The best interaction I’ve seen on Twitter in a while

  1. That ending actually pissed me off. Like, literally to this day I’m pissed off because it’s such a cop-out. And it made the DLCs hard to go through with that in the back of my mind.

  2. As piss-poor as the ending is, and given that this is a circlejerk sub about NV, I still think FO3 is a good game. It still falls behind FNV in certain aspects IMO, but I can understand why some people would like it over NV, at least a bit. But even then, it's best experienced through Tale of Two Wastelands.

  3. My entire family thinks FO3 is better and for the longest time it made me believe that was the opinion of most fans. It always boggled my mind because New Vegas has better story with faaaaar more choices, weapons, enemies, and factions. It also just looks better, it's bright and earthy with proper towns and cities next to the drab greys, greens, and blues of 3 with rust-bucket cities. I'm happy that my family just has trash taste and we can all collectively agree.

  4. The best Bethesda game was made reusing their engine, assets and overall canvas they had made just a couple years prior. I think that says it all

  5. I enjoyed playing FO3, but to me FNV holds up as one of the best games of all time. There’s just nothing out there like it.

  6. I'll say it everytime. New Vegas is a wonderful RPG but a pretty bad Elder's Scrolls. Fallout 3 is a wonderful Elder's Scrolls, but a joke of an RPG. Just depends what you want to get.

  7. Fallout 3 was so empty and poorly done they had to bring the original developers in to fix the game. Fallout 1 2 and new Vegas are the only good fallouts and the only ones made by the people who popularized the game in the first place.

  8. Without Fallout 3, New Vegas wouldn't exist, not to mention that BOS nearly killed the franchise. Each Fallout game has something great about it, you can enjoy one without putting the other down.

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