Is gaming considered a "worthless" hobby?

  1. now i want to go on a mission to find the worlds most worthless hobby. I feel this would make a good youtube channel.

  2. I'm gonna get downvoted for this but if gaming is your only hobby or one of your only hobbies and that you play multiples hours a day, almost everyday, it's an addiction. Gamers don't like to hear this. The addiction is further reinforced by playing online with people who are also addicted and the behavior is normalized. I'm willing to bet a huge proportion of online gamers are addicted to it. I could be projecting because I've been addicted to gaming most of my life but I've met and played with so many people like me and in my experience gamers are in full denial of it.

  3. This. They are also known as pastimes i.e. for passing time. If you spend your day working or studying, passing your free time doing something you enjoy and find relaxing, nothing wrong with that.

  4. Playing sports (or any physical activity) as a hobby does have significant health benefits, so definitely not all hobbies are worthless. Gaming might improve mental health/social interaction with friends (if it doesn't become an addiction), so that's also not worthless.

  5. I don't really think any hobby is worthless if it makes you happy. That's more worth than a lot of people have in their life. I guess it depends on what you measure worth as.

  6. This isn’t true. Many hobbies result in useful products or skills. Woodworking, running, dog training, etc. Gaming has very little positive auxiliary side effects. It’s really no different than doom scrolling. For me, someone saying their biggest hobby is gaming, is really the equivalent to saying their main hobby is reddit scrolling.

  7. Currently throwing out resumes for qa in video games. Figure if I spend my entire free time enjoying them I can spend my work time making them better!

  8. A family member got into gaming as a teen. Led to her earning a degree in game design and also met her husband in a game lobby playing online.

  9. Thought the same. Also: I don‘t know where this dude is from. In my country it‘s 52% male gamers vs 48% female gamers and it’s been this way for years.

  10. Generaly the numbers are swinging up over time so we get more women gamers as time passes, but the core statement unfortunately still holds true. If you follow the definittions of "a real game" that some go by, usualy excluding mobile games and facebook games (do those even exist anymore?), then the official metrics i usualy see state something close to either 1/4 or 1/3 gamers are female depending on the survey data and where in the world the survey has been done.

  11. I'll give my perspective as someone who is a big time video game player and also has more productive hobbies. I love video games, I have since I was a kid, still play them regularly (not nearly as much as I did, but that's just adult life lol), and don't ever plan on stopping. With that said though, I've never really considered it a hobby. For me, playing video games is like watching TV/ movies or reading a book. You're consuming media, you aren't really doing anything productive or creative, and you aren't building up anything. This doesn't make gaming bad or wrong, it's just not really doing anything for you other than entertaining you. Just as a comparison my other 2 main hobbies are music and model building(which I use to play Wargames/D&D) music has turned into my career and putting together/painting models has helped me develop some art skills that apply to other situations and has given me a collection that I can use for other games/activities.

  12. Hey, I'm an avid gamer, so is my wife. We play games from 6pm - 10pm and a ton on weekends. You might say we play a lot of games. We're in our late 30s/ early 40s and are full time professionals in a tech company.

  13. Thank you for being honest about gaming. I worry that the gaming community has become a bit of an echo chamber, and a lot of people simply don't want to admit that there are valid criticisms to be made against gaming.

  14. My husband and I became really good friends while he played alien isolation on Xbox. He struggled to play it alone because it terrified him. I loved watching him play that game, the jump scares would have us screaming. A few years later when we were together he got me into gaming and we spent lots of time together playing video games. He still plays, I don’t as much now that we have a toddler around.

  15. My wife also loves watching me play Alien Isolation, and giggles when I do a little scaredy jump. Fun that this isn't unique to just her, lol.

  16. I, too, love watching my husband game. I’ve done my fair share of gaming throughout my life but he took it to a new level of appreciation! I learned to play one of his favorite game (Civilization) and now it’s our preferred activity for date night.

  17. There are a LOT of bums that play video games all day, work dead end jobs and live in shitty apartments or with their parents. These people ruin it for people like you. Because you tell a girl who doesn't know you well that video games are your hobby, many people will assume you are one of these bums.

