What do you fear most for MK12?

  1. Totally agree...i love the storyline, but MK is now a multiverse after MK11, so any choice or change can be justified and then reversed if people/writer wants to. So it's not that important. Guests can be cool, if they fit the game...just as long as the roster is huge, and we have a much bigger MK representation of all eras.

  2. starting the roster all over again and playing roster roulette again then the game getting dumped a year later with once again a incomplete roster.

  3. Not sure they could censor the costumes anymore than they have already tbh. Retcons don't bother me, especially since it's likely to be a reboot. Unwanted guest characters are a given, but please not 3 guests in one kombat pack again.

  4. My worst fear is that they reset the timeline once again, and throw away everything that happened in mkx and 11, and ditch some of the new characters like takeda, cassie, skarlet and dvorah.

  5. I hope the game is overly woke. Strong female protagonist with a mixed group of friends. Oh wait.. They did that and the game was phenomenal. Fuckin loser

  6. Mkxs story was pretty mediocre man. I do like cassie , kung jin, and takeda a lot, but it was pretty shit in terms of handling most of its characters. Also, id argue that have two female leads and one gay lead with half of them being poc doesn’t necessarily make it woke, because their personalitys aren’t defined by what makes them marginalized

  7. Same shitty MK12 gameplay.. I know I will be downvoted by normies but overall MK12 was bad gameplay wise. Even pro players left it.

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