PMO makes you forget who you really are, literally.

  1. But it is not a reality. It is just a perception of yourself in the present moment that you can change. Just as thousands of us who attend this reddit have changed ours, with discipline and courage we have managed to control our emotions and thoughts to build moral virtues and greater self-control. I promise you'll get out of there if you force yourself. No one will do it for you, you have no one, you only have yourself and that is enough; you are all you need to build the reality you want

  2. Nice work man. And I couldn’t agree more. The nofap version of ourselves isn’t some mythical super being, it’s the person we’ve always meant to be. This realization signifies a huge step forward

  3. You need to reset your dopamine receptors and if you don't have anything else to enjoy instead of porn you should search for one believe me porn well always bring you down have a great nofap journey my friend

  4. True. It took a very long time to finally realize the full extent of the damage that this shit has caused me. After some stuff happened, i realized just how much energy i spent onto this hollow, artificial junk. From what i understood, it starts claiming your subconscious by overriding anything else you would rather do, and so it screws you up from the very depths of your mind. Do not consume this poison, friends. Its not worth it

  5. Absolutely. When I achieved quiting fap during 64 days I felt like a new person, starting the no fap is one of the Best things I hace done in life.

  6. I've seen posts from porn addict Twitter and some have actually said they forgot who they are and their memories are replaced with porn. Even in my experience I feel like I forgot who I am and I'm trying to find myself again. This is real shit

  7. maaaan you made me think... and it's fucking true! I have more memories from porn than real life from the 5 past years or so... how sad it is damnnn

  8. Right behind you at 47 days! You are absolutely right. I just feel so much more...comfortable in my own skin these days. So much more ok with being, wherever it is that I am.

  9. Oh yeah we’ll said. I lay in bed sometimes thinking “I don’t even recognise this person”. You become a reactionary creature at the whim of PMO

  10. It turns you into a zombie with no zest for life, a burden to society, an unfilial child, a potential criminal because it causes you to irrationally chase after desires that never stop growing. Save yourselves bros and sis, don't give in and fall for the trap. It's the devil's bait to keep us trapped in the cycle and within its control

  11. I appreciate you for sharing man. This worked! and convinced me to start day one. hopefully will stick to it. Any other tips bro

  12. Well PMO has given me gyno (might be related in my case), and made me feel terrible everytime. Had strong urges on the 15th day, hanging on.

  13. And like everytime after you realize the porn is just boring and the same thing over and over again and that the relapse didn't even feel that good. Maybe for like 4 seconds then just made you feel terrible for a week straight

  14. Might be good to say this though: quitting porn for x amount of years wont change your social life, women will not go up to you just because of this. It does make you feel much better which *might* give YOU the confidence and power to change your social life.

  15. Almost at the exact same day count as u. This is so true. Quick anecdote I had a crush on this girl prior to my streak - always felt so internally unworthy of this girl etc etc, fast forward to this streak and my mentality has completely changed from being unworthy of her to HER being unworthy of ME, so to speak. I understand and accept my self worth so much more without Pmo in my life. I believe in myself so much more. We’ve since stopped talking and instead of simping and being down about it - it’s her loss and I get to continue meeting wonderful women and living my life to the fullest.

  16. Usually, after relapsing i just lose track of what my goals are. Before relapsing i am sure i want to be, idk, a firefighter... but, after relapsing, i feel so confused i feel like becoming a neuroscientist, a priest, a biologist etc etc etc. The certainty regarding my goals is regained after a couple days.

  17. This addiction pushed me to prn channel on telegram today. Instead fàpping, I reported the channel to the telegram. I don't know how I resist myself today, probably because I do not want to start again from 'zero'. Thank u God!

  18. I don't know if I'm the only one but after like relapsing and watching porn for 2 hours my whole mind is like wiped out lol and it takes about 3 or 4 days of no porn and to make it go back to normal I literally forgot my fav movies or stuff I would normally remember man it robbed me of having a normal life as a teen :(

  19. excellent point, and actually my main purpose behind trying to quit was this, more so than the physical benefits that I'm not getting (possibly because of age or illness), but I want to recover the person I was, and how I liked myself, even admired myself. FAP builds a slowly creeping self-loathing that you even dont notice consciously

  20. I am trying to do it. I heard it improves skin is it real? I am going through puberty and I have a lot of pimples. WAY more than the usual. My back looks like I have been playing minesweeper 7/24.

  21. I find it very offensive YOU using the term "you". You don't know me. YOU should talk about yourself and your story would be more effective. WE are all different.

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