What will happen when Switch cartridge

  1. IF you wouldnt be able to download patches anymore and if your switch is a high enough firmware then you wouldnt be able to play certain games anymore, yes. the switch keeps a list of game versions and asks (sometimes forces) you to install the newest update first, even when offline

  2. Yes the cartridge will continue to work for as long as your switch and the cartridge are still in respectable condition, but if and when the ability to download updates is retired, if you no longer had said updates downloaded to your system, you'd just be stuck on whatever patch version came on the cartridge, which may be fine, or may be a pain, in this era of games being released in a poor state with day one patches to shore them up

  3. First off, this is likely to be a long way off. You can still download updates to Wii U games, as far as I know.

  4. Heck I just booted up my original Wii console and it said I had console updates! :D Might've been because I never updated it when I was younger though...

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