  18. I second this thought. Every “interest” has people who let it absorb themselves to a point where it’s goddamn annoying or even scary. Being into fantasy football is cool, but watching every game, every week, glued to a laptop, bouncing on and off sportscenter- annoying.

  19. Tbh though, in this economy, I wouldn’t fault someone for living in a cheap apartment or living with their parents. Not taking care of yourself or your living space is one thing, but living in a crumbling mercantile society isn’t someone’s fault.

  20. As someone who works a dead end job and still lives with my parents with gaming as my hobby I feel personally attacked by this comment. Let us ambitionless slobs live our lives 🙏

  21. yeah there’s evidence that like surgeons that play games do better work and have less mistakes the hand eye coordination is sharper and i imagine honing longer term focus gaming helps in other aspects too.

  22. Exactly. I think the point of OP's question was something like: "Will people who don't play video game look down on me for playing video games", and the answer is usually "Yes, they will", because most people who don't play video games see them negatively. But any hobby is going to be looked down upon by people who have a different temperament. It's likely that if someone said "I go the gym 3 hours a day", many people on reddit would think "Wow, that sounds like a boring hobby and a waste of time. No wonder this person never reads". If you say "I work all the time", half the people will say "Wow, what a try-hard, I want a person who is more laid back and isn't obsessed with achieving money and status". Everyone has biases that favor themselves and people like themselves, and you shouldn't strive to make nobody look down on you, because somebody always will.

  23. Is it worthless? Not if you enjoy it in moderation and it helps you relax or something. Does it offer any prestige at all or make women swoon at your ability to sit in a chair staring at a screen for hours? Don’t kid yourself.

  24. Women are a diverse group of people. Generalising doesn’t work too well when the population is so large there will be literally millions of exceptions. For a woman who likes gaming and is not super interesting in more active hobbies, someone who games can absolutely be attractive. Considering gaming is OP’s main hobby, this is the type of woman more likely to be compatible with him anyway.

  25. My husband and I have been together for 16 years; gaming is one of our big 2 hobbies; video gaming, board gaming, TTRPG; doesn’t matter.

  26. When someone looks at me and says videogames are dumb and then continues to tell me they binged watched a netflix show all weekend.....i roll my eyes

  27. I mean I’m a straight woman and I play video games so I like that my husband does the same. But why even ask this question? No need to change your hobbies to get women when you could just be yourself and find someone who actually likes you for that? If women are turned off by it, isn’t that helping you to filter through women who wouldn’t understand you and wouldn’t be great partners? Also it’s kind of impossible to meet a man who doesn’t play video games, it’s a SUPER popular hobby among both men and women so I don’t understand the insecurity at all.

  28. I love how people are still defending video games saying that it does teach valuable skills. They're still missing the point, because no matter how much you explain it most people don't care.

  29. Agree. If you’re in the market for a partner, add in things that’ll improve your quality of life like learning to cook, being handy, getting fit, etc.

  30. Soft disagree on it not developing skills that can be used in the real world. Through gaming I learned how to read and do math while the school system was failing me as a kid. Playing strategy games taught me how to think ahead and multitask. Puzzle games helped me improve my outside-the-box and critical thinking. Playing management games helped me get better at managing resources like money. Playing RPGs taught me patience. All of these are real world skills that are difficult to cultivate in other environments. A lot of games also touch upon, and tackle concepts and philosophies that can't really be explored so directly through other methods (check out The Stanley Parable as a perfect example of what I'm talking about.)

  31. Pass on this one bro, a partner that doesn't support your passions, what you like to do, just cause it seems worthless to them isn't a partner you want.

  32. All good points, I have a bit of a caveat in regards to the "value" of gaming. While I completely concur that there's no "productivity" associated with gaming, there are many games that include mechanics that require reflexes, decision-making, resource management, teamwork and other challenges that build skills that could also be utilized in real life situations. I'm not implying that someone that builds cool bases in Minecraft has the same competencies as a journeyman carpenter, or that a person who was successful at Farmville should go buy 10 acres and a tractor, however there are some things that do translate. As an additional note, I recall coming across a study that said gamers were less prone to nightmares as they're usually desensitized to horrifying images, and are constantly overcoming "insurmountable dilemmas (such as taking down skyscraper-sized demons with a shotgun you could pick up at Walmart). I can't recall the source, but it seemed interesting.

