Can’t believe I finished the build all before my 17th birthday.. Holy

  1. I built and painted it myself. A lot of hard fucking work and luck with some good parts. Anyone can do it, as long as you’re dedicated to the build. I make minimum wage, it’s just the only thing I put my money on besides saving, my socks are ripped and I still wear the same hoodie from 7th grade. Lol

  2. No, just a deep love for the car, been grinding past 2 summers and pretty much every weekend tryna make a lil cash to put towards it, built and painted myself in a parking lot. Wasn’t easy

  3. I like your car. Don’t get discouraged by the hate. A lot of us can’t afford even to do the aesthetic mods you’ve done by 17. Rims I would choose differently but otherwise nice job. I’m 25, so older and have a job now out of school, and can’t afford to do this lol. I have also outgrown this phase (but lived it out a few years ago). Now I am doing mods that add some extra oomph while keeping it stock mostly. The endless repairs become annoying after a while.

  4. Very nice! I really dig everything, except maybe the Nismo sticker on the windshield (a bit loud for me). If it was my project car, I’d probably try to paint the silver handles to a matching black. Other than that the de-badged front really makes it seem newer than it is and I’d love to be driving this around in high school/college. Heck I’d love to be driving this right now.

  5. 350z mod list R1 Racing 3pc Hype wheels 20’ $1700 Continental extreme contact $1100 Nismo v1 Spoiler $650 Spec D headlights $450 Nismo v3 Front bumper $1200 K&N CAI $350 Wheel Spacer $130 Splitter rods $40 Banner $40 Mishimoto shift Knob $50 LV Custom Boot $65 Full LED kit (Interior and license) $45 Semi Clear JDM LED tails $275 Sound deadening rear insulation $85 Total: $6180

  6. Instead of hating on people just accept the fact that it’s his car and not yours. this kid has the dedication to grind 2 summer jobs just to afford mods. Be honest how many people would have that amount of love into something likes this. Massive respect my brother. 🙏🙏🙏

  7. I could buy nice things if I still lived with my parents. Looks good though. Good work, especially for doing it all yourself. Bills are the dream killer lol

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