The disadvantages i am facing

  1. Exercise, go outside, do other hobbies, these will boost self confidence and self esteem. Try not to objectify the women in your life. Focus on making yourself a better person. You're still young. Lots of potential. You got this

  2. You’d be surprised what even just working out for two months might do for you. The slight inclination of muscle definition will make you more confident, and more attractive. It’s almost comical how much of a difference it makes in hindsight.

  3. Let me tell you a quick story of somebody I went to high school with. He was a losers loser. Nobody would be caught dead talking to this kid. He smelled like piss, he never showered, he was scrawny, just overall weird as fuck.

  4. i feel you my boy, I started at 13, im about to be 25 now and the amount of opportunities, beautiful women I wronged because of my addiction, and the way I have treated myself and other people, has left me suicidal since 2015, I hope you find solace it is out there and you still have an opportunity to change and turn your life around, 💯

  5. Plan is simple, just grind, nobody is gonna come to push you, to save you, to build your life. You yourself have to do it. So just keep going on and on and on. Goal isn't to not relapse, goal is to not give up, you will relapse but you should not give up just get up and start again.

  6. i don't think most of your problems are related to fap bro you need to work on yourself little bit aside from this challenge


  8. Find a really strong purpose that's fully personal for you, use that purpose to fight off the strong urges that occur out of nowhere as well. I struggled with it stupendously and now I managing to have control over my urges, there is hope and I wish you the best of luck my friend.

  9. Then I'll say don't be sad, everything is possible in this world of you believe. It's all in mind, if you decide to do something, you'll definitely do it.

  10. You gotta take this positive momentum and find something to build your self esteem, literally anything. Lots of recommendations to go to the gym, I also agree with that. You'd be shocked how awesome most gym rats are with new people who are willing to put in the work. Even outside of that, go for a walk, go for a hike, go do SOMETHING to start building up some emotional well being. Honestly, consider a therapist too, lots of these issues aren't caused by jerking off.

  11. I also face some of the problems boy. Your will power and determination play a major part to get out of it. Talking about your thoughts, you just have to be comfortable with it.... Like u don't have to act upon it or something.. I see it that way and I have practised it that way. Thoughts are not something which you can shun completely. They are just there. So try to be comfortable with them.

  12. I got all these things figured out and i‘m not on a „streak“ maybe there are other problems in your life, these things are not gonna fix themself by just stopping to touch your weiner.

  13. Exercise. Since you're skinny you might want to go on a calorie surplus to build more muscle and get a nicer looking physique. Combine this with resistance training and getting enough protein. Regular exercise can also improve many mental health conditions, increase energy levels throughout the day and increase focus. Cold showers also help with increases in dopamine and focus as well as some fat loss benefits if it's really cold. Joblessness can be fixed. You need to find something that you're interested in and get incredibly good at it. This will also get you motivated and give yourself some drive to be better. And remember, relapsing isn't the end of the world. You've trained your mind to depend on that shit for 9 years. Don't think there's an easy way out because there's not. You need to build back good habits and that takes a lot of time. So take it easy with yourself. We're all gonna make it in the end.

  14. You got this mate, we are all here for you! I know for a fact you will be successful in your journey, we are all doing the same things, good luck! 👍

  15. Day 3 here. Once I got to a 55 day streak and felt so fucking amazing it was crazy. Unfortunately life and God wanting to fuck my life up so it’s been hard since. But I’ll get there. I’m going hardmode and I’m ready to be free again.

  16. Depends on your situation really. I'm biased towards just hitting the gym. As a man I honestly "light physical activity " is for pussies before you turn 60.

  17. Honestly stopping over these two weeks got my breathing better and my anxiety is down. I’m feeling much much better. I prayed about it too to THE MOST HIGH……so if you don’t believe, you don’t believe but I pretty much got past a lot of my personal grievances.

  18. Try bulking up a bit at the gym, watch some videos on how to slightly change your diet and routine so that you can put on some mass and be muscular and toned instead of skinny and gone with the wind, you may feel a lot better

  19. First of all give yourself time and dont judge u, remember in the end is just you.I am going through same, try mentally first to put yourself up, just think that it s, you need to make a change, you are not at your lowest, it s just the beggining of the best.Keep up man you can do it, we can do it😎

  20. Weird that you're skinny with PMO. I used to be pretty overweight until I started doing exercise and Nofap together (I'm actually down to a normal weight now). Guess PMO hurts us all in different ways.

  21. Go to the gym, take up hobbies, do some damn skincare so that your acne goes away, force yourself to go out and be social, meditate and reflect on yourself and the person you want to be, figure out styles that work for your face shape and body size, try to find something part time.