  33. I agree with this to a point but actually games are also a good source for learning. Take for example you don't know how to do something, there are plenty of gaming simulators now on the market which actually teach as you play, so saying all games don't produce anything materialistic isn't entirely true anymore but other than that I completely agree with you :)

  34. This. People seem to be being too nice in the comments. I love video games and I would want a partner to love them too but if a potential partner when asked about their hobbies said “oh I mostly play video games all day” I’d just… be incredibly turned off. I’m so much more than my video hobby, I love drawing and baking and guitar and nails and dnd and character design etc. I want a partner who’s much more than a video gamer too, and if that’s the only thing they can think to reply with when they’re on a date, it’s just a red flag

  35. as a girl, i like it when guys are gamers. i like going out but due to a number of factors i have to spend most of my time inside. as a result i took up gaming. i really like when a guy can enjoy gaming with me as it’s a big part of my life.

  36. I struggle with this too, OP. I'm in my mid-late 20's and I play Magic the Gathering, and every time i go play in a store I start to feel anxious like I'm slowly becoming the out of touch old timer still playing a children's card game. It's not "cool" if you're paired against me, per se, or at least that's what I'm worried about when I hit 30, for the moment I still look pretty young. I came to the conclusion that I'd rather be a child-at-heart until I die than give up the things I enjoy. I wasn't born to just do yard work and grill and get into woodworking or whatever else the dudes I went to high school with are into now, I love playing colorful nintendo games and playing dnd and watching YouTube. I definitely think it can make people uncomfortable if you're the 50 year old dad wearing dad sneakers with a beer gut and a stained white t shirt at FNM, but I feel like Im aware enough not to do that in 20 years. And to put a capstone on this, OP, if you're around my age, the median age of these groups of people is growing with time too. People that loved video games since we were 5 twenty years ago didnt stop loving them 20 years later, and I even play Magic with people older than me regularly at game stores. The children-at-heart that we are have more people in our pool than we ever have.

  37. I'm a gamer at heart and have entered my 4th decade of life so that means I've been playing games for 35 years or so. They just keep getting more and more fascinating. I'm playing Zelda Breath of the Wild currently it and is a wonder to think of versus the Zelda and Zelda II A Link to the Past that seemed so enticing back then

  38. Your hobbies should make you feel good and fulfilled. If gaming does that for you, then I think you should find it worthwhile.

  39. No, gaming is great. First of all it's just fun, we all need that in our lives. Hobbies don't need to be a craft or skill to hone.

  40. I get what you're trying to say, but watching movies and listening to lots of music are absolutely considered hobbies, no?

  41. Most girls aren't going to be turned off by you liking video games. Some will even like it since they like video games too. If video games are all you have to talk about or are interested in doing, you'll have to find a girl who has the same interest. If you have other interests like shows you watch, genres of books you read, where you like to vacation, etc. then maybe expand on those a little when talking to girls.

  42. As a women in my mid 30s, gaming being a man's primary hobby is deeply unattractive to me. I don't think it's unattractive if you play an hour of games or whatever in your spare time or to wind down at night, but if you're spending like 4 hours a day glued to your computer, I would judge you negatively. I acknowledge that gaming isn't any worse conceptually than watching an hour or two of mindless tv but I cannot explain how unattractive it is to watch a grown man shout and curse at animated characters on a screen.

  43. In my experience most people don't "shout and curse" at games (which I would say is similar to how some football fans act when watching games). If they do (in both cases), I would think they have anger issues, which is a dealbreaker in itself.

  44. If it is, then so is watching TV, going to see a movie or reading a book. Games can deliver the same things those things can and have an added benefit of interactivity. Even if you only play games as a kind of competitive "sport" then I guess playing any number of sports are worthless hobbies too. All in all, its an antiquated view to consider gaming a worthless hobby. You can make a fairly informed guess on the person's intelligence and worldview if they openly say this to others.

  45. If you enjoy what you are doing, then it’s not worthless. Although if you are not planning on becoming a pro gamer who gets paid, then no, it doesn’t really add any financial worth to your life… But finances aren’t the end-all be-all… Your mental health is just as important as your bank account. If you enjoy gaming, then you should do it. It’s that simple. There’s no “worthlessness“ when it comes to keeping yourself sane and happy.

