Stay off 610

  1. I hope the “serial killer” people elaborate more. Like are y’all really believing someone has a sniper’s nest set up in the high rise for entertainment over people that have a beef following someone onto the interstate, unloading, and getting off at the next exit?

  2. It’s a great place to kill someone you have a beef with. No witnesses, easy escape. The police have said this multiple times.

  3. friend of my girlfriend’s car windows got shot out by a black suv on i10 and all the cops could muster was a “call us if you ever find a bullet”. Serial killer or not, they’ll never catch whoever is doing this.

  4. The serial killer theory can never be proven or disproven because the cases will never be solved. The alternate theory is that the city is just full of murderers. If there’s 200 murders this year and 40 get solved, who’s to say the other 160 aren’t the work of a serial killer? Except they’re not.

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