Am I weird or is this normal?

  1. Thanks, don’t worry I didn’t drive. I may be dumb, but I'm not stupid. The first time was in my house, and the other times I took the subway and there was a designated driver that didn’t drink anything.

  2. Are you like 300kg or something? Wth, you should at least feel something at this point. Of course we all react different to alcohol but thats just hideous.

  3. ballast, do you drink a lot of coffee? even a lot of water? did you eat? 4 loko was dumbed down as it had a lot of boosters to stave off the drunkenness, so unless you go an old one it wouldn't mask it...I dont drink those so maybe YMMV. BMI matters

  4. I do drink a lot of water but not coffee, the last time I mentioned I drank was on an empty stomach though, I hadn’t drank nor eaten anything for the past 4 hours. Also the Four Loko was one of the new ones.

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