  46. There is definitely a bit of a stigma— less so now than ten years ago. There are still going to be people who judge you for it. For dating, that’s just a sign of incompatibility.

  47. There's no such thing as a worthless hobby. A hobby is something you do for fun, whether it's gaming, collecting stamps, thrifting, hiking etc. If it's something you enjoy then obviously it has worth.

  48. I met my wife on Xbox Live. Our first dates were forge maps our friends built us to look like a resort vacation. In the end, no matter what hobby, only you can decide if it is worthwhile. If a hobby is worthwhile at the bare MINIMUM find a partner who respects that. At best find one that shares it.

  49. I would call it entertainment and being entertained is not worthless. Gaming can also be a career or a terrible burden and addiction.

  50. I get what your saying but if you like to play video games then play video games. I just turned 27 and I got a PS5 for my birthday. It makes me so happy when I get home from work and I can hop on. My advice to you is do what makes you happy and start to not give a fuck about what other people think.

  51. I’m 48, a girl and I play Overwatch with other old ass people. It’s not my “only” hobby. I took up card making recently and I love it. But when Total Mayhem comes on at 8pm, I’m on! I have my online friends who hit me up to log on and group up. We are a great group and are very good at our 1-2 main characters we play.

  52. I think societally it's considered less so now, ,20/30 years ago it would absolutely be considered a waste of time.

  53. I’m a 68 year old lady and always thought video games were a waste of time. Then, I got cancer a few years back and my family got me skyrim and taught me to play it during my recovery. And wow was I wrong. I’ve been in love with gaming ever since. And I regret not realizing it sooner because it was something I could have been doing for years with my son when he was younger. If you love doing it, that’s what matters.

  54. Almost every hobby could be considered objectively “worthless”. Most of them are just random things you find interesting or fun.

  55. The only hesitation I would have if someone told me they’re a gamer, is how much time they spend playing games. Does playing the games come before quality time with their partner? Just because we’re only sitting on the couch watching tv, doesn’t mean I want to hear “well we’re not even doing anything so I’m gonna go play games”. I wouldn’t be happy if my partner was playing games every day. Especially if that meant more chores for me to be doing while they play games.

  56. I've spent much of my life playing and recording music for myself. It's cost me thousands for instruments and equipment over nearly a decade and a half now.

  57. Gaming is worthless unless you can make money. Luckily I have a day job to support this worthless hobby.

  58. Female here. Background: I dated and was engaged with a gamer, it ended for a number of reasons. The gaming only bothered me because he preferred to play over spend anytime with me and he played instead of getting a job. I know that this is not everyone. I enjoy some video games myself. I suppose what I’m saying, it’s important to have hobbies, but it’s very important to not let them take over your life. A relationship is two sided, and that means if one person feels overlooked, it’s important to step back and talk about ways to help with this. If it is finding a game to play together or cooking together or date nights or even just a scheduled call/tv show or whatever that makes for consistency and enjoyment on both parties.

  59. Honestly, it's the "primary hobby" part that would make me more likely to judge someone. I play video games. Sometimes a lot. But I also have tons of OTHER hobbies. I dance. I read. I run a D&D game. I go out to karaoke and to see local bands and try new restaurants and cosplay and and and. People who look at gaming as their "primary hobby" tend to not get out much or be good at socializing, and that makes them difficult to date. The games are a symptom, not the problem.

  60. I think "unproductive" would be a better word. Some people use it interchangeably with "worthless", but they're not the same.

  61. For all of my hobbies, the second it stops being fun and feels like a job/chore i pull the plug. Even if it could be profitable

  62. I'd say stop worrying so much about what women think of you in this regard - there are women who will not like gamers, and there are women who will be indifferent, or women who love gamers. The hobby should be about what you enjoy - if you try learning other hobbies that don't do anything for you, you will just end up frustrated. What's more, part of what makes any hobby attractive to other people, from my experience, is when you are passionate about it. I've talked to heaps of people with all sorts of hobbies, and the ones I found the most engaging and fun to talk with are those who really love their hobby and aren't gatekeepers about it.