  22. Hey man, just saying I've been at a point where I've just made lists of everything that's wrong with me and my life, thinking that you gotta know what your up against to tackle it.

  23. Yes go outside exercise, start lifting weights and eating. Build your body up and it will raise your confidence then just start making random talk with people it’s hard at first but will get easier

  24. Watch David goggins go get some professional help such as therapy, workout consistently maybe it might be a good idea to get a membership instead of at home , since it’s a social place . And don’t best yourself up too much

  25. I would try to sort that list by most concerning to you and go my way down trying to deal with these things as much as possible. Each item will motivate you to solve another one. You could also do the same only by starting with the easiest ones first and have it snowball. I believe it will help healing from the addiction and worst case it will just improve your life.

  26. Reach out to us .. its tough but not impossible. I don't even count my days now but I am extremely proud of myself beating this addiction and taking control of my life.

  27. Start buy getting a shitty job to get on your feet. And you might meet people there. Might sound corny but force yourself to get a social job. Then you’ll slowly become more social. And when you get a job your friends will start to respect you.

  28. There are natural supplements that you can can buy to alleviate the symptoms associated with excessive masturbation and ejaculation. Also, you may want to go to a doctor to get your testosterone levels check and check and see if you can apply for HRT.

  29. Go to the gym. Wake up at 6am every day. Choose something you’re interested in and grind hard at it. Give yourself 6 months and see the change.

  30. Damn I feel like I read a post that I just made. I’m 20 turning 21 this year. All fapping had done is dug my grave deeper and deeper. 3 days clean right now. I been using lions mane mushrooms to help my brain function. It also kills libido and last time when I did fap I derived almost 0 pleasure from it. My childhood was wasted because of fapping. I’m done wasting years. We can do this bro keep your head up.

  31. Lower back pain and skinny body you might have scoliosis but it’s ok just working out can start fixing the spine

  32. Bro you just have social anxiety. Porn is a very bad thing but too many people blame all their problems on porn. If you’re porn free, you’re not gonna suddenly become some amazing charismatic confident guy in a switch.

  33. Good for you man, but don’t think NoFap is the key to solving all your problems. You’re making greats step tho and little by little you’ll grow to be more confident and appreciative of your life.

  34. Instead of making a list of everything you think is wrong with you and defining yourself with it, you should make a list of the good things about you and focus on improving those things, it’s easy to become unmotivated if you’re only focusing on everything wrong. You’ve got this bro and we all believe in you!

  35. Once you learn how to control the urges and acquire some tools to channel the energy somewhere else, you bet you’re going to check out every item on your list!

  36. Even if you don't believe in yourself, we all do.. I'm so fucking proud of you brother ! You've got this ! You're really an inspiration to me personally ! Let's fight together ! 💪🏻

  37. Fellow severe acne sufferer here. For your own sake, try to be social. Take an interest in other people. Be kind, try to be to others the kind of friend you wish you had.

  38. you will find things do get easier, I'm to the point a week goes by in a flash, and I'm consistently going 10 days+. I think the key is when you do relapse you don't give it energy or any power. don't overthink it just make the climb again and again. in addition, it's all accumulative. the climb is the destination!

  39. While you may think this sounds cliche, I suggest Christianity. It worked wonders for me when I felt alone and like I could recover, and while I may not have my addiction beat yet, I'm slowly learning from every failure because of it.

  40. I had severe social anxiety and fapping didnt help. Now if I am confronted in public I am able to speak properly and not just give short answers to get out of conversation. I highly recomend no fap

  41. Good luck, but remember that nofap isn't the solution. It's the start. nofap gives you the time, energy, and drive to take on new habits and opportunities and come face-to-face with your problems. All these things are uncomfortable, and PMO helps you stay in your shell avoid it. You have to change your whole life for this to work, not just nofap.

  42. If you aren’t gonna be better for yourself then who will? There’s a lot here. You sound very similar to how I think to myself and how I talk to myself. You have to constantly refine yourself like sharpening a blade. Or maintaining your equipment. Starting with your interests and finding hobbies and ways to spend your time is a great way to distract yourself from the things you could be doing. The things that you shouldn’t be doing. It has taken me a long time to realize that if you don’t take yourself seriously you’re gonna treat yourself like garbage. You have to find love for yourself. It sounds like you hate yourself. I hated myself and I still hate myself at some points. But that negativity will only serve as my weights that will keep me from getting back to the surface to get a breath of air. Only death awaits me if I keep and trusting my negativity to leave me out of despair. I have to look for positive energies I have to be my own cheerleader I have to be my own best friend I have to learn how to love with myself and live with myself so I can be the better person that I need to be to make the changes that I want to see in my life because if I don’t then I’m choosing failure. If the idea of failure makes you upset and take charge of your life and live one day at a time remembering the mission and remembering your purpose and refining how you deploy yourself to your own life. Be the change you want to see in yourself. Remember there are others that field exactly how you do. Every day you make yourself stronger than you were yesterday. And every day that you become stronger you will help another weaker man to be a little bit stronger. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If that chain is you then you need to become who you want to be. Be the hero of your own story I believe in you even though I don’t know you I believe in you. Because nobody believed in me except myself.

