Calgary launching bike lane pilot project in Riverbend to slow down traffic - Calgary |

  1. Why would a cyclist use these bike lanes sucking in exhaust fumes and dealing with traffic lights when there are beautiful bike paths two blocks West that run along the Bow river and through Carburn park. What a colossal waste of taxpayers money!

  2. Not to mention the construction that will last forever and slow down all of us even more. Better give some pills to pedestrians to cross faster?

  3. I get that the speed can be higher through there (60 in a 50 zone) but this isn't done to take the speed down. It's to try to inconvenience people enough to take 24th to cut from Glenmore to Deerfoot instead of 18th. It was poor planning by not having 24th available at the same time as 18th. If there's any sort of issue on Glenmore or Deerfoot, Riverbend is the cut-through.

  4. I work in Quarry park and don't really see people speeding on 18th., as cops do a lot of radar on that stretch, and it's already a 50 zone. I don't see very many cyclist's, but that might be a time of day issue.

  5. Seriously? I lived at the Laurier for two years and people sped through there like its the Daytona 500. Someone actually crashed into the building when I lived there, nearly killing the poor dude living there.

  6. At least they're admitting that bike lanes aren't for bikes, rather a traffic calming tool to force down our throats in the battle against vehicles. The amount of funds spent on these bike lanes that are rarely used 8 months each year is disgusting.

  7. The amount of funds spent on bike lanes is a rounding error compared to the total transportation budget. There's nothing wrong with traffic calming in residential neighbourhoods, especially when there's a better built road that runs parallel. No one is taking away lanes of deerfoot or stoney to build bike paths, chill out.

  8. totally agree, and guess where the money is going, right to their excessive paychecks and the contractor's profits

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