Is there any possible way to beat the whole “you have to come INTO the gym to cancel your membership” bs?

  1. Gyms, especially the one you mentioned, are notorious for making it as problematic to cancel membership as possible.

  2. I’m not sure. Don’t you have a copy of your membership terms? It says how the agreement can be canceled in there somewhere.

  3. Seconding the "just fucking do it" lol. If you're scared of sales pressure, go on a day when the manager isn't there

  4. Gyms are notorious for "losing" or "forgetting about" your applications for cancellation. Agreement only says what can be done in theory, in practice a gym would delay actual cancellation, through lack of communication and "oopsies" as long as possible.

  5. Just cancel the card you used and then get a new one. I actually do this with my cards once or twice a year. It helps me not pay for stuff I don't use.

  6. Not planet fitness but for a gym that’s named after a candy bar. Don’t cancel cards. Because then it will be sent to collections. What you do is send an email to their general manager and assistant manager wanting to cancel. Have proof of the date when you sent it. Then go in person request to make an appoint with the manager about upgrading. That way you have a for sure manger to cancel with because only gm and agm can do that, and it’s company policy to refund any money that was charged after the initial email of the cancellation was sent.

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