Don’t fuck up those steaks gentlemen

  1. Reading a book on atomic habits and made some notes for my first few pages and ultimately anytime I came across failing my streak was due to the habits built, will I probably fail again? Yea..but it's because of the habits built over a long decade of addiction and lack of accountability or addressing the root cause of what makes it occur

  2. I’m at day 1 all over again. Had a long streak. Then tapped 3 days straight. Fucked my vibes, my energy. I didn’t fap to porn though. So I guess that’s a win. Yeah I’m trying to get back into my good habits tomorrow and go to the gym and get back on track. I want to start keeping a daily planner so I can stay busy on positive things. Stay strong 🔥

  3. 1 inch Thick Top Sirloin Steak .. Salt and Pepper heavily … grill at 400 .. 4 Minutes total ..flip each minute to get good grill marks … let sit for 2 minutes… Down the hatch.. Grill marks Bud.

  4. That's kinda how I manage to stay in great shape... I have so much gym/exercise hours under my belt that my past victories will carry me on forever now, motivation wise :)

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