favourite pants for work?

  1. 5.11 Apex. Cargo pockets are internal, so they don't billow out. I basically only carry a phone, wallet, and a pen though. I like that they're more professional and fitted looking than standard cargo designs while still being comfortable.

  2. Also my preferred pants. The internal pockets keep things from catching on edges and from jangling all over the damn place in case you put anything in.

  3. Go for the 5.11's - but get the ripstop fabric ones. I've got a couple pair for EMS, and 4 pair of the non-EMS version for my regular job.

  4. I love the 5.11 NYPD. I got them by accident but after using them and loving them so much I get them on purpose now. Way more comfortable then ems tech pants

  5. Kalt Gear EMT Tac pants, designed by a guy who worked on EMS and Construction. It's made in China but has a very good quality build with all the bells and whistles you could ever want.

  6. 5.11 EMS pants are pricey, but they’re genuinely some of the most comfy pants I own. If it wasn’t cringy (and I had more pairs), I would honestly wear them as everyday pants.

  7. 5.11 EMS Stryke pant. Lighter and more flexible than the Taclite EMS pant. Also, all of the 5.11 EMS pants sit at your actual waist rather than your hips like all of the other pants. If you prefer a lower rise pant, the Apex or thr ABR pro pants they make are great

  8. Mine are the 5.11 Stryke EMS Pants. I really like them. Lots of pockets to put stuff in. They are comfortable. They seem pretty much immune to stains. Spilling a drink on them or dropping food on them wipes off pretty easily. I haven't tried any other types because I've been happy with these.

  9. I love my 5.11s for all the pockets but I have some pairs of dickies I like. Sure they have less pockets but they’re more affordable and still comfy

  10. Can’t believe I haven’t seen anyone suggest First Tacticals yet. Those are what have quickly become my favorite. A bit cheaper without sacrificing quality, and they fit me better

  11. Propper. Cheap and easily replaceable. Fit nice. Feel nice. Look nice. The seams tear fairly easy, but as long as you’re not wearing them under bunkers while you’re crawling around on the ground you should be fine.

  12. I just made the move from bedside to EMS and the hardest adjustment has been going from scrub pants to tactical pants. Tactical pants are so course and stiff! I currently have 511s. I am a size 10. I bought size 14 just so I could move with a modicum of freedom. An EMS buddy told me that Under Armor makes a tactical pant that is durable but stretchy, and I’m totally going to try them.

  13. 5.11 is probably the way to go. I have the regular 5.11 Tactical which I don’t think I’d recommend but my job supplies them so no point in spending the money myself.

  14. M-Tac aggressor flex. Bought one pair 2 years ago and still holding strong. Plus the ankle and thigh are adjustable so they don’t look incredibly baggy.

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