How is everyone on doing? What day are you on?

  1. I pretty close to day 4 finishing. And I have a urge today because yesterday was the first day when I didn't go to run. I really hope that I could resist before evening when I go to run outside. I've already done some exercises and it helped me to decrease urge.

  2. Day 3, much easier than day 1 & 2. Thank God. Also, new to no fap guidelines, it really helps ease the tension mentally.

  3. Try doing the Dracula lie down with your hands on your shoulders. Sometimes I'll stay up and dive into some house organization, petting my dogs, or setting up some breakfast. Keep yourself in motion to reject escaping action. Live the life you want to.

  4. Was on day 25, slipped up once and now I’m still progressing. So technically I’m on day 3 but still kind of feel I have momentum from my last streak

  5. Woke up cleaned my house picked up my grandparents from the airport, dropped my brother off at rehearsal, took my girlfriend out to dinner for our 1 month anniversary, picked my brother up from rehearsal and then went to bed lol

  6. On day 3. I've gone from 2-3 times a day to once every 4-5 days. Gonna try and make it a week here!

  7. bruh we on day 51 and I have my first date lined up for when I’ll be about day 60 which is when u can read girls minds! Life is good future voice

  8. Day 0. Even after 7 years, I still can't reach a simple 30. I have no motivation, no purpose, I get my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. I feel like a dead man...

  9. Hit 13 then completely crashed for the next 2 full days. As I type this I'm reaching the final hour to get me back on 1 full day clean. Previous record was 12, then the recent 13 broke it. Something about going clean for life is intimidating I think that's why I fall off so fast after. Now I am ready though let's go for 14 and everything after that

  10. I have gone two days without looking at porn, but I have woken up unusually early these last two days, and both times I masturbated.

  11. I don't count days, i simply keep on living without porn or masturbating It's a lifestyle bro, don't feel obligated to count every days:-)

  12. 3 weeks. But I’m having sex with my wife every weekend so not like 3 weeks with no release. I sure look forward to Saturday morning though!

  13. amazing. When you become accustomed to managing urges it becomes easier to take on more things that require self control . Building willpower like a muscle, adopting positive habits…

  14. Why y'all counting days lmao . It's normal not to fap . Fapping is not the highest experience in my life , i get high by meditating , a much better high then masturbating

  15. Stop counting days, make everyday count, for me atleast i came to point where nofap is my habit/lifestyle and days doesn't matter, i can go forward as much as I can easily!

  16. Going through a severe relapse ever since i smoked last week and started fapping. Been a week of me daily jerking off unable to break the cycle specifically at night time.

  17. I come from a cool streak of more than three weeks but I threw it to shit. It’s ok though, as long as I start again now the addiction will keep fading

  18. Passed by my first week. 1 week used to be a really huge milestone for me lol. Last night i had a struggle in the bathroom after realising it's my 1-week milestone. i used to "reward" myself after 1 week and last night was a freaking huge ass psychological hurdle.

  19. Two weeks today! Yesterday I felt weak, but glad I didn’t watch anything explicitly pornographic. It’s been hard with my ol’ lady being away and all the fine ass females keeping us posted on their hot girl summers online.

  20. Doing well, it's pretty smooth sailing this time around, I've got urges, but they are very rare and disappear rather quickly.

  21. i actually dont know which exact day was the start of the streak but i do remember that i didnt fap during july so i decided to make it july 1st so its like no-nut-july for me, my actual streak is probably higher than this but i am still okay with that. almost 3 weeks here!

  22. I think 30 days. Haven't even looked at porn until today and it was like less than 5 minutes then stopped because I was getting tempted to beat it.

  23. To be honest I lost the count, I just set the day counter to have something counting but it's easier to avoid this when you are not counting day by day but living life and avoiding to think about porn or fap at all

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