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  1. I don't need an extra switch. But I did manage to win a very small costume contest by speaking like a pirate all throughout the event with a very shabby pirate costume.

  2. I am a manager at an arcade bar and had someone in a street cloths and a cowboy hat and his girl friend who was also in street clothes but had a horse hat on win $250 over some full body costumes also completing, it’s all about the energy!

  3. I was Aragorn one year as a kid and my mom drew in the beard with eyeliner. More of a strider feel with the cloak and sword but I felt pretty bad ass.

  4. Ha a raspberry pi running retro pi and a few ESPs or Bluetooth controllers could get it functioning but doubt you want to strap a oled tv to you way over budget

  5. We dont really celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands. But we have another celebration in the South that is called carnival. In this holiday we also dress-up in costumes and my favorite costume I wore was a pekky blinders inspired costume!

  6. I got a lite just a couple of months ago so I won't be entering but wanted to thank you for this nonetheless.

  7. I made, and still have, a 10th doctor costume from about 9 years ago. I went to a few Goodwill's and Salvation army stores to get a trench coat and pinstripe suit.

  8. Hyped, hope you had a great break! Edit: I wore painted my own Bleach Hollow mask once for Halloween, and wore it the day...I guess it wasn't fully dry, since it gave me a bad headache.

  9. I'll give this a shot as I love the OLED. My favourite Halloween costume is when I went as a 'Zom-Bee'. I took a bee costume and ripped it up, covered it in blood and guts. It was one of the best night outs and plenty of laughs were had about my daft costume as walking pun :D

  10. I was a calculator and then a thermometer the next year in high school :) (rough years) But I did enjoy making my costumes and the memories that came with it.

  11. I haven’t dressed up in years. I just love watching others dress up and roam around the area. Always cool to see the hand made creative costumes.

  12. Would love an OLED switch. I'm boring, I have a few default costumes in my closet that I wear last minute to any party. I think this year is where's Waldo

  13. Thanks for doing this giveaway! This year for Halloween, a group of my friends and I all did a trunk-or-treat event as Mario characters! We each made decorations for our stand, including green pipes, brick blocks, and Boos! We ended up winning for the best theme!

  14. One of my favourite costumes was when I was Wario. My daughter was peach, my son was Luigi, and my nephews were Mario, and Toad.

  15. My niblings have made themselves costumes as rolls and croissants and for me a loaf of bread. I have no idea what brought this on, but they are extremely proud of this theme and have worked very hard at it. One little rebel is going as a butter dish.

  16. My first and only Halloween experience was the first year I came to Canada. My friends took me out and I went as Sting (the wrestler, not the musician).

  17. Buying a house so haven't had time for a proper Halloween costume yet but I went as Tarzan once in just a tiny singlet which was both a great and terrible idea.

  18. My kids would love a new switch to share! Usually when I dress up for Halloween to go trick or treating with my kids, I wear a skeleton hoodie. Keeps my warm and looks Halloweeny at the same time.

  19. One of my first Halloween costumes I wore at my current job was the demogorgan from stranger things. I had a blast walking around scaring coworkers and was crowned king of Halloween. This year I'm going as a conspiracy theorist lizard person hunting Bigfoot.

  20. One year I went as my very popular friend for for Halloween…he always wore the same thing so it was an easy costume to pull off.. I just borrowed his clothes since he was wearing his own costume.

  21. I tend to not do costumes on Halloween, but my favorite one was the one gengar costume my mom make for me when was a kid, this was on the 90's back then when pokémon was extremely popular but there weren't a lot of merch, I love my mom and I loved that silly gengar homemade costume.