  63. Absolutely not worthless! It is stress relief, appreciation of storyline and art forms. My psychiatrist straight up reccomended it.

  64. I've played video games for thousands of hours within the past 25 years and I can indeed confirm that it is a shit hobby with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Especially considering the current state of the gaming industry. The industry is becoming more and more greedy towards it's consumers.

  65. It's not a worthless hobby, if it's a good stress reliever or form of socializing imo. But you should always aspire to be better and have some ambitions, so non-gaming hobbies would be good to incorporate. For example, learn about investing, real estate, hobbies you can profit from, etc.

  66. I think gaming is fine, I have a husband who games. However I personally don’t like to see it get in the way of growth for career or personal. For example, my husband has been studying for an IT exam so instead of playing video games for hours at a time into the night he is studying.

  67. Many hobbies have the side effect of producing something that could be sold… video games, particularly now, more often encourage more spending with much more limited market for its digital wares… not to mention if its from a defunct game, which then make it less marketable if at all.

  68. Hot take apparently, but if you want the God's-honest truth I would have to say yes. This comes with a ton of HUGE caveats though so please hear me out.

  69. Unlike wood working, which creates something of value, gaming is essentially useless. Some talented gamers are able to monetize their playthroughs, either in the competitive scene or as entertainers, but gaming is mostly a distraction. It not necessarily undesirable, but it is not a sexy hobby.

  70. Technically no, some hobbies have external value. I make a little money doing art for people. Musical instruments can earn money in the same way. Cooking and baking can save you money on grocery bills and can give you delicious fresh food. My dad works with wood as a hobby and he just built us a large shelf so we don’t need to buy one. Some people have hiking as a hobby and they don’t need to pay to go to the gym and they’re fit and will live longer. Hobbies priorities are to make you happy of course, I have many hobbies that don’t earn me anything and I love them just the same. But there are absolutely hobbies that are not worthless in the sense that there is valuable output to them.

  71. Alot of people here said that all hobbies are useless, but I don't understand how? What about cooking, baking, sewing, knitting, crocheting, reading, gardening writing, cycling, playing an instrument, etc etc. All of these give you actual skills that are helpful in life, and some make you smarter.

  72. My mate spent most of his free time gaming to the point where he failed all his classes and left school with nothing.

  73. That’s a very unlikely scenario though. Most people with gaming addictions who fail all their classes do not get jobs making games, especially nowadays where the job industry is full of college graduates who went to school exclusively for game development. Good for your friend though, i hope he’s happy

  74. Don't know what he was doing at Rare, but unless we was doing QA he obviously gained the required skills somewhere outside of playing games, even if he did fail school.

  75. Yes. It’s like “watching tv shows” or “scrolling on social medias” for me. It’s an entertaining for sure and there are games that require some skill. But if you’re playing video games for more than 3 hours a day… I would say it’s worthless. I’m just speaking from a female point of view, I think it’s really attractive when people have different hobbies than consuming media.

  76. Sorry, but it would for sure lower my respect for you. Ya, it’s harsh, but you asked my honest opinion. It’s fine to say you like gaming, but that’s not a great thing to say is your main hobby as an adult. Lie and say something else is your favourite.

  77. Idk why people are pretty much avoiding your question. Gaming isnt a worthless hobby if you enjoy it or are getting some kind of fulfillment out of it, even thats just entertainment or engagement. Its not something to be ashamed of certainly, esp now that its so normal to play a lot of videogames.

  78. Nope. I love videogames and i certainly don't see it as as worthless hobby. If it makes you happy than who cares. It's about what makes you happy not what other people might think of it. Everyone has their own thing they enjoy doing , so comparing yourself to other people that way is useless. What is fun for someone could be really stupid and boring to someone else. Everyone is different.

  79. yeah pretty much. its not creative and doesnt improve yourself irl in any way compared to stuff like drawing, playing an instrument, or doing a sport. its simply entertainment, and theres nothing wrong with that, but if its the only thing you do you're a bit of a npc. its like calling watching tv a hobby

  80. Have you done any of those other skills? How many people productively draw? It's an extremely competitive field. Sure lots of professions utilise sketching but CAD has kinda made it a redundant skill and basic graphic design doesn't stray far from general computer use to begin with. Playing an instrument productively is insanely difficult and if you didn't start in your childhood the chances of getting paid shows is slim to none. Not to mention the time constraints/logistics of organising practice and finding other committed members.

