If you’re a PCT, how often do you use your EMT training on the job?

  1. On an oncology floor you probably won’t use a lot of your EMT training if I’m being honest. It’s probably going to be a Telemetry or Med Surg floor so these aren’t going to be critical care patients and your job duties are going to be limited to taking vitals and assisting with ADLs (Changing, feeding, bathing patients etc.). I mean if you tried applying for that ER tech position in the same hospital in the future you’d probably have an upper hand given that you’d already be working for that hospital but yeah usually those positions are given to people with CNA certs. ER Tech definetly uses more of your EMT training plus some more

  2. You don’t. ER techs and PCTs in this area just change beds, wipe butts, and press the BP button on a monitor. Don’t do it. Get your AEMT or your medic and go 911.

  3. Second this. It is NOT a fun job. I advise medics against an er job too. It’s grunt work or nurses getting you to do a lot for them while you’re making $10/hr less than them

  4. Most of the time, no. It’s essentially the same job as a CNA on an inpatient floor unit so you’ll be doing things like changing/cleaning/bathing patients, maybe taking vitals, getting them up to walk around the unit, etc. At most all you’d be using your EMT skills for are when a rapid response is called, when you might be helping with bagging, CPR, etc. But not really sure how much of that actually goes on in an oncology unit…

  5. I work on a med-surg floor and barely use any of my training. The only "training" I use is talking to patients who are stressed and when I went to clinicals and did the vitals using their machines..... idk how badly you are trying to find a job but if you are planning on sticking with this job for a while... do the one you want

  6. ICU tech here and we get to do a LOT. After you get checked off with skills we can do foleys, IVs, blood draws, manage EVD drains, art lines (not inserting them), you get to help with intubations all the time, along with all the other hospital tech stuff. Lots of butt wiping, draining ostomy bags, JPs, and baths. I would really try and work towards an ICU or ER position tho, I don’t like floating to med surg or tele floors..

  7. Im a PCT and I don't often. I work in Urgent Care and Rarely use Oxygen Application. I have also done a Traction Splint at one of our more Crazy Centerz, but that was a Fluke.

  8. I'm an ER Tech/AEMT. I use my IV skills the most and I'm pretty good at it now. I also help triage ambulances so basic assessment is important.

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