Workplaces in the greater Nola area good for people with mental illness?

  1. I am not sure what resources they may have, but have you spoken with anyone from NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)? They are uptown on 1538 Louisiana Ave and their number is (504) 896-2345. They may be able to give you some advice.

  2. I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist for nearly five years and I saw a therapist for about two but therapy was mostly useless as well as most of the medications. But, I’m still seeing my psychiatrist. I’ve also tried going to an in patient facility, and it was also useless. I’ve tried many things, and I’ve largely lost faith in psychiatric professionals, but still pursue treatment because there are few other options.

  3. OP, I feel for you, but you can’t shoot down every single option people give you and expect to find a solution. In another post you’re asking for ways to lie to the military about your disabilities to get in - if you’re not too anxious to lie to a government agency, why are you shooting down every idea people give you? It seems more like you’re afraid of failure and probably have a good bit of executive dysfunction (I struggle a lot with this too, not attacking you) than straight up being too anxious to work.

  4. What about janitorial work? Many companies hire cleaners to clean after most people have left for the day so you could likely find some pretty solitary work.

  5. Do you have access to a computer? I can send you a link to the company I work for. It's contract work and it kindof sucks but it's around $1200 a month and you can log in and work anytime you like, no experience or degree required.

  6. Hey. Can you DM a link? My daughter is looking for something like this. Her anxiety is preventing her from working face to face right now. We’re working on it. Thanks!

  7. uhhh hi I would love something like this; I have been looking for a WFH situation that can work with my physical disabilities. I am pretty capable with a PC and I adapt quickly.

  8. My computer is a piece of shit and is unreliable and I can’t afford a replacement. Plus, I don’t have much confidence I’d be able to keep myself disciplined enough to do the work on my own time.

  9. Not a specific place in mind, but a job title to consider. Or look into a supported employment program where a job coach works with you on interview prep, resume writing, supports to help you stay employed and address workplace challenges that may come up.

  10. You’ve seemed rather dismissive of suggestions made here. That makes me wonder if you’re simply making excuses or merely have just given up trying before you even really got started.

  11. Honestly, I see it as just people suggesting the wrong things. Like, this is a stupid analogy, but it’s the best I can think of, if you wanted a pet but didn’t know what animal to choose and someone suggested an elephant. It’s just not going to work. A lot of suggestions I either have already considered or done. Or they really just seem like a waste of time. I’m not going to try and get some job where I’ll just be wasting everyone’s time. I’ve lost several jobs because I couldn’t take it, and I quit. I don’t know what else to do. Many jobs just aren’t going to work. I would literally rather die than do some things. I don’t know

  12. Take a loan out and get a two-year degree in operational technology. You will have a guaranteed job at one of the plants and starting at probably $30/hr, which is plenty to pay back your loan.

  13. Ohhhhh def following! I just got out of in patient in august and have been in intensive out patient for 5 weeks out of 12. I want to start the job hunt at some point. Also I’ve been out of work for a year (trigger warning) due to SI and an attempt. How would I put that gap or explain it?

  14. I don’t think you have to really explain that gap much at all. Just say it was for medical reasons and that you’re all good now. Or you could just be completely honest. You’d be surprised at how many people can relate to what you’re going through or love someone who has. Many people can be extremely understanding and compassionate about the struggles of mental illness (I speak from experience). But, ultimately, it’s up to you how much you want to share about your medical history.

  15. Etrain828 has a great suggestion of trying ketamine therapy. Especially since you say everything else you tried was useless. Research it a bit, talk to your psychiatrist about it, and maybe even talk to the company providing the ketamine therapy. I know it may be expensive but it has to be cheaper than trying several different meds and the cost of years of therapy. What do you have to lose? I’m rooting for you to get better.

  16. I noticed in some of your past posts that you seem to really love cats, have you tried looking into cat sitting? Could be a good chill way to make some money just hanging out with cats. I don't know how lucrative it is, just a thought. Maybe even look into shelter work?

  17. Apps like Uber, Uber eats, door dash, grub hub are all great. You dont technically work for anyone and most of your time spent will be driving around

  18. Why can't you go back to school I suffer from anxiety & depression issues & am currently pursuing a degree in information systems

  19. I think I would if I could, but I lost all my scholarships due to failing out. And my mom, although she has all the money from my college fund still there, refuses to pay for it after I failed our twice (yes it happened twice) and lost two jobs. I mean….can you really blame her?

  20. What about security for events? Or event set up. It’s usually relatively short shifts and some places will let you give weekly availability so if you’re having a particularly hard week, you can opt out. Check the music venues and event venues job listings online. You can make like $15/hr setting up for corporate events.

  21. I’m a writer. I don’t think I need help writing a cover letter tbh lol. I actually frequently use my skills at writing on the cover letter to make myself stand out by showing I’m eloquent and intelligent.

  22. I feel Walmart, Walgreens, and most grocery stores are always looking for cashiers. If not have you looked into a security company, many security jobs where people just sit in a room and monitor people coming in and out of condos or subdivisions are low stress. Half the time the person I see working is just looking down at their phone. Go into a job search with an open mind. Yes you prefer doing this or that, but what you’re qualified to do maybe different and a job is better than no job. I worked as a bus boy to pay my bills while in school, it paid enough to put gas in my car and pay my car insurance and phone bill. Still had to live at home

  23. My anxiety is really bad. So I don’t think being a cashier is possible. As for being a security guard……have you not seen what like every other post on this sub is about? People getting shot and stuff? I’m not afraid of getting shot in particular, I’m honestly more afraid of the act of having to talk to and deal with a gunman. That shows you how out of wack my priorities are. Haha. But anyway, I don’t know….maybe I should file for disability. I’m clearly VERY mentally ill. And when I try to push my limits at jobs, it always ends in disaster. My mom keeps telling me I’m disabled and that if I can’t find work or work efficiently, I should get on disability so I can focus on getting better while helping with the bills to support me, otherwise, she wants me to get a job. That’s what I’m trying to do because I don’t want to be on disability. It’d ruin all my plans. But, I don’t know if I really can do this. I’m trying though.

  24. I don't expect to inspire compassion in a stranger that writes this kind of stuff on the internet. I also am no stranger to delivering "tough love". What I will say is that this isn't tough love...this is caustic indifference, slathered in a slimy coat of ableism.

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