How do I cook this pickled pork?

  1. Pan fry on high after cutting it up, just like sausage. The browning taste better. The grease/whatever gets cooked out. You don’t want to spend 20 minutes spooning out that layer of grease in the crock pot.

  2. Right. I want soft strings of pork but I'm worried that throwing it in raw and letting it slow cook with the beans will make the whole thing extra salty than if I sauted it and added it at the end.

  3. I add the pickled pork to the slow cooker raw with the beans, guidry seasoning and spices. I cook it on high until the beans are soft. The pork is always tender. I never have an issue with it being salty.

  4. Interesting. Are the salt and vinegars (the "bullshit") not, like, the point? I assume you're removing much of the vinegar flavor by boiling it beforehand -- so why use it in the first place?

  5. I used to cube and brown it, but now I cube it and add to pot when I add liquid. I don’t know how differently it will cook with the max temp of a slow cooker, but I’ve always had good results with my pressure cooker (~250°F).

  6. Take a quarter cup of bacon grease and sauté the pickle pork in it. Remove the pickle pork and set aside and then add the trinity and sauté it in the drippings. Then add the pickle pork back when you add the beans and liquid.

  7. My mama never cooked a pot of red beans without pickled meat. Not sure if she sautéed it. I think she just added it to the pot raw. I sauté my pickled meat when I use it. Now I have to cook red beans and rice!

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