New Concept in the Quarter! (Details in the comments)

  1. Was it 2014 or 2015 when the "No Havana Outpost" signs went up in people's windows? Also, just noticed that this sign maybe looks somewhat like those signs. Awesome troll if so. ;)

  2. That is correct! One of the neighbors a couple houses down has one in their window right now :) Been there for about 10 years.

  3. Finally!! In the same place they’ve been fighting over for a decade? I pick my kid up from school and we pass by that spot everyday - I told him the nimby story, and that it was about one of my favorite eateries from nyc. (He was as bored by that story as all my others) I’m excited about this

  4. Hello all! Habana Outpost a new Cuban/Mexican restaurant concept is going to be opening in November on the edge of The French Quarter. We are looking for key management positions for a successful venue. Salary will be 45k - 52k for floor managers and 60k - 80k for GM and AGM. Part time managers would be hourly $22 - $25 per hour. If you would like to schedule an interview or have any questions please feel free to email me

  5. What if someone is interested in serving or bartending? Should they wait to reach out or are you also taking applications for those positions?

  6. Finally! Can’t believe so many neighbors preferred a vacant gas station to a repurposed functioning tax-revenue-generating restaurant.

  7. Agreed! It was a rundown empty building and there's not much food in that area. I think there was a vocal minority.

  8. That generates traffic and more crime in those blocks? Shocker that property owners would oppose {not a property owner).

  9. Holy shit, man. I worked at a spot up the street from here and I remember serving a celebratory drink to the proprietor of this because he had just gotten approved for permits, or something like that, after a lengthy fight against some locals who super did not want that to be built there. Anyway, I stopped working there like 8 years ago. Long time coming! That building has been empty for so long.

  10. The original is in my neighborhood in Brooklyn and they are a foundational part of what makes the area so fantastic. These guys do a great job of creating and serving a community with programming for kids, music, arts, movie nights and are just generally beloved by everyone. In the 15 years I've frequented the place I've never heard anyone speak a single word against them. Their large outdoor space is seasonal in Brooklyn and their spring opening is always highly anticipated and their fall closing is always dreaded. I hope they bring as much joy to NOLA as they do to Brooklyn. As their mural there states "spread love, it's the Brooklyn way." Much love to y'all!!!

  11. Thank you! We hope to serve the community here as well as we do in Brooklyn. It's the reason Habana was started and we look forward to bringing that love to New Orleans.

  12. "From Brooklyn to the Big Easy"? Have they never been here before now? They think that's a selling point, that it's going to make people want to go there?

  13. Key holder is staff who can open or close the venue if managers aren't there. It can be considered a transitional position. Someone who may want to start management but wants to take it slow. They call it key holder because they have keys to the venue.

  14. Do you remember that nameless sandwich shop on D'Hemecourt Street? They had the best cubano sandwiches and smoothies there. What happened to that place?

  15. Please bring it to the Northshore! & Tangipahoa Parish, Ponchatoula or Hammond (population has been growing) as we’re in desperate need of something other than Mexican, Chinese or Fried Chicken!😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  16. Will you guys be pooling tips for servers and bartenders? Or will it be a more traditional tipout situation?

  17. If you’re willing to pay for relocation. Plus my making salary now I’ll go. Maximum reference.. I cook for the stars. It’s glamorous as fuck. … it’s not… im a teamster-399 film industry

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