I made an Animal Crossing dice bag. It can hold up to 6 sets of dice and I only have 2 sets, so now I have a good reason to get more dice :)

  1. Image description: There are 3 pictures, all pictures show a dicebag. The dicebag looks like the Animal Crossing Bell bag. It's yellow, with a red tie and a brown star. In all pictures the dicebag is standing on a white hand and the background is a blueish grayish wall.

  2. I have a ? ... what am I missing? ... all of a sudden it's dice, dice bags etc ... it's it a come back of dnd or something else newer??? ... I'm 53, love all my crazy collections and think of myself as cool in an older sorta way but feel like I'm missing what's going on w the dice craze atm ... help ... thanks

  3. I've only played for a little under a year, so I don't have the most information. I feel like dnd goy a lot more popular during the lock down, since it's something people could play while social distancing/online. Most of my friends have quite some dice (because dice are pretty and fun) and have dicebags to keep all their dice together.

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