  43. I'm going on 10 years myself, started when I was 11 just out of curiosity. I view people the same way and I hate it. Its wrecked relationships with good friends. You are an inspiration to me and others man, remember that when you "feel" weak! Keep up the effort!

  44. One day at time. It's all it gets to change your life. Focus on staying away from porn and work on yourself. What i suggest: try to find a job, find some hobbies you like, create the habit of reading, go to bed earlier (staying up late ends up in a relapse most of the times), exercise 3-6 days a week, try to talk to strangers more often (even a good morning or good evening is a good start).

  45. I was in a similar spot. Working out is a great way to boost your confidence. If you wanna gain weight, I suggest protein shakes. Eating is difficult for us skinny bois. Find a protein powder flavor you like (personally I love cookies and cream or banana). Protein powder is seemingly expensive but it’s actually not. Per drink it’s very cheap. Use some type of milk preferably. You can scoop in ice cream, bananas, strawberries, peanut butter, whatever. I’d invest in a nutribullet or an equivalent style blender. Makes it less tedious and it blends the drink better than stirring. Drink one every day in addition to your food. Count calories and stay in a calorie surplus so you gain weight.

  46. In addition to a calorie surplus, you gotta learn how muscle growth works. You gotta tear and repair. This isn’t fun, but you gotta work until you feel like shit haha. I saw you said you can do 20 push-ups? Do 20 pushups. Then wait 45 seconds. Stretch. Do at least 2 more, and keep going till failure. Going till failure means you can’t do another push-up. Don’t hurt yourself. Just push yourself a bit. This makes your muscles get “torn up”. They then have to repair themselves. They need a lot of protein for this. You also need adequate sleep for the recovery of your muscles. Do the same things with your other exercises. Eventually you’ll be able to do more pushups. More bicep curls. Slowly use heavier weights. You’ll slowly see results. Of course the science is more complicated than that but that’s all you really need to know.

  47. The great thing about this is that every one thing you listed off can be improved. Focus on one thing and incorporate a plan to resolve them. Some can be resolved instantly others will take time. You’ve got this! The best advice I can give is stop trying to do it alone. This is not possible to beat through our own will power.

  48. You're halfway through freeing yourself by acknowledging you're in shit. The other half will take time and commitment. I have no doubt you'll get out of the hole.

  49. Good luck mate. You will spend the next few years regaining your old self before porn. (i believe FULL recovery from extreme addiction will take at least a few years) So for the love of all nofap bros dont RELAPSE!

  50. I don’t think that just zerkin off is your problem. It sounds like you got a few screws loose rattlin around in that noggin of yours.

  51. Hear this : It will heal everything literally everything. Now it's you to decide either heal your disadvantages or feel 2 mins of pleasure.

  52. There's no benefit to PMO. It's like honey coated poison, that bait that looks desirable but will actually cost you your life, that will destroy yourself physically, mentally and more importantly spiritually.

  53. Hit the gym, it solved slot of my personal issues. Mainly by proving to myself that I have the discipline to stick with something no matter what. I go when I’m sad, happy, injured (to an extent), directly after therapy, right after work, on weekends, on vacations, while traveling, and I’ve been doing this for the last two years.

  54. It’s a process. NoFap is the ideal start. Once you get a week or two into it, you can start converting that energy into muscle mass and testosterone by working out. Start small if you have to. One step at a time. It only get’s better with time. Skin looks better. Better self image. Happier. Less limitations. Also, eat healthy! Talking fruits, veggies, nuts, salads, then all the other good stuff. Cut out the unnecessary habits. You can do this. It’s actually easier than what you were doing before. Move with grace my friend. Your new life is waiting for you.

  55. I was also at your situation but i have now changed my life. And you can also do it if you add spirituality to your life. Don't worry you don't need to be a monk nor i will tell you to be a member of any organisation. Spritual practices can be done even if you become a householder. So what you have to do is :-

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