Just jacked off during zoom class and nutted on camera, whats the next logical step?

  1. Real question is, why didn’t the prof kick you out the zoom room? Or at least mute your audio and turn your video off.

  2. I'm torn. This is 100% the behaviour of the average Redditor. On the flipside, lying is also the behaviour of the average Redditor.

  3. I don’t think we can believe this til you (anonymize and) post the disciplinary email. Honestly if he sent an email maybe it’s not too bad and he wants to give you a way out that saves a little face / doesn’t involve like…suspension/expulsion.

  4. Quick look thru the profile an it’s obvious he just a lil trickster. Sad tho because If it was real I was dying to read that email lmao

  5. If this is a troll it's funny af, if it's not it's still funny af, if this happened to me I'd be embarassed but it's still a funny ass story to tell someday...but why in a zoom call is my only question lol

  6. I know it is a fake story but the funny thing is that it really happened to one dude in my country he accidentally opened the cam and didn't realize and everyone saw him masturbating. In my zoom class I remember there was one girl that went to sleep when we had early class and had her mic and video open, it was really funny when she started snoring.

  7. absolutely no way ur being serious and if you are, 1.how the fuck do u forget ur in zoom class 2.why didn't just mute and disable camera 3.why didn't you just leave the call jerk off then say u disconnected and come back but most of all, get therapy because you need help asap

  8. There are 2 paths forward: On one path, you look back at this incidence as the low point of your life and where you decided to become the man you're supposed to be, and the other where you look at this as the moment your life went to hell. The only way to make it the first path is to read that email and face the consequences of your actions.

  9. If you were asking yourself how gullible are people who believe that semen gives you super powers, youve got your answers in the comments section

  10. You surely are not the first to have done this, accept the consequences whatever they may be apologize and keep it moving. I saw a post the other day where one girl was masturbating in her zoom class only difference is you got caught. Perfect coming of age story. pun intended.

  11. Someone at my work actually forgot to turn off her camera and took of her shirt and bra during a company wide zoom meeting. We told her about it. She said "you just saw the top part right? Then what's the big deal it's just boobs."

  12. Did it too a lot of times, sometimes even with the camera on. Never been more ashamed of what I did. I think it's time for u to take your responsibilities, read that email and try to move on and make this event the reason to start nofap. Stop before it's too late, good luck king👑

  13. Hahahahahahaha...... Hahahahaahahaahahahaaaaaa. Dude fuck. You're either a troll of in some pretty deep shit. I'm sorry bro. I mean can you try to say you were just scratching yourself or something? Or put it off on the dog. Or say you didn't know the camera was on and you thought... idk lol hehehe I don't even have a great excuse for this man. How long did you jerk? Like was it a few minutes? Because maybe you can explain something. But if you went full on 8-10 minutes... I mean your fucked dude XD...

  14. You’re actually very stupid bro and I’m not sorry to say it, to do that shows the level of lowest you can go and if you think it’s cool that’s another fucked up. You actually didn’t come here for answers or consolation, you wanted a pat in the back with someone saying “yeah I once did that, you’re not alone brother” fix your shit together because you know what and how and what to do. Also. Go and fucking apologize.

  15. My condolences lmao. What should you do? Post a screenshot of the email w personal details blanked & apologise to your classmates w genuine contrition.

  16. You are embarrassed and you don't want to read the email for a reason. You made a mistake. Shame and guilt and self-pity feels easier than owning up to it. That email is in your inbox, your teacher sent it and ignoring it only hurts you. Confront your problem head on and own up to your own actions. Don't be sorry, be better

  17. Establish dominance. Either reply to the email with a video of yourself jacking off to the professor. OR go to your professor's house and jack off in front of him while maintaining eye contact.

  18. On the chance that this is a true story, have you considered getting professional help? Therapy with a CSAT might help you break out of the self-destructive cycle of risk-taking that you appear to be trapped in.

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