  81. Just because the tool in question is a controller/mouse and the visuals take place on a screen doesn’t make it any less of a hobby/skill than drawing, playing an instrument, etc.

  82. How is it not creative? I play Minecraft with my friends and we construct intricate architectural buildings, realistic scenery, and binary-based computational systems.

  83. But that's just factually false. More and more studies conclude gaming to generally improve critical thinking, hand-eye-coordination and social etiquette. Games have also been proven to be a great tool for young kids to learn stuff in a fun and engaging environment leading to better information retainment than books. So tell me, how is it ''simply entertainment''?

  84. Played games all my life and just quit cold turkey for years and i started again in 2020, it was miserable. Gaming isn't a worthless hobby,. People who act like its for losers can suck a dick, most of the people i met who look down on it are the ones who spend the same amount of time on a couch watching sports on tv. Granted both sides are spending time infront of a tv, gaming is immersive and requires skills and has objectives so your actually doin something,

  85. Well I heard there was this guy who won the Lotto, so obviously buying lottery tickets is a good path to financial success. Everyone knows that a single anecdote is far more important than looking at actual chances for success.

  86. As someone with a gaming husband I'll give you my input. When we were dating before we lived together I know all his spare time was spent gaming he would often tell me he'd just sleep at his computer because he just wouldn't go to bed. Once we moved in together I'm sure it was a crazy adjustment for him but he definitely had his priorities straight and would still game quite a bit but was able to have a good balance of a home life and gaming life. We're married now and he still has his occasional nights of staying up till 3am gaming but that's what he loves to do and overall he's a great husband and dad so its not like its taking away from him as a person. So no gaming is not bad if that's your pass time and outlet for stress there's no harm at all don't feel bad for being a gamer. It's just like any other hobby in the sense that some people let it take over their lives snd some can balance.

  87. I wouldn't say id consider it a worthless hobby, I'd more so be concerned with how it can possibly impact your life and who you are. My partner has video games as his main hobby and in the beggining because he was so invested he would forgo other responsibilities and sometimes not spend time with his family. He has thankfully grown out of it a lot and now it's a pretty healthy hobby that allows him to spend time with his friends but doesn't take over his life. I think it would also make me concerned of the language you use and the jokes you make because a lot of gamer culture and humor is calling each other slurs or making bigoted/racist jokes.

  88. Look at it this way. Say your hobby is something like kickboxing for example. The benefits you get from that, on top of enjoying it are that you will achieve a good level of health and physical fitness as well as learning important skills to defend yourself. What do you get from gaming apart from a bit of a dopamine rush from moving the pixels on the screen around? Just something to think about.

  89. One of my biggest hobbies is gaming too and I def feel sometimes like its worthless or like a loser for playing so much. But I think as long as it brings you joy, it's okay

  90. I spend alot of my free time gaming. I'd consider it an engaging hobby for sure. Alls you gotta do is find you a girl who also games. My wife plays her switch in alot of her free time and I'm on my consoles during alot of my free time as well. We enjoy playing together in the same room even. Spending quality time together imo. Everyone's different. The right one will come along. Try not to change yourself for the sake of others opinions. Besides at least you incorporate other constructive things in your free time. My job is so physical, the last thing I want to do is go for a run in my free time. If that makes me lazy, well, that's one person's opinion lol

  91. Does it bring you joy? Then yes, it’s absolutely meaningful. However In a capitalist society we are just brainwashed to think that any activity that doesn’t produce money is worthless.

  92. Gaming is a fine hobby so long as you enjoy it responsibly. Recreation is important, just go about it in a manner that is healthy and responsible and you'll be fine. Some people may judge you over it but fuck 'em.

  93. I don’t game but I’ve dated at least 2 women who were huge gamers. Relationship probably would have been even better if I games as well lol

  94. by many people it's seen as unattractive. though it's changing, took my grandmother to make a friend her age who is fairly successful and also plays video games before she came up to me and apologized for giving me shit for playing video games.

  95. "Worthless" in the sense of helping you in any way? Well, not really. There are psychological studies that show that some videogames can help with spatial awareness and several eye-hand coordination skills.