  22. I made a suit of armor out of boxes, I couldn't move my arms, torso or anything whilst wearing it. I was stood still for ages talking to my buddy and then people started to make fun of him for talking to a statue, this was soon cleared up when a drun guy nearly took my head off with a pool queue.... Halloween is definitely not best in pubs

  23. I once wore the mighty morphing blue power ranger costume 3 years in a row until I was too big. Loved that thing!

  24. When I was in middle school a bunch of friends decided we were going to dress up for a Halloween party. They said go as whatever. So I went as a clown, they all went in full camo and face paint. I had the air horn, rainbow wig, red nose, rainbow paints, etc. Thanks for letting me know, guys. lol

  25. One year I dressed as a zombie bride, for a pub crawl in Poland (I’m a male). Fully committed shaved my legs in the garden, took like an hour and it was freezing. Looked great though, went back to one of the bars the next day and nobody recognised / realised it was me. I was there for two parties and the other one I dressed as a doot skeleton

  26. This year I'll be dressing up as an adult that stays home with the lights off and eating all the Halloween candy. I got full bars for me this year

  27. My switch lite just broke, so I may as well take a chance here. This year my costume is a kinda custom Sith-like character with a purple lightsaber. It’s kind of an OC I used for the Galactic Starcruiser the one time I was lucky enough to go, and it’s an outfit I think looks cool.

  28. i always do matching costumes with my dog. last year she was angel and i was devil. another time we were both peaches

  29. Halloween was never really a thing in my country so the only time I got to "celebrate" Halloween was when I was an adult, specifically during themed parties at local bars or other hangout places. The last one I went to, I was too lazy to make a costume so I just made a sims plumbob using a hairband, some wire, and green plastic folders.

  30. Well for costume, I’m unfortunately to busy this year but next year I plan on buying a nice Organization XIII coat. If I win I’d probably gift the Switch to one of my siblings.

  31. I am 17, and I have watched switch content for the past two years. I love the Nintendo Switch and the games it has to offer. It would really make my day if I get the Nintendo Switch. But I am from India, so I can't really go out there and do a job to buy it. My parents won't allow me to. Neither will they consider buying a switch for me a worthwhile investment. I'd only be able to buy a switch when I have a job, which is 4 years away.

  32. My wife was a pumpkin and I was a guy named Peter. I don’t think it went over to well at the company party…

  33. Thank you for this! The most memorable costume for me was the one of Xena the Warrior Princess I did when I was 5 years old. This year my girlfriend and I are doing a medieval mage (her) and knight (me) which I'm very much excited about because we look pretty badass

  34. I remember multiple different costumes from my childhood. I've been a vampire, ghost face, undead rock band guy thingy, and oddly enough, Bilbo Baggins.

  35. I'm gonna be gojo satoru and I'm gonna go to a costume contest with my friends. Hopefully I can win at least one of them lol.

  36. When I was 5 or 6 my mum dressed me up as a vampire and I felt really cool. When I saw the photos recently it turned out I just had fake teeth and a cape made from a bin bag

  37. Thank you for doing this! A couple of years ago I was wearing a Peter Pan costume but so many people thought that I was Link. It worked as a great conversation starter and I got to meet a lot of fun people that night because of that!

  38. This year, my partner and I are being Perry the platypus and Dr Doofenshmirtz! I’m really excited about our costume because he looks really cute in the Perry costume. I’m feminizing my costume by keeping my hair down and doing my makeup. I hope that some kids will come to our house this year so we can hand out candy. Every year the number of kids we see is less and less :( It’s hard to celebrate Halloween because of it. But I’m hoping for a bigger turnout this year!

  39. I have never dressed up for Halloween, but for one day I was wearing black lipstick in London. I got wierd looks though like I had pajamas on. 😅 I would like to properly dress up for Halloween one year :)

  40. Very kind of you! I'm not sure what I would say is my favourite but I remember my most embarrassing was probably when I tried to make a vulture costume out of cardboard when I was a kid. 😭

  41. My favorite costume is still my Resident Evil 4 Merchant I did for a year or two! Even went to comic con in it and had a few people from an Umbrella Larp group come asking me what I was selling haha! Next time I do that cosplay ill have to pack a few Potter plants with me to give out as herbs! Good luck everyone!

  42. Well my wife was 9 months pregnant and we had the intention of her dressing up as fat Thor. But since we had our first kid before Halloween now we’re a family of skeletons

  43. If I win this it is going straight to my friend who can't afford to buy one, then I can finally talk about some games with him

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