Why are wired headphones making a comeback of sorts?

  1. The thing about the headphone jack is you plug it in and it just works and it also has better sound quality since it's wired. It's why I use Android. The downside of a bluetooth headset is eventually the battery will die, but a wired headset can last forever.

  2. Because wireless headphones, specifically pod style headphones, are much easier to lose. They also have better sound quality. Plus, it’s a lot easier to just plug in an listen than sync to a new device.

  3. Wired headphones will always be better than wireless cuz there’s a physical connection. But it rly doesn’t matter if ur just casually listening to stuff

  4. When new tech comes up, many people jump in without really rationally considering the pros and cons. Although depending on usage profiles the new tech will have more pros, it's not like that for everyone. Then each one goes back to what's actually better for them. If that's a lot of people, the hype fades away.

  5. I hate all of the Bluetooth headphone stuff. I would much rather just have a cord that I can plug into a headphone jack. No need to charge the headphones separately or mess around with Bluetooth connectivity.

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