  96. Its "worthless" to some but my hobbies of bjj, hiking, reading are also "worthless" to some. If you enjoy doing it & its legal, & not hurting anyone go for it

  97. No hobbies are worthless the definition of hobby is "an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure." So do what brings you pleasure.

  98. Anything that brings you happiness is a worthwhile hobby. For me gaming is my thing I do when I don’t do anything else. I prefer traveling, going to the movies, or playing MTG. Life has downtime and I’d rather play a game than watch tv

  99. It's not worthless as long as you enjoy it. Just make sure you have a good work/hobby/social life balance because gaming addiction is a real thing. I know someone who works from home, and plays video games every spare minute he has. He orders fast food and groceries delivered to his house and even gets annoyed to have to stop gaming to answer the door for his deliveries. He hasn't been out of his apartment in several weeks and he's been neglecting his hygeine. OP, please don't become that guy.

  100. It’s always nice (from both sides) to meet someone who has a diverse array of things they like to do. I love playing video games. But I also have other things in my life that I like doing, and am up for doing.

  101. Any hobby can seem worthless to an outsider that thinks that thing has no value. Any hobby. The point of a hobby is to be enjoyed by the active person and make them happy. That's it.

  102. It isn't worthless as a hobby - any hobby is good if it keeps you happy - but it's also worth noting that "just" gaming is a consumption of someone else's product so from the very beginning your potential achievement are limited and in many cases, you can't create anything new (depends on the game itself, of course) by playing games. This applies not only to gaming, by the way - reading books, watching films are the same in terms of compunction. The important part is what you take from the product. Will the book give you some new thoughts? Will game help your reflexes? Or quick thinking? Are you proud of your achievement or, looking back, you see that you came out this experience with empty hands? Do you need any "achievement" at all to be happy?

  103. unless your matching with similar girls it's probably going to interfere. you may not get the attention of those other girls at all, especially if your not well groomed and fit-to-average appearance. some gamers can be funny or sociable but if that's not you then that's another hurdle. if you do and she starts pulling you out of your comfort zone, hopefully you can tolerate the reduction in gaming time.

  104. A hobby is something you do in your free time that you enjoy. Whether it’s worthless or not is irrelevant, I know people who find my hobbies a waste of time and I think the same about there’s.

  105. Just last night we had company, and the husband started talking to my husband about gaming. My husband is 28, no kids yet, electrician. Our company was the head of the children's department at the hospital, has 3 kids, and is almost 40.

  106. If you’re asking if there’s better ways to spend you’re time. There is. Taking a course, learning new skills. But I wouldn’t say you’re seen as lower tier for gaming in your free time. That really just comes down to you and how you feel about it.

  107. If you enjoy your hobby then it’s not worthless! Everyone has something they enjoy and spend their free time doing it. I think some older generations may say gaming is a “worthless” hobby, but those generations tend to see the negative in most modern activities! My son is 19 and he’s a gamer. He’s well rounded and has a good life balance. Girls his age don’t seem to mind!

  108. Nah. It's a way to kill time and have fun. My hobbies are gaming, reading, writing and wrestling. It's not anymore worthless than watching TV. Girls I've dated liked games so it helps to find someone that can vibe with your interests. It's all about doing things you like.

  109. Look, a hobby is meant to enrich your life doing something you enjoy that is not work. Generally after you take care of your family and spend time with them, or include them in the hobby. So, no hobby is worthless.

  110. As far as hobbies go, aside from it being fun, gaming has much less physical, emotional or intellectual benefits than various other hobbies. So yeah, kind of.

  111. Putting "gamer" on your dating app profile won't make it easier to find a girl...but it might help you live a happier life. Better to find someone who doesn't mind or shares your passions than to find someone who makes you give them up.

  112. Listen man. I’ve made some amazing friends while gaming all over the country. This last July I travelled out to California and did a two week vacation with my friends I met through Destiny 2. That never would have happened if not for gaming, you just never know whom you’ll meet and what opportunities it could open up for you

  113. Games are "worthless" in that they seldom translate into something that can be used. This isn't exclusive to gaming - most activities that are purely based on consuming culture are meant for entertainment and pleasure, not for practical application.

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