anyone who could replace me

  38. So long as you complete all that is required for the day. Sure. Otherwise, the house can wait. Work must get done first. If you leave anyway, assume you're terminated effective immediately.

  39. You obviously need money now. You can leave work and cry over nothing and not get paid - or cry at work and make money (most likely with my and fellow employees extra monetary help) to support yourself and your family until on your feet again.

  40. I’d be concerned about what type of job wouldn’t let you take the day off? I’d be taking a lot more than a day off if my house explodes?

  41. would I be allowed to? yeah, probably, but I drive line haul trucks, so it's pretty unlikely I'll be even on the same side of the country if I'm at work.

  42. Let me guess... This question comes from the USA... In almost any other place in the world it's unimaginable to answer "no" to this!

  43. Lol most likely they would say "Why would you take off work? It's not like you have anywhere else to go." At least in the U.S. They'd probably see it as an opportunity.

  44. I worked with someone whose house didn't "blow up" but it did burn down while she was at work. This person took the afternoon and the next week off.

  45. At that point their opinion doesn't matter. You've got bigger things to worry about if you're house burnt down. Even if they did say no I'm taking my ass out the door.

  46. You don't have to ask. You tell your employers your taking time off simply as an extension of courtesy, and for them to be able to get a heads-up and prepare for the loss of an employee during that specific work-shift.

  47. Parent allow their children to do things. Your boss is not your mom. You don't ask permission. You say, My house blew up, I gotta go. Then you leave.

  48. Lol this reminds me of when I was in high school. My brother and I woke up for school and found out the water heater in the basement was leaking everywhere. We called my grandpa to let him know since dad was at work, then we went to school. Dad was pissed, asked us why we would leave the house while that was happening? We didn’t want to get in trouble for skipping school. “Next time the fucking house is flooding you stay home, okay?”

  49. No. My boss would tell me “since I can’t go home, I might as well stay here.” And then he would laugh and walk away and go eff himself.

  50. My house was being flooded and my supervisor had the nerve to ask me if there was any arrangement I can do in the next 30 minutes to ensure I get to work on time.

  51. I had a wild land fire happen right next to my house. My ex wife’s husbands is a fire department dispatcher and he called my cell and told me about it. Which was cool of him, I mean considering he stole my wife.

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