trigger warning: john kennedy

  1. "Vote for me because my state's biggest cities have the worst crime in the country and it's only gotten worse since I was elected the first time."

  2. I love some of the crazy things he’s said in the past. I think he said something like “dry wall, pictures and Epstein” “name three things that don’t hang themselves!” Lol

  3. One of the most smug, worthless and ignorant pieces of shit in the Senate, where there are a lot of worthless and ignorant pieces of shit

  4. I talked to a guy the other day who said there was a feature on Walton & Johnson called, “John Kennedy or Foghorn Leghorn” where they would read a quote and you had to guess who said it.

  5. Louisiana has had the highest murder rate in the country for like 32 straight years. Maybe try doing something different than bragging about voting against change.

  6. I wish the DNC would have sunk more money into campaigning for Luke Mixon. From the one commercial I’ve seen he’s got a chance if anybody knew about him. Small town boy, family values, Navy pilot. You just don’t see anything about him unless you look. And people don’t.

  7. The DNC here is a limp noodle. They’re all trying to get their slice of leftovers from the Republicans that they forget to fight for the pie. And I say that as someone actively trying to do their job because they won’t.

  8. There's one campaign commercial where he calls himself CONSERVATIVE instead of republican. Trying to separate himself from Jan 6th bullshit he supported

  9. I'd think he was doing because he'd rather lean more MAGA than standard Republican these days. He's been pretty loyal to Trump compared to most senators that trip to Russia he took with just a handful of other guys that's still very hush hush.

  10. Always wild when current politicians who are supposed to be responsible for the situation on the ground run on how bad the situation on the ground is

  11. I hate this useless fucker so much I’ll do my best to vote his lying hick ass out. He’s done absolutely nothing but embarrass an already shitty state keeping it dead last. He’s voted no for anything that helps others, including veterans and infrastructure.

  12. This is definitely an add for those outside of New Orleans. I'm pretty sure not a single council person nor the mayor even ran on defending the police.

  13. Ironically he says watch what people say but what they do. He’s done nothing but flap his goober GUMP lips and done nothing else!!!! He is the epitome of hypocrite. He violates his oath and continues to support the BIG LIE against free and fair elections in our DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC to try to maintain his position as a government welfare recipient.

  14. Yeah, the Republicans are using fear of crime to drive votes. They haven’t helped us in any other way. Do we really believe they would end crime? They would not, because that’s how they get votes.

  15. Lol, the fear of crime. New Orleans leads the country in crime, and it’s mayor is on the side of the criminals.

  16. The crime rate in New Orleans is one of the highest in the state , but democrats are doing nothing , hell the mayor is siding with car jackers , the DA lets 4th and 5 th time offenders back on the streets , the parish prison is a joke inmates going out at night , bringing guns, drugs and phones back in with them , the new sheriff makes the last one look like a saint .

  17. Wisdom is knowing it's both sides playing the same game and tricks. It's not like Democrats would wave a 🪄 and poof crime is gone or actually care about reducing it either.

  18. Damn. Someone should run a reverse image search and see how many of those fully masked acts of violence actually happened in Louisiana.

  19. Despite it being part of "The South", Louisiana is actually pretty diverse asf. Not as many racists & whatever the hell kinda yahoo this guy is. For starters his info is misleading asf, New Orleans WAS murder capital of the United States BEFORE Hurricane Katrina hit. Yeah there's still alotta crime there but its NOWHERE NEAR as bad as it used to be I'm pretty sure Chicago holds that moniker now. I believe I speak on behalf of most of Louisiana residents when I say. We Don't Claim This Cornball 😂🤣. "Call a crack head" he says lmao seems like his moms did that on the regular whilst pregnant